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Student Visa for UK From India 2024 - Cost, Process, Requirements, Docs

Student Visa for UK From India 2024 - Cost, Process, Requirements, Docs

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UK student visa: International students who are aspiring to pursue higher education in the UK can apply for a UK study visa. Once the university provides the admission acceptance letter, the candidate can proceed for a UK student visa application. There are 3 different types of visas for students: short-term study visas, student visas and child student visas with different application processes for each.
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As per the latest update on UK student visas for Indian students, the UK has made some changes to its student visa policies to make it easier for Indian students to study in the UK. The UK will continue the Graduate Route visa, which allows international students, including those from India, to stay and work in the UK for two years after completing their studies at a British university.

Students can select the visa depending on their eligibility and requirements. The validity of the gov student visa for UK will be based on the course chosen by the candidate to study in the UK. Read the article on UK student visa to know more details like types, eligibility, application process, document requirements, fees for UK visas, validity, etc.

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Latest UK study visa updates

  • The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended that the graduate route work visa, also known as the post-study work visa (PSW), should remain unchanged. This means that international students, including those from India, will continue to be able to stay in the UK for two years after completing their studies.

  • From January 2024, international students are not allowed to bring dependents to UK. Only the candidates enrolling for a research-based master's degree and those having government-funded scholarships are allowed to bring dependents to the UK.

  • Recently, UK visa fees have increased by GBP 127 for students. The UK student visa and child student visas fees are now 490 GBP which is about INR 50,000 for Indian students. The new visa costs are in effect from October 4, 2023.

  • As per the latest data from the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS), the second-highest number of UK dependant visas were issued to Indians by the United Kingdom in the year ending September 2023. A total of 43,445 UK visas were issued to Indian dependents, contributing a 1,900% increase over 2019’s figure of 2,127.

  • However, there is no rise in the charges for short-term study visas which allow the students to study the English language in the UK for a maximum period of 11 months.

  • Indians receive the largest number of skilled worker visas and student visas for UK in 2023.

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Types of UK student visa

International students who wish to study in UK can apply for the following types of UK student visa.

  • Short-term study visa: With a short-term study visa UK, a student can study an English language course that is within 6 to 11 months in the UK.

  • UK student visa: This is generally applicable for courses in UK of a longer duration and higher education. This student visa was earlier known as the UK Tier 4 visa. To seek a student visa for UK, students must have confirmed their seat from a licensed college sponsor. This UK study visa allows the candidate to study and work in UK simultaneously. All international students including those from EU and EEA countries, who are 18 years or above and wish to study in the UK have to apply for this UK student visa.

  • Child Student visa: Students who want to study at an independent school in the UK and are in the age group between 4 to 17 years can apply for a child student visa. This UK study visa is not for higher education purposes. However, students above 16 years of age will be allowed to work under this visa.

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Eligibility criteria for a UK student visa

To apply for a UK student visa, the candidate should meet the following UK visa requirements.

  • Received admission from a licensed student sponsor/ university/ college in the UK.

  • Have enough funds to support the study and living costs in the UK.

  • English language proficiency.

  • Need parent's consent for the children of age between 16 to 17 years.

What is a licensed sponsor (university) in UK student visa eligibility criteria?

Any institution or university that has permission to sponsor students from outside the UK for a Student visa or a Child student visa can be referred to as a licensed sponsor. The UK government has listed all such registered sponsors on its website for reference purposes to students. Students can check whether their university or institution is listed or not.

UK Graduate visa

Candidates who wish to continue their stay in UK after completing their formal education must apply for a UK Graduate Visa. This Graduate visa allows them to stay in UK for at least 2 years after the completion of their studies. The validity of the UK Graduate Student Visa is 2 years. However, students who have a PHD or other doctoral qualification can stay up to 3 years with a Graduate visa.

Students must note that this visa does not allow further extension after the validity period. Students who wish to extend their stay further switch to a different visa type to increase their stay. All eligible candidates must apply for a Graduate Visa UK must submit their application before the expiry of their existing Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa.

What is the cost of a Graduate visa in UK?

