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Federation University Australia

Victoria, Australia | Estd in 2014 | Government University

CWUR Rank : 1708

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About Federation University Australia

Federation University was founded in the year 1870 by the amalgamation of the former University of Ballarat and the Gippsland Campus of Monash University. Federation University has a tradition of education and training delivery for more than 150 years. Situated with diverse cultural serenity, the university is a destination of over 18000 students and 123,000 alumni members enrolled in multiple specializations. Federation University provides quality education and equal opportunities for all students who value the university’s diversity and inclusion. The inclusion of career opportunities and employment experience for students is one of the exclusive attributes of the university that attracts students from all over the globe. 

Federation University is equipped with modern facilities and high technology efficient education and living conditions that provide a pleasant and quality environment for students. The course structure of the university is an intermix of numerous study areas and disciplines including a total of 9 faculties that ensure educational excellence in the university’s academic portfolio. 

A few of the popular courses offered by Federation University include Allied Health, Arts, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Education and Early Childhood, Business, Engineering, Nursing, midwifery and paramedicine, Information Technology, Occupational Health and Safety, and many more with affordable tuition fees. Federation University has taken a step forward to match the speed of the modern world by introducing online, diploma, short-term, and certificate programmes for students who are facing various challenges in pursuing higher education. This step has added to the university’s excellent reputation and glorious achievements. 

Federation University has received many national and international accreditations and recognition from some world-known institutions including the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, Victorian Institute of Teaching, Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, and other organisations for its academic performance, research analytics, and dynamism. The graduate, postgraduate, and research scholars produced by Federation University receive international recognition and higher positions in their respective fields for their professional achievements, analytical knowledge, and practical skills. 

Federation University Australia Overview





Institution type 


Federation University official website

Federation University Number of Campus


Federation University Number of Faculty


Medium of Instruction


Academic Portfolio

18,000+ students 

123,000 alumni

Federation University Major Attractions

Art Gallery of Ballarat

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Ballarat Tramway Museum

Lydiard Street

Eureka Centre

Federation University Recognition 

  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council

  • Victorian Institute of Teaching

  • Australian Psychology Accreditation Council

  • Australian Association for Social Work

  • Certified Practising Accountant Australia

Courses offered at Federation University

Undergraduate degrees (39)

 Undergraduate certificates (0)

 Postgraduate (58)

 Postgraduate by Coursework (32)

 Postgraduate by Research (26)

 Higher education diplomas


Health services

Spiritual facilities

Art galleries


Fitness and recreation facilities

Careers and work placement

Federation University Location 

Campus Type

Public University


Ballarat, Victoria

Min and max Temperatures (Average)

3.89 °C - 25°C

Distance from Ballarat, Victoria

9.4 km

Federation University Australia Highlights

Year of Establishment2014
Institute TypeUniversity
Number Of Students13331
Fee Range10.01 L - ₹17.29 L/yr
Bachelors vs Masters
Gender Ratio
Male: 43%Female: 57%Others: 1%
Male: 43%Female: 57%Others: 1%
Student Demographic
  • Domestic:   7774
  • International:   5557

Federation University Australia Ranking and Stats

Federation University was listed among the world’s top 200 young universities in the world by the  Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2023 based on teaching, research, citations, industry partnerships, and connection to the international community. For skills development and undergraduate starting salary, the university has been ranked among the top universities in Victoria. For First-Generation Student Enrolments, the organization has listed the number one universities in Australia for the fifth year in a row and six years in a row for social equity. With a score of 32.5, the institution has achieved the 37th position in the U.S. News and World Report 2023 ranking system in Australia. 

