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TOEFL Registration 2024: Dates, Application Form, Step By Step Process

TOEFL Registration 2024: Dates, Application Form, Step By Step Process

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The online TOEFL registration can be done on the ETS TOEFL official website. Candidates can register for TOEFL in three modes: online, by phone, and by mail. Applicants can start their TOEFL registration 6 months in advance or as late as 2 days before the preferred TOEFL test date.

There are 2 types of TOEFL tests: TOEFL iBT and TOEFL Essentials. The exam dates for TOEFL test registration vary for each test type. Candidates are suggested to proceed with TOEFL registration at least two to three months before the expected TOEFL exam date. The fee for TOEFL iBT test registration in India is Rs. 16,900/-.

Candidates can select their required test type and register for TOEFL accordingly. Read this article on TOEFL exam registration to know the process and details of the TOEFL application from filling to submission.

TOEFL Registration Process 2024

Candidates can register for TOEFL exam in four different methods, which are mentioned below:

  • Online

  • Phone App

  • Phone

  • Mail

How to Register for the TOEFL? (Online)

Here are the steps involved in TOEFL registration 2024.

  • Create an ETS Account or download the TOEFL Official app.

  • Fill in the TOEFL application form

  • Schedule the TOEFL test and make the fee payment

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Detailed Steps for TOEFL Exam Registration

Candidates can now individually register for the TOEFL 2024 by following the detailed steps mentioned below.

Step 1 - Create an ETS account

Visit the official TOEFL ETS website at -, for the TOEFL test sign up.

Fill in the general information like

  • Name - The entered name should match with the ID proof, that the candidate carries to the examination.

  • Gender

  • User Name - Enter a new username for the ETS account

  • Password

  • Country

  • Address

  • City

  • Postal code

  • Phone

  • Email ID

  • Native language

  • Citizenship

  • Country of birth

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TOEFL Search Service - This feature enables the candidate profile to be matched with the TOEFL participating schools and institutions. Here, the institutions can send admission information and education opportunities to the applicants. To opt for this feature fill in the background information during TOEFL registration.

  • Countries - Applicants can select up to 5 countries where they are interested in studying.

  • What is your next level of study? Mention the applying level of study like master’s or UG, etc.

  • What is your desired field of study?

  • Indicate your intended date of enrollment.

  • What is your reason for taking the TOEFL test?

Once done review and submit the details.

Step 2 - Fill out the TOEFL Application Form

Log in to the registered ETS TOEFL account and select “register for this test”. Choose the required TOEFL test type. Candidates with disabilities can request accommodations at this stage. Enter the following details and review at the end.


Section 1 - Test dates and test centres

Section 2 - ID & Personal information

Select the suitable ID. Indian students can select the passport option and fill in the ID details like

  • Country

  • ID no.

Section 3 - Background Information

For candidates who have already entered the details in the TOEFL search service, the details will be automatically listed here.

Filling in the background information is as follows.

  • Countries - Auto-generated

  • What is your next level of study? Auto-generated

  • What is your desired field of study? Auto-generated

  • Indicate your intended date of enrollment. Auto-generated

  • What is your reason for taking the TOEFL test? Auto-generated

Section 4 - Score Recipients

  • Candidates can select up to 4 institutions or universities for which they would like to submit their TOEFL test scores.

  • Choose the type of score report preferred like online at the website or through mail or a paper copy through courier.

Final acknowledgement - Review all the details and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

Section 5 - Purchase of TOEFL Test Preparation Materials

Candidates can purchase the TOEFL test materials and courses, practice tests, etc., published by the official exam conducting authority at this stage.

Section 6 - Payment of TOEFL fee

The total TOEFL registration fee is included with the VAT registration fee. The fee payment can be done through credit/debit cards, PayPal, e-check, etc., and complete the TOEFL registration process.

Documents Required to Register for TOEFL

Candidates are required to provide Identity proof details during the TOEFL registration. The ID requirements differ from country to country. For Indian students, the required ID proof is a valid passport.

A few considerations in the ID proof are as follows.

  • The ID must be a valid government-issued ID; expired IDs are not accepted.

  • The name in the ID proof and the ETS TOEFL account must match.

  • The ID proof must be a physical ID, not an electronic ID.

  • The ID must include the full name of the applicant.

  • Include a recognisable photograph.

  • The signature on the ID must match the name of the candidate.

  • For students under 15 years of age, the parents or guardians must also present their acceptable ID.

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Other Methods for TOEFL Registration

Here are the details of TOEFL test registration through other modes for the TOEFL exam.

TOEFL Registration Through the Official TOEFL App

Recently, the ETS launched TOEFL Go! App for TOEFL test takers. This app can be used only for the test centre appointments of the TOEFL iBT test registration. Other registrations of the iBT home editions and paper editions can not be done through TOEFL Go. Candidates can download this app directly from the ETS TOEFL website and proceed with TOEFL exam booking.