Candidates applying for a Graduate visa UK must pay 822 GBP as the necessary application fee. A 1,035 GBP is also charged for the healthcare surcharge.

What is the UK Graduate Visa processing time?

The UK Graduate Visa processing time is about 8 weeks. Candidates who have applied for a graduate visa with appropriate identification and documentation generally receive a decision within 8 weeks of their application submission. Applicants can continue their stay in UK within this period.

Dependant visa UK

International students can bring their dependents while studying in the UK. Family members, partners, and children can apply for a dependant visa, only if the international students meet a few specific conditions.

They are as follows

  • If the student is sponsored by the government, to study a course in the UK for more than 6 months.

  • If the student is studying a full-time PG course of either research-based or doctoral degree of minimum duration 9 months or longer.

Eligibility for a dependant

The following categories of dependents are allowed in the UK along with the international student. Any candidates having one of the following relationships are allowed to apply for a dependant visa in UK.

  • Husband / Wife or civil partner
  • Unmarried partner
  • Child (under 18 years)

Courses valid under UK study visa

The following is the list of courses that meet the UK study visa requirements.

  • A full-time course that awards a qualification below degree level and offers a minimum of 15 hours/week of daytime study.
  • A full-time course that awards a qualification at degree level or above.
  • Any full-time course that leads to a qualification at a degree level or above that is equivalent to a UK higher education programme.
  • Any part-time programme in the UK that awards a qualification above degree level.
  • A recognised foundation course for PG dentists or doctors.
  • A Common European Framework of Reference Languages sponsored English language course at B2 level or above.

When to apply for a UK student visa?

Students can proceed with the visa application, once after receiving the admission letter from the university.

For students outside the UK - The earliest possible time to apply for a student visa UK is 6 months before the course start date.

For students applying from the UK - The earliest they can apply for a UK study visa is 3 months before the course start date. The course enrolled must begin within 28 days from the visa expiry date. The candidate must apply for a UK study visa before the expiry of the current visa.

How to apply for a UK student visa?

Students can apply for a UK study visa online at website. This process is different for the candidates applying from outside the UK and within the country. Students applying from outside the UK will have to prove their identity by giving their biometrics at a UK visa application centre in their home country.

They must also create or sign in to their United Kingdom study visa and immigration or UKVI account which will provide them with instructions on what to do once they apply. Students who start the application process have the facility to save it and continue with it later. The detailed application process is mentioned below.

Application process for a UK student visa

The steps to be followed while applying for a UK study visa are mentioned below.

Step 1 - Eligibility check

  • First, check the eligibility of the United Kingdom student visa before the start of the visa process.

Step 2 - Filling the application form

  • Visit the official website at to proceed with the UK study visa application process.

  • Select the apply online option for the student visa.

  • The process starts by selecting the country where students wish to submit their biometrics (like fingerprints and facial photographs)

  • Identify the nearest VAC(visa application centre) within the selected country for providing the biometrics.

  • Register an email for all correspondence in due course of time before receiving a UK student visa.

  • Fill out the UK study visa application form.

Step 3 - Documentation

  • Upload the required documents as per the checklist.

Step 4 - Book an appointment for VAC

  • Book an appointment at the visa application centre using the online appointment calendar.

  • Agree to the declaration.

  • A candidate who completes the UK student visa application will receive an email containing the UK visa application number.

Step 5 - Payment of application fee

  • Pay the UK student visa fees for application and healthcare surcharges through demand draft/credit /debit card, etc.

Step 6 - VAC appointment

  • Visit the visa application centre on the chosen appointment date to submit the biometrics information that includes fingerprints and photographs.

Step 7 - Passport status

  • Thereafter, the processing details and status of the UK student visa will be shared via email. Students can also opt for the SMS service for the same.

  • Once the UK study visa from India application is approved, the passport will be endorsed and returned.

Students who wish to withdraw their applications can contact the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). However, fees for a UK visa will be refunded only if the application processing has not begun.

Documents required for UK student visa

The following are the UK student visa requirements for Indian students that need to be submitted along with the application form.

  • A valid passport

  • Admission acceptance letter - Acceptance letter from UK university & Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number.