Federation University Ranking



Times Higher Education-World University Rankings 2023


U.S. News & World Report 2023


Ranking Body

Parametric Score and Ranking 2024

Parameter Ranking
Industry Outcome
International Outlook
DomainYearScoreRankRank Band

Federation University Australia Courses

Federation University’s course structure has been designed to fulfill the needs of all the students related to the institution in various modes. The university offers 250+ courses in 6 different study modes including online, mid-year entry, flexible learning mode, blended delivery, International, and domestic modes. The courses offered by the institution are divided into multiple levels including Undergraduate degrees, Undergraduate certificates,  Postgraduate,  Postgraduate by Coursework,  Postgraduate by Research, Higher education diplomas,  TAFE diplomas,  TAFE certificates,  Foundations, Apprenticeships/Traineeships, Short courses, and Free TAFE. The university covers more than 80 online courses to educate students in difficult situations. The institution has also introduced pathway programmes to help students improve their skills in the English Language for higher studies at FU. 

Allied Health, Arts, criminology and criminal justice, Education and early childhood, Business, Engineering, Nursing, midwifery and paramedicine, Information technology, Occupational health and safety, Performing arts, Psychology, Science and mathematics, Social work, community and human services, Sports, outdoor and physical education, and Visual arts are some of the major specializations of the university courses. 

Education Level
Duration18 Months
Fees12.52 L/yr
Duration36 Months
Fees13.31 L/yr
Duration36 Months
Fees13.31 L/yr
Duration36 Months
Fees13.95 L/yr
Duration18 Months
Fees12.52 L/yr
Duration36 Months
Fees13.31 L/yr

Federation University Australia Fees

CoursesDurationInternational StudentLocal Student
B.Sc.(16 courses)3 years-4 years₹10.01 L - ₹17.18 L/yr₹2.26 L - ₹8.29 L/yr
M.Sc.(14 courses)1 year-2 years₹12.59 L - ₹17.29 L/yr₹2.26 L - ₹14.66 L/yr
M.E /M.Tech.(11 courses)1 year-2 years₹14.72 L - ₹16.20 L/yr₹4.54 L - ₹14.66 L/yr
B.Ed.(8 courses)3 years-4 years₹13.68 L - ₹15.81 L/yr₹2.26 L - ₹8.01 L/yr
B.A.(7 courses)3 years₹12.15 L - ₹15.38 L/yr₹4.54 L - ₹8.29 L/yr

Federation University Australia Cost Of Living

Australia is one of the most lively countries in the world. It has some of the best housing and living conditions for students. However, the cost of living is dependent on the student's own choice. The average cost of living includes some essential and supplementary products and services required for the streamlined completion of the degree programme at the university. The charges for rent, food, transportation, communication, books, and materials are some of the essential items that add up to the overall budget of the student living. Therefore, all candidates are advised to get a wide view of the cost of living as provided by the university, and international candidates are required to analyse and prepare a budget list for their staying duration to eliminate the problems raised during the stay. 

Federation University Cost of Living

Average Weekly Costs

Melbourne Residential College (on or near campus)

Living off-campus in a private rental

Living on-campus with Fedliving

Weekly rental cost




Food and groceries




Bills (electricity, gas, water, internet)












Entertainment and social events




Health and Fitness

Often included


Health, Sports, and Aquatics Centre membership included for Ballarat residents






Common space cleaning included


Common space cleaning included



Set-up costs 

Rent in advance may also be required










Federation University Australia Admission and Application

Application deadline May,2024

The University of Federation, Australia has set several application modes for students with different conditions. The eligible applicants can apply through an agent, VTAC, or directly at the university website by following the given steps and updating their original required documents. 

How to apply?

  • Candidates can directly apply to the university by using the university’s official admission portal FedUni or with the help of agents.

  • Students will need to choose their desired courses offered by the university.

  • All the applicants are required to fill out their entry requirements details with appropriate documents which will be further assessed by the university authorities.

  • All the applications are forwarded to the appropriate selection officer and the outcome of the application forms is informed to the students directly by the university.

  • The selected students will be provided with offer letters including eligible scholarships and accommodation details by the university.

  • The accepted students will need to accept the offer letter and pay the required fees by visiting the ‘Accepting Your Offer' pack on the university website.

  • An electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter will be issued by the institution after completion of the required acceptance process.

  • Students can apply to the Australian diplomatic post for an Australia student visa using the CoE.

  • Students are advised to attend the International Student Orientation Program to get a guide to the university.

  • All candidates are required to reach the university a few days before the commencement of the class to nullify problems regarding health and climate.