  • Open the app and fill in all the required fields given.

  • Pay the TOEFL exam fees using Credit/Debit cards, e-check, Paypal account.

  • Select a suitable local currency instead of US dollars and make the payment.

TOEFL Registration Through Mobile

Here are the steps involved in TOEFL test registration through a mobile phone.

  • Check the details of the TOEFL exam registration (mentioned above for online mode) to know what information is required during the call.

  • Keep the codes of the institutions ready to designate the score recipients of the TOEFL test.

  • Candidates can call the TOEFL test Registration Regional Center of the country from which they are attempting the test.

TOEFL Registration Through E-mail

Here are the steps involved in TOEFL exam registration through mail.

  • Download the TOEFL iBT test registration form at

  • Fill in all the details and include credit/debit card information.

  • After completion, mail it to the address shown on the form.

  • Make sure to submit the form at least 4 weeks before the TOEFL registration date of your choice.

  • If the date mentioned in the form is not available, then the next possible date is assigned to the candidate. If the assigned date is not acceptable to the candidate, they can choose to reschedule without paying the rescheduling fee.

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Points to Remember for TOEFL Registration

Here are a few important things to be considered and followed by applicants while registering for the TOEFL test.

  • The information regarding the test centres and test dates can change so candidates are suggested to frequently check for updated information before TOEFL exam registration.

  • All the test centres are not open on all the given test dates.

  • If the candidates are not able to find the test centre for the given date and location, they can change the dates and location to check for other available options.

  • If the payment is declined by the cardholder or bank during TOEFL registration, then a fee of USD 30 is charged.

  • Attempt the test sooner to get the results on time and to consider them for admission TOEFL application(s).

  • The TOEFL registration is not transferable.

  • There is no walk-in registration mode available for the TOEFL test.

  • Kindly check the ETS account the day before the TOEFL test to look over any changes to the appointment made by ETS.

TOEFL Registration Dates 2024

Candidates can start the TOEFL registration process online by choosing the suitable TOEFL test date 2024. The TOEFL test registration will open 6 months before the test date and closes 7 days before the TOEFL test date. Students interested in attempting the test at the TOEFL test centre have to book the dates in advance as they fill up quickly.

TOEFL Registration Date 2024 Availability

Test format

Test dates availability


Once a week and 7 to 9 times in a month


Once every month

TOEFL iBT Home Edition Test

Every 5 days a week round the year

TOEFL Essentials (Home Edition Test)

6 - 8 times a month

By checking the following details candidates can proceed with the TOEFL test registration accordingly.

TOEFL iBT Home Edition - Registration

The home edition of the TOEFL exam is one of the testing options other than the test centre. It is nothing different from the TOEFL exam. Many universities abroad accept the TOEFL home edition scores. However, the candidate needs to check each TOEFL participating universities individually to check home edition acceptance.

The TOEFL registration for the home edition is the same as for the test centre. The candidates need to just select the home edition option, instead of the test centre. The TOEFL test dates for the home edition are available for 4 days a week and 24 hours a day. The candidates can register for TOEFL home even 24 hours before their chosen exam date.

The fee for the TOEFL at home is the same as the TOEFL test centre exam. However, candidates need to meet the at-home testing requirements before registration.

The TOEFL At-Home testing requirements are

  • A computer with built-in or external speaker, microphone, camera, etc.
  • Protor communication browser download.
  • A quiet room.
  • A tabletop for the computer and a chair for seating.

TOEFL Exam Fees

The fee for the TOEFL exam can vary for each country. In Indian, the TOEFL registration fee is Rs. 1 6,900/-. This TOEFL fee is the same for the both TOEFL test centre and the home edition. Students who register late for the exam have to pay the late registration fee. All the additional TOEFL fee details are mentioned below.

Additional Fees Details



TOEFL Late registration

Rs. 3316

Reschedule of exam date

Rs. 4975

Returned payment charges

Rs. 2487

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How to apply for the TOEFL?

There are three modes of TOEFL registration. One is through online through the ETS TOEFL website, the second is by phone by calling a registered number of the particular country of the applicant and the other is by mail.

2. How much does TOEFL test cost?

The cost for the TOEFL exam registration for the TOEFL iBT is Rs. 16,900. The charges for the TOEFL iBT home edition and test centre are the same. The fee for TOEFL Essential is Rs. 9839/-.

3. How much late is TOEFL registration allowed?

Candidates can book the TOEFL exam date until 2 days before the TOEFL test date with an extra late registration fee of USD 40. Without the late registration fee, candidates can register for the TOEFL 7 days before the test date.