  • ATAS Certificate (if required) - The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate must be submitted for a few selective masters and research programmes.

  • Parents/guardian Consent Letter (for under 18 years students)

  • Proof of relationship with parents or guardians (for under 18 years students)

  • Tuberculosis test results

  • Proof of funds - Funds to cover the tuition fee for one (1) year and living expenses for the entire course duration or up to 9 months (i.e., GBP 1,023/GBP 1334 per month). The funds should be reflected in the bank account at least 28 days before the UK visa application. Any of the following documents will meet the UK student visa financial requirements.

    • Bank statement with existing fund details.

    • A government or an official financial grant/sponsorship.

    • Education loan sanctioned form

    • Certificate showing the deposit in the bank.

  • Proof of English language proficiency - Any of the following proofs are applicable.
    • English language proficiency test reports like IELTS, PTE, etc.

    • General certificate of secondary education obtained through study in UK at under 18 years of age.

What is CAS for a UK Study visa application?

Once the student gets admission to a UK university that is a licensed student sponsor, the student will be provided with a reference number called Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). The CAS number is a 14-digit unique reference number given to every student. The CAS indicates that the particular university has made an unconditional offer to the student to study in the university and this has been accepted by the student. The CAS will be sent via email to the student. This CAS number has to be included in the UK student visa application within 6 months.

What is the ATAS certificate in a UK student visa?

International students and researchers who apply to study or do research in the UK at the postgraduate level in certain sensitive subjects are required to apply for the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate to gain a UK study visa. If the research or study areas include Advanced Conventional Military Technology (ACMT), weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), or their means of delivery, students must apply for the ATAS certificate before they come to the UK.

Candidates can apply for an ATAS certificate online at the website. In general, the processing time for an ATAS certificate is 30 working days. Exemptions are granted to students belonging to the EU and EEA countries as well as students belonging to Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States of America.

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How to apply for a UK dependant visa?

Dependants on a student visa need to apply separately online. While filling out the student dependent visa UK application form, they must include a Unique Application Number (UAN) i.e., student visa application number. Dependents need to show proof of funds to support their living in the UK for the entire course duration or at least up to 9 months.

The money required for each month i.e., GBP 845 for locating in London or GBP 680 for locating outside London in UK. After the application, they can be asked for an appointment with the UK Visa and Citizenship application services for biometrics and passports.

UK student visa fees

The cost of the UK student visa is 490 GBP if students are applying from outside the UK. Similarly, it will cost 490 GBP if students wish to extend or apply for a student visa from within the UK country. When converted in INR, the UK embassy fees for a student visa in India is around INR 50,000/-. Students will have to pay the UK student visa cost for every additional person who is joining them in the UK as a dependant.

Apart from these embassy fees for UK study visa, there is a healthcare surcharge that should be paid additionally as part of the application process. These health care charges are only applicable on a UK student visa if their course duration is longer than six months.

What is the health surcharge under UK student visa fees?

Health surcharges are similar to health insurance which implies the cost of accessing health services in the UK for doctor appointments and prescriptions. Healthcare surcharge is one of the common parts of the England study visa application form. The cost of the healthcare depends on the length of the visa. The health surcharge on a child student visa and UK student visa is GBP 470 per year. Students who are already in the UK will have to pay only GBP 235 per year. The cost of health care for a student-dependant visa UK is also the same as the applicant visa.

Appointment at Visa Application Center (VAC)

Once the candidate fills out the application form for the student visa for UK, they can attend the Visa Application Center (VAC). Candidates have around 240 calendar days from the time of registration to submit their biometrics information.

Things to carry for a VAC

  • A valid passport

  • Print a copy of the VAC appointment confirmation letter.

Candidates who choose the premium application centre facility can bring their supporting documents to the VAC to get them scanned and submitted to the UK student visa application. Students who already uploaded the relevant documents to the online application can ignore this premium application centre facility.

Purpose of Visa Application Center

Candidates are requested for their biometric information like fingerprints and photographs. Students who are below 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or above.