Documents required for admission to Federation University

  • Certified copies of degrees, diplomas, or certificates issued by an educational institution(s)

  • Statement of Purpose

  • CV/resume

  • Passport and current Australian visa

  • Proof of English proficiency

  • Academic transcripts

  • Confirmation of Enrolments (CoEs)

  • Research Proposal Form, Additional Details Form, or Application for Audition/Interview

  • Certified translations of documents

Federation University Australia Scholarship

Federation University grants many scholarships and financial aid every year to build a community with young bright minds from all walks of life. The funds for these scholarships are raised by generous government and donor funding, coupled with the university’s industry ties. The institution works with the motto of providing tertiary education to all students. However, the scholarship schemes generally work for students from regional and remote communities or from a low socio-economic status. The university has also set up the Federation University Australia Foundation to provide scholarship assistance for challenged students. 

Federation University for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders




Deadly Education Scholarships

$2000 per semester

Undergraduate, honours, or Postgraduate course students

No Start-Up Loan from Centrelink

Deadly Accommodation Scholarship

$3500 in the first year per semester, $2500 each semester after

Undergraduate, honours, or Postgraduate course students

No additional Relocation Scholarship from Centrelink

Deadly Reward Scholarships

Up to $3000

Candidates with high academic performance

Dr (Aunty) Mary Atkinson Scholarship


Indigenous students undertaking an undergraduate programme

Federation University for International Students




Australia Awards 

Full tuition fees

$5,000 Allowance

Return air expenses

contract with the Commonwealth of Australia

Federation University Australia Global Innovator Scholarship

20% of the annual tuition fees 

undergraduate or postgraduate programme students

Federation University Australia Global Excellence Scholarship

25% of your annual tuition fees

Full-time undergraduate or postgraduate programme students

No additional University Scholarship

Federation University Australia Global Pathways Scholarship

20% of the annual tuition fees

International students enrolled in pathway programmes

International Student Accommodation Support Scholarship


Joining students with  Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) 

Non-receipt of a Destination Australia scholarship

Federation University Australia Eligibility

International Applicants must meet the minimum academic requirements and English Language Requirements for entry into their chosen Federation University programmes. Candidates can check the eligibility criteria by visiting the university’s course finder page to get the appropriate knowledge regarding their admission requirements to the university.

Academic entry requirements: 

  • Higher education - Undergraduate students: The assessment process of undergraduate students is done by Australian Year 12, or equivalent overseas school qualifications. The university has provided country-specific guidelines for assessing students in multiple degree programmes to calculate the equivalent qualification to Australian Year 12. Additional procedures such as folios, interviews, or auditions are conducted for some specific course requirements. Candidates who have successfully completed post-school qualifications are eligible to apply for university courses with advanced standing or credit. 

  • Higher education - Postgraduate by coursework: The entry requirements for postgraduate programmes are different for all postgraduate courses. However, students who have completed an Australian bachelor's degree, or overseas equivalent are eligible to apply for postgraduate programmes at Federation University with satisfying grades and relevant subjects. Some specific courses might require prior work experience in the relevant fields.

English Language Requirements:

  • Approved English Language Test Form

  • Students must have completed an approved English language pathway program

  • English Language study experience in Australia or any English-speaking country 

  • Prior Study experience from a recognized university within the last 2 years with satisfactory grades

  • Students who have qualified for  IELTSPTETOEFL

  • Candidates may apply for the university’s English and Academic Preparation (EAP) programs to improve their skills in the English language

  • An alternative method for getting admission into the university includes the approval of the Manager of the university

Federation University Australia Campus Life

Federation University is among the finest universities in Australia and the number one university in Victoria for its student support. The institution offers a reposeful study environment for the students to encourage their learning and development. The university promises a quality living environment for students by providing the natural experience of beaches, mountains, national parks, and cultural activities. 

