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Netherlands Student Visa for Indians 2024: Requirements, Cost, Process

Netherlands Student Visa for Indians 2024: Requirements, Cost, Process

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The Netherlands is an attractive destination for international students due to its high-quality education system and vibrant cultural scene. If you are planning to study in the Netherlands, you will need to obtain a Netherland student visa. The estimated Netherlands student visa success rate is approximately 80-90%. Usually, the Netherlands visas are not rejected given all conditions are satisfactorily met. As per the Netherlands Student Visa Requirements 2024, one student who is applying for study in the Netherlands must have a valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months at the time of application.

An Indian student planning to study in the Netherlands needs a Netherland student visa to enter and reside there for their education. The type of Netherlands student visa required depends on the duration and nature of the course. For short-term courses lasting less than three months, a Schengen Visa is necessary. For longer programs, such as bachelor's or master's degrees, the student must obtain an Entry Visa (MVV) along with a Residence Permit (VVR). The Netherlands student visa validity is above 3 months of the duration of study.

A primary concern for many students is determining their eligibility for a student visa to the Netherlands. So, one must check Netherlands student visa requirements which include a passport, offer letter, insurance and medical certificates, and many more before applying for the permit. Netherlands student visa IELTS requirements are generally a minimum of 6.5-7. However, there is no upper cap regarding the Netherlands student visa age limit. Anyone who has an admission offer from a university in the country can apply for a Netherlands study visa.

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In this article, we will learn more about documents, processing time, part-time work along with Netherlands student visa, fees, and many more.

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Netherlands Study Visa Requirements

As the eligibility details and IELTS scores are important for the Netherlands student visa, the candidate can check Netherlands study visa requirements include documents required to apply for Netherlands study visa, residence permits etc.

Documents Required for Netherlands Study Visa

These are the required documents for the Netherlands student visa application:

Netherlands student visa document checklist 2024:

  1. Valid passport

  2. Completed visa application form

  3. 2 Passport size photos

  4. Birth certificate

  5. Academic transcripts

  6. Proof of funds to cover living expenses during the course of study

  7. Copy of travel and medical insurance policy

  8. Admit letter from the educational institution

  9. Complete study plan – explaining the interest in studying the chosen subject area and how and why it is related to prior studies.

  10. Proof of having paid the visa application fees

Netherlands Visa Photo Requirements

While prospects must submit two passport-sized photographs as part of a Netherlands study visa, they must adhere to the following criteria:

Size35mm x 45mm
ColorMust be in full color
EyesMust be open and visible
SmileNatural facial expression
GlassesCorrective glasses/lenses are allowed, but no sunglasses
HeadgearAllowed only for strict religious reasons

The Netherlands visa photo requirements is of size , given by the Netherlands Worldwide which is a part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Netherlands Student Visa Age Limit

The common misconception is there is a particular Netherlands student visa age limit for studying in the country. However, as long as there is a valid admission offer from a university in the Netherlands, age is not a problem to apply and be approved of a Netherlands student visa.

However, the minimum age is 18 years to apply as an independent person to study in the country. Prospects below 18 years are considered minor applicants whose elders or relatives must accompany them to study in Netherlands.

Work while Studying in the Netherlands

Indian students holding student visa in Netherlands with work permits can be employed alongside their studies in the Netherlands. The employer is authorised to secure a work permit on the student’s behalf. Such students may work up to ten hours weekly throughout the academic term and are entitled to full-time employment during vacation and holidays.

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Netherlands Student Visa Application Process

The entire process of the Netherlands study visa application takes about 60 to 90 days, which is the Netherlands student visa processing time. The student visa Netherlands application is submitted by a university which is recognized as a sponsor by the Immigration department. Applicants must make sure they meet all Netherlands student visa requirements for India to avoid rejection at a later stage.

Step 1 - Apply for Netherlands Student Visa

The university in the Netherlands applies for the MVV and the resident permit on student’s behalf. The university is intimated about the decision regarding student visa for Netherlands.

Step 2 - Getting the MVV for Netherlands student visa

Candidates can collect MVV from the nearest Dutch embassy. They have to submit passport with a validity of at least 6 months and biometric details while collecting the MVV. Students have to collect MVV within three months of its issue. Its validity is 90 days from the date of collection from the Dutch embassy. With the MVV, prospects can travel to the Netherlands as an international student.

Step 3 - Getting the temporary residence permit for Netherlands student visa

The residence permit or the VRV takes about two weeks after a positive decision of the visa. Student visa in Netherlands must have residence permit to take up part time jobs in the country. The University students have applied to receives a letter saying that the letter is ready. Now book an appointment with the immigration department to collect residence permit. Any discrepancy of information can also be corrected at that time.

Step 4 - Register with the municipality for Netherlands student visa

After arriving in the Netherlands, register with the Municipal Personal Records Database of the municipality. Candidates have to provide a legalized and translated birth certificate and some other documents for registration. Check with the municipality while making the appointment and carry all relevant documents.

