What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an international level english proficiecy test conducted by ETS. Know all about TOEFL.Read More

TOEFL Application Details

TOEFL registration can be done in four ways

  • Online

  • By mail

  • By phone

  • In person

TOEFL Test online registration:

  • Sign up

  • Schedule test

  • Confirm

For TOEFL registration by mail:

  • Download and fill the TOEFL Registration Form (PDF).

  • Select the preferred mode of payment from the list.

  • Send the form with payment to the address mentioned or to the Regional Registration Center.

  • Forms must be received at the centre at least four weeks before the chosen test date.

  • If no confirmation is received, call the centre where the registration form was mailed — at least three business days prior to the registration deadline.

TOEFL registration by phone:

  • Call the Regional Registration Center

  • Phone registration closes 7 days before the exam

  • The payment mode is similar to the one done for online registration

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TOEFL Eligibility Criteria

There is no eligibility criteria laid down by ETS for the TOEFL exam. The exam is designed to test English proficiency of a candidate.


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