Highlights of the Federation University campus:

  • Industry-relevant programs

  • A genuine Australian experience

  • Pleasant climate

  • A supportive environment

  • Diverse student population

  • High-quality resources

  • Quality, low-cost living

Federation University Australia Campus Facilities

Study Amenities


The university has many libraries present within the 6 campuses of the university. All these libraries are equipped with thousands of books, journals, audio-visuals, research papers, and online resources accessible to all students of the university. The institution has hired many staff members who assist students by collecting books, and using the library catalogue, electronic databases, and other services. Candidates referred by the Campus Disability Liaison Officer can apply for different books and study materials delivered to their home addresses.

Amenities and Clubs

Alumni Associations

No matter where you are located or when you attended the University, you are part of the ever-growing alumni family.

Students, graduates, staff, ex-staff, and friends of the University and its predecessor institutions are all welcome to be a part of this exclusive group.

The Association aims to keep alumni up to date with the University, current students, and fellow graduates. Make sure we have your correct contact details by signing up and logging in to my Alumni Centre.



The university also offers various sports facilities to encourage students for extracurricular activities. Facilities and grounds for basketball, beach volleyball, and soccer are available across Sir Gustav Nossal Boulevard situated north of the Berwick Campus within the university campus. However, a few facilities are also available on Manuka Rd, and various parks are dotted around the area.


Federation University has gym facilities for students to help them maintain their balanced health condition. The gym is equipped with modern technological implements to provide an outstanding experience to its users. The facilities of the university gym include regular fitness assessments, personalised exercise programs, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, sports science and health and well-being advice, and nutritional guidance for all the members. All gym instructors are fully qualified with VicFit accreditation and have expertise and experience in all aspects of strength and conditioning.


Parking Facility

Permit parking is available at our Mt Helen, SMB, and Berwick Campuses. Please observe all parking signs and do not park in a permit zone unless you have obtained a Permit or CellOPark Casual Parking permit (Berwick Campus only) as our enforcement officers will be out there patrolling the car parks. Please see our Parking Procedure.

Transport Facility

There are multiple transportation options available for students and members to reach the university campus. Starting from buses, cars, Myki, and cycles to Public transport concession cards, V/Line trains, and coaches, various options are there for students from different locations. The students also receive a 50% discount on all public transport and concession on public transport in Victoria. For international students, Melbourne Tullamarine Airport is the best option to reach the main campus of the institution.



Federation University comprises various on-campus cafes that provide multiple food options for students and university members. The variety ranges from healthy delicious meals to light snacks. Sandwiches, salads, pastries, cakes, meals, pizza, pasta, cold drinks, coffee, and more are available in different food courts. These cafes also offer several dietary requirements, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and halal to meet the special needs of the students and staff members. Murnong, Bai Err, Bai Err, Dhanga, Dhanda Napan Cafe, and Laneway - Cafe without borders are a few cafeterias present inside the university campus.

Federation University Australia International Office Details

The University of Federation is a destination for a large international student body. The university guarantees a tranquil environment with ultra-modern living options with a friendly community. The institution works with the motto to create a homely environment for students who are living away from home in the absence of their families. The institution has created a separate section for international students to assist them starting from their admission to the completion of their respective programmes of study. 

A few university facilities offered to international students by the university are as follows:

  • Crisis Support Line for mental health matters

  • Easy Access for all international student bodies through online resources

  • Peer Support to help students shape their time at the Federation

  • Academic assistance or specialized support

  • Comprehensive Orientation

  •  Free airport pick-up services to new commencing international students

Federation University Australia Accommodation

Federation University provides quality education and a peaceful living environment for students. The campus of the university is a destination for a diverse cultural community comprised of students from all over the world. The dynamism of the university campus is the home for all students studying in different degree programmes at the university. Students are encouraged to develop a healthy living environment and friendly atmosphere at the university campus. 

The university accommodations are distributed in Ballarat, Gippsland, Berwick, and Brisbane campuses. Interested students are directed to apply to the university’s campus accommodation at the time of application submission. Although the selection of the rooms is completely covered by the university administration depending on the availability of the rooms. Apart from the additional expenses, the students need to pay a non-refundable application fee of %30 to fill out the application for accommodation and also pay a $300 advance as an acceptance fee after being selected for university housing. 