UK student visa processing time

For students who are applying from outside the UK country, the student visa processing time is within 3 weeks. If the student applies for a UK study visa from within the country itself, then the processing time is below 8 weeks. If the application is successful students will either get a Biometric residence permit or BRP which acts as proof of their identity and allows them to study in the UK and gives them the right to use any public services or benefits in the UK.

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UK visa premium services

Though the normal student visa processing time in the UK is 3 weeks, it is possible to reduce this time by using premium services such as the Priority Visa service or the Super Priority Visa service with an additional charge. In the Priority Visa Service feature of the UK student visa, the decision on the application process will be given within five (5) days after submitting biometric information. In the Super Priority Visa service, this time is further reduced to 24 hours. The UK study visa fees for these premium services are non-refundable in general.

Charges for Premium UK study visa services

Premium Service

Additional UK Visa Processing Fees

Priority Visa Service

GBP 500

Super Priority Visa Service

GBP 1000

Validity of a UK student visa

International students with a student visa can stay in the UK depending on the course duration. In general, students pursuing degree-level courses with a student visa can stay up to 5 years in the UK. For courses below degree level, the stay period or validity for the UK study visa is up to 2 years.

Extension of Student visa: Yes, a UK study visa can be extended, if the candidate wishes to continue their studies in the UK. Applicants planning to apply for a UK student visa are recommended to do so at least three months before their course commencement and within 6 months of getting a CAS. Make sure the candidate has applied before the expiry of their present visa. Also, the new course should start within 28 days of the present visa’s expiry. Till the time a decision is conveyed to the applicant, they may stay in the UK.

Do and Don’t s of UK student visa

Here are a few lists of things that candidates can and can not do under a student visa for UK.


  • Study in the UK

  • Work as a student union sabbatical officer

  • Work for part-time jobs in the UK for up to 20 hours a week during the term time and full-time during the vacations


  • Claim public funds or pensions in the UK

  • Work for full-time job opportunities like professional sports person or sports coach.

  • Self Employment

  • Study at an academy or a locally funded School.

What to do before the expiry of a UK student visa?

The candidate can apply for the following visas to extend their stay in the UK country.

  • Extension of Student visa: Students can extend their UK study visa if they are interested in continuing their studies in the country.

  • PSW visa: The full form of PSW visa UK is a post-study work visa. It is officially termed a graduate route visa. The UK PSW visa allows the candidate to stay and work in the UK for 2 to 3 years after the completion of studies. During the graduate visa UK validity period, the candidate can search for full-time job opportunities in the UK or work for part-time jobs. Students should be in the UK when they apply for a PSW visa UK.

  • Work visa: If the candidate secures a job in the UK during the study period itself, they can convert their UK study visa to a work visa. The UK work visa allows the candidate to stay and work in the UK for a certain period of time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to get UK visa without IELTS?

Yes, there are a few options to get a UK student visa without IELTS. Students who have studied or undergone their secondary education in the UK are exempted from taking these English language tests. Instead of IELTS, there are also a few alternative English tests like PTE, SELT  for UKVI, skills for English test, etc.

2. What is the England Student visa cost?

Whether the candidate applies for a UK student visa outside the UK or within the country, the UK study visa fees is INR 50,000 or 490 Euros.

3. What are the UK visa requirements for international students?

A valid passport, admission acceptance letter from a UK university, English proficiency test score, and proof of funds to support education and living in the UK are a few of the essential documents for a UK student visa.

4. What is the success rate for UK visa?

Getting a UK visa is easier when compared with the student visas of a few other countries. On average, the UK visa success rate in India is around 95% and the rejection rate is slightly more than 3%. A few of the rejection reasons include improper or false documentation, lack of proof to support financial funds or insufficient funds, criminal record, etc.

5. How much funds are required for a UK study visa?

The candidates need to show a bank balance of £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) to support the living expenses in the UK if they are willing to study for the courses outside London. Similarly, the students who are willing to reside or study courses in London must showcase a bank balance of £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months).

6. What is the age limit to apply for a Britain student visa?

There is no upper age limit to apply for a UK student visa. Candidates who are above 16 years of age can apply for a student visa to the UK while candidates who are below 16 years can apply for a child student visa for the UK.


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