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LSAT Syllabus 2024 - Reading, Analytical, Logical Reasoning

LSAT Syllabus 2024 - Reading, Analytical, Logical Reasoning

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LSAT Syllabus 2024 – For those considering law schools abroad, one of the critical steps is understanding the Law School Admission Test, LSAT syllabus and requirements. The LSAT is a standardised test required for admission to many law schools around the world, including prestigious institutions like Harvard Law School.

LSAT Syllabus 2024 - Reading, Analytical, Logical Reasoning
LSAT Syllabus 2024 - Reading, Analytical, Logical Reasoning

To help students prepare effectively, LSAT abroad syllabus PDFs are valuable resources. By going through the LSAT 2024 syllabus, one can understand the exam's format, sections, and question types, providing a comprehensive overview of what to expect on test day. Additionally, LSAT sample papers offer practice questions similar to those found on the actual exam, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the test format and content.

The LSAT 2024 syllabus includes different topics that candidates must be familiar with while preparing for LSAT. As per the LSAT syllabus 2024, the different subjects are reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning. Apart from these, there are two sections in the 2024 LSAT syllabus -a variable section and a writing section that are unscored. LSAT is mandatory for candidates who wish to pursue law abroad. In this article, candidates can know more about the syllabus for LSAT 2024.

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LSAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus

There will be a total of five sections which need to be attempted. A detailed test pattern of LSAT is given below.


Number of questions


Reading Comprehension

26 to 28 (approximately)


Analytical Reasoning

22 to 24 (approximately)


Logical Reasoning (Two sections)

24 to 28 (approximately) for each section


Variable section (Unscored)



Writing section (Unscored)



LSAT Preparation Tips
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LSAT Syllabus Abroad 2024: Section-WIse

The LSAT abroad syllabus covers four main sections:

  1. Logical Reasoning: This section evaluates your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments. You will be presented with short passages and asked to answer questions based on the information provided.

  2. Analytical Reasoning : This section tests your ability to understand the structure of relationships and draw conclusions about those relationships. You will be given a set of rules and asked to use them to solve a complex problem.

  3. Reading Comprehension: This section assesses your ability to read, understand, and analyze complex passages. You will be asked questions about the main ideas, details, and structure of the passages.

  4. Writing Sample (LSAT Writing): While not scored as part of your LSAT score, the writing sample is required by many law schools. You will be given a prompt and asked to write an essay presenting your perspective on the issue.

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LSAT Syllabus Abroad 2024: Important Topics

According to the 2024 LSAT syllabus, there are three important topics such as reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning. Candidates can look through the details of each section here of the LSAT syllabus 2024.

LSAT Syllabus 2024 for Reading Comprehension

This section of the syllabus for LSAT 2024 measures a candidates ability to read, understand and give insights into passages. The questions asked in the passage will be related to the following characteristics.

  • The main idea or primary purpose

  • The organization or structure

  • Principles that function in the selection

  • Information that is explicitly stated

  • Analogies to claims or arguments in the selection

  • Information or ideas that can be inferred

  • The application of information in the selection to a new context

  • The impact of new information on claims or arguments in the selection

  • The meaning or purpose of words or phrases as used in the context

  • An author’s attitude as revealed in the tone of a passage or the language used

LSAT 2024 Syllabus for Analytical Reasoning

This section of the syllabus of LSAT abroad 2024 checks the ability to understand the structure of relationships and to draw logical conclusions for those structures.

Analytical Reasoning questions test a range of reasoning skills which include

  • Recognizing when two statements are logically equivalent in context by identifying a condition or rule that could replace one of the original conditions while still resulting in the same possible outcomes

  • Reasoning with conditional (“if-then”) statements and recognizing logically equivalent formulations of such statements

  • Inferring what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules

  • Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships by determining a complete solution to the problem posed (for example, an acceptable seating arrangement of all six diplomats around a table)

  • Inferring what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules together with new information in the form of an additional or substitute fact or rule