4. Can I retake the TOEFL test without paying the registration fee?

Candidates have to pay the TOEFL registration fee each time they retake the test. The TOEFL IBT fee is Rs. 16,900 and the TOEFL Essential fee is Rs. 9839. There are no limits to the number of retakes for the TOEFL test. However, the candidates have to wait for 12 days for an attempt after completing a TOEFL test.

5. What is the TOEFL exam fee Chennai?

The TOEFL exam fee for the TOEFL iBT test in Chennai or India is Rs. 16,900. Whereas the cost of TOEFL essential is Rs. 9,839. The TOEFL exam fee is the same all across the country.

6. How do I register for the TOEFL exam?

To register for TOEFL, visit the official website of ETS, and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose the type of test: TOEFL iBT or TOEFL Home Edition.
  • Mention your city or pin code and choose your preferred month. 
  • From the dropdown list, select the date and centre of your choice. 
  • Register for the test and fill out the form with required information.
  • Pay the exam fee to register for the test.


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Questions related to TOEFL

Have a question related to TOEFL ?

TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT are all standardized tests used for college admission, detailed information regarding these exams is mentioned below:

TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized test that is used to know the English language proficiency of non-English speakers. TOEFL exam is taken by students wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities abroad. TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 11,000 universities in more than 190 countries.

IELTS: The International English Language Testing System is an English proficiency test, it checks your ability to understand and communicate in English. Many universities around the world require international students to have a valid IELTS score for admission to universities to study abroad.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination): This is a general exam required for many Master's programmes especially in humanities, social sciences, and sciences. GRE scores are also applicable for admission to some PhD programmes. GRE test checks your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test): This is specifically required for admission to MBA courses. GMAT test assess analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, integrated reasoning, and verbal reasoning skills, but with a focus on business applications.

Key differences: TOEFL, IELTS, GRE & GMAT





Assess English proficiency

Assess readiness for graduate studies

Required for

Many universities for international students

Master's & PhD programmes (GRE), MBA programs (GMAT)

Specific skills tested

Reading, listening, speaking, writing

Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking (GRE), similarly GMAT accesses a candidate's abilities but with a business focus.

Hello aspirant,

Every exam has a different amount of difficulty depending on how each student personally prepares. IELTS, on the other hand, is thought to be simpler than the TOEFL. in particular, the reading portion. While the TOEFL has a multiple-choice style, the IELTS is shorter and has a band scoring system.

For more information you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

  • TOEFL: Completely computer-based test. You will listen to recordings, read passages, write your responses, and speak into a microphone, all on the computer.
  • IELTS: Offers two formats - paper-based and computer-based. The Reading and Writing sections are always on paper, while Listening and Speaking can be paper-based or computer-based depending on the chosen format. The Speaking test, however, is always conducted face-to-face with an examiner in IELTS.

Test Sections:

  • Both Tests: Both IELTS and TOEFL assess your English language proficiency in four key areas: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Structure: The specific structure and content within these sections can differ slightly between the two tests.


  • TOEFL: Scored out of a total of 120 points. Each section (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) is graded on a scale of 0 to 30.
  • IELTS: Uses a band system from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest). You receive an overall band score and individual band scores for each section.


  • TOEFL: Generally considered more focused on American English.

No, neither IELTS nor TOEFL is required for eligibility to study MBA at Seoul National University (SNU) if you are an English speaker from a native English speaking country.SNU requires proof of English proficiency for international students whose first language is not English.
They accept scores from TOEFL iBT (80 or above), TEPS (551 or above), or a minimum Level 4 on the SNU Korean Language Center (KLEC) proficiency test.

SNU's MBA program does not require the GMAT or GRE for admission.
They have their own entrance exam for MBA applicants. This exam typically assesses quantitative and analytical skills, writing abilities, and English proficiency (for non-native English speakers).

In some cases, SNU might consider Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores in place of their own entrance exam, but this is not mandatory.

I hope it helps!

Hello aspirant,

Hope you are doing well,

Exams like IELTS and TOEFL has their timetables preplanned which will be available on their website. You can visit their website and choose a date is appropriate for you. You can choose the date and centre, while applying for the exam.

Results for TOEFL takes usually 8-10 calendar days. Your score will be available online by this period. IELTS results take usually 5-7 calendar days to be displayed online. For hard copy of your score you need to wait few more days since they deliver it to you on your passport address or address you mentioned in your exam application.

To start your MS in countries outside of india you need to start the application procedure 6 months - 1 year prior to the intake you planning to go. Before starting the application you need to attempt one these exams (IELTS/TOEFL). Once you get your results and all the documents needed for application it'll take 6-8 months to start your program.

Hope you find this helpful

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All the best!!

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