Step 5 - Get health insurance and negative TB test for Netherlands student visa

Basic health insurance with a Dutch insurer is compulsory among Netherlands study visa requirements as well to stay in the Netherlands. After three months of receiving the residence permit, they have to make an appointment with the Area Health Authority (GGD). Also, they have to carry a TB test referral form with them.

Netherlands Study Visa Processing Time

Indian prospects can apply to Netherlands study visa through the Netherlands Embassy in Delhi or Consulate General in Mumbai. While the Netherlands Study Visa processing Time varies from country to country and the type of admission offer, it usually takes up to 3 months or 90 days for Indians.

So it is advised to keep in mind the Netherlands Student Visa processing time and apply well in advance to avoid any unexpected delays in visa arrival and admission offer from a university.

Netherlands Student Visa IELTS Requirements

Securing a Netherlands student visa requires demonstrating proficiency in Dutch or English and one must comply with this as it is one of the Netherlands student visa document checklists.

International students can fulfil the English language requirement by presenting IELTS or TOEFL iBT scores, which form an integral part of the student visa application process in the Netherlands

A candidate must have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 to fulfill student visa requirements for Netherlands. However, prospects must note that individual universities may have higher IELTS requirements. For example, Delft University of Technology and Leiden University require an IELTS score of minimum 7.0.

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Netherlands Student Visa Conditions

As an international student, it is important to know that there are certain terms and conditions attached with the Netherlands study visa. Fail to obey any of these conditions, student visa in Netherlands stands a chance of cancellation at any given time.

  1. Five years is the maximum period for the residence permit.

  2. Visa is valid until study program lasts with a validity of additional three months.

  3. Candidates can get an additional year of preparatory education if they are accepted via provisional admission.

  4. As an international student, it is possible to work for an employer who has a TMV.

  5. Part time employement is allowed only for a maximum of 16 hours per week during classes and can be full-time employed only during the holidays.

  6. By registering with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, international students can work as a self employed person.

  7. Pursuing an internship related to study program is allowed even without a TWV (work permit).

  8. Students seeking to pursue a study-exchange program with institutions outside the Netherlands, it is allowed only for less than six months.

The most important thing to remember here is not to use any unwarranted activities or misinformation to speed up the visa process which can lead to immediate cancellation or rejection of a Netherlands student visa.

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How much bank balance is required for Netherlands student visa?

The exact amount of bank balance required for a Netherlands student visa can vary depending on the duration of your stay and the specific requirements set by the Dutch immigration authorities. As of the latest information, the authorities requires international students to demonstrate sufficient financial means to cover their living expenses in the Netherlands.

For the academic year 2023-2024, the required amount is approximately EUR 1,225 per month. This means for a one-year program, you would need to show a total of around EUR 14,700.

Is the Netherlands a great place to study?

Yes, the Netherlands is a great place to study. The Netherlands offers its students a problem based learning system which is why thousands of international students get attracted to study in the Netherlands. The Netherlands offers close to 1500 study courses to its students along with training them to develop a problem solving mind in the process.

The Netherlands program is known as the International Education in English which comprises over 400 varied courses for students. This course is mainly meant for students pursuing postgraduate studies and who have some professional experience in their field. T

he best part of these courses is that they are English-taught courses and are practice-oriented. Some of the fields of study that are famous in the Netherlands are agricultural sciences, astronomy, medicine, civil engineering and management studies. These factors make Netherlands a great place to study.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is a Netherlands student visa easy to get?

It actually depends on the length of your stay and the course you intend to pursue in the Netherlands. A short stay visa or a Schengen visa is required if you plan to study in the Netherlands for 90 days or less. An entry visa (MVV) and a residence permit (VVR) are required if you plan to study in the Netherlands for more than 90 days.

2. Can I work in the Netherlands with a student visa?

If you have the student residence permit, you can work up to 16 hours per week throughout the year during your active classes and full time during holidays and vacations. 

3. How much does a Netherlands student visa cost?

The student visa for the Netherlands costs 172 Euros. 

4. Can one get the PR after study in Netherlands?

After 5 years of continuous study in the Netherlands, one will be able to get Permanent Residency in the Netherlands along with the fulfillment of other conditions.

5. How much bank balance is required for netherlands student visa?

Prospective students applying for Netherlands student visa must show a bank balance of 900 Euros/month for the entire duration of their course to obtain the visa. It comes to around 81,602 INR for Indians.


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Hi Ayushi,

The average tution fees to pursue psychology in Netherlands costs upto INR 7,42,117 per year.Below I've listed some of the Universities in Netherlands that offer Bachelors in Psychology in English language :-

  • University of Amsterdam
  • VU University Amsterdam
  • Universiteit Leiden
  • Erasmus Universiy Rotterdam.
  • Radboud University Nijmegen
  • University of Maastricht
  • University of Groningen
  • Twente University

I hope this helps!!!

Hello aspirant,

You definitely need to do your 16th year of study which is your 11th in order to do masters not only in Netherlands but in all countries. You have to complete you 10+2 and degree in order to peruse a masters degree. It is the basic compulsion in all countries.

Hope the above information helped you!

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