LSAT Syllabus 2024 for Logical Reasoning

This section of the 2024 LSAT syllabus will assess a candidates ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and complete arguments as they occur in ordinary language. The questions are designed to assess a wide range of skills involved in thinking critically, with an emphasis on skills that are central to legal reasoning such as

  • Recognizing the parts of an argument and their relationships

  • Identifying explanations

  • Reasoning by analogy

  • Recognizing similarities and differences between patterns of reasoning

  • Determining how additional evidence affects an argument

  • Identifying flaws in arguments

  • Recognizing misunderstandings or points of disagreement

  • Detecting assumptions made by particular arguments

  • Drawing well-supported conclusions

  • Identifying and applying principles or rules

LSAT Abroad Syllabus: Writing Sample

Apart from the three topics, another section of the LSAT syllabus 2024 that requires students to answer is the Writing Sample. The writing sample is to evaluate a candidates general writing skills. This section of the syllabus of LSAT 2024 helps candidates to put forward their argumentative skills through writing.

Candidates will be given a choice between two positions or course of action. Both the choices are defensible and the candidates will be given criteria and facts on which they can base their decision. Since there is no right and wrong in this the quality of each candidates response will be taken into account and not the choice they make. Candidates will be evaluated on their writing skills and not the basis of the side chosen by them to answer the question. The questions asked will usually be from a non-legal point of view.

Law School Admission Council (LSAC) conducts LSAT for the admissions to Law Schools in Canada, USA and a few other countries like the Caribbean, Middle East, Australia etc. Please check the LSAT test dates, to choose your date to take the LSAT exam.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. In what order will the sections be tested during the LSAT exam?

The five sections of the LSAT may be presented in any order during the test.

2. Is there a break during the LSAT exam?

Yes, the candidate will be given a break  of ten minutes between the second and third sections of the test.

3. Is LSAT India accepted abroad?

The scores of LSAT India will not be accepted in colleges abroad as they accept scores of LSAT abroad exam for their law programmes. 


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Questions related to LSAT - Abroad

Have a question related to LSAT - Abroad ?

You can fill out the JGLS application form for Jindal Global Law School before receiving your LSAT score.
Unlike some universities that require the LSAT score upfront, JGLS allows you to submit your application without it.The JGLS admission process has two stages. In the first stage, you complete the application form and submit necessary documents. In the second stage, shortlisted candidates might be called for JSAT (Jindal Scholastic Aptitude Test) or additional processes.

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The Law School Admission Test 2022 or LSAT 2022 is an exam conducted internationally by the Law School Admission Council or LSAC. The LSAT India 2022 will be conducted in two sessions. The first session was conducted on January 15, 2021. The second session will be held over five days, starting from June 22, 2022. The LSAT India 2022 will be held in online, remote proctored mode. Please click the below link to know more. The scores of LSAT India 2022 will be accepted by more than 20 private law colleges in the country.

Hello aspirant,

Hope you are doing absolutely great.

So with regard to your query, the LSAT exam is conducted every year by the Law School Admission Council, and results for this years' exam are most probably to be released in the month of July 2022. However, the dates were still not yet notified.

So, in order to check the result follow these steps:

1. Visit the official site of LSAT i.e.

2. Then click on the LSAT score card link on the website.

3. Login into your account by using your User ID and Password.

4. The result will be displayed automatically.

Checkout the link for information regarding LSAT exam:

Hope this helps you!!


Most of the best colleges and universities take admission in LLB courses on the basis of entrance exams while there are some universities which offer direct admission. These are as follows-

  1. Alliance University
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  4. Teerthanker Mahaveer University , Uttar Pradesh
  5. Sandip University , Maharashtra
  6. JECRC University , Rajasthan
  7. Oriental College of Law, Mumbai
  8. University , Madhya Pradesh

Hope this helps!

Dear aspirant !

Hope you are doing great ! The result of LSAT will come very soon , as expected it is about to come in the third week of July till then have patience , you will get what you deserve .Follow the below steps to get the result ;

  1. Visit the LSAT India 2022 official website -
  2. Click on LSAT India scorecard link.
  3. Login using registration ID and password.
  4. The result of LSAT India 2022 will be displayed on the screen.

Hope it helps you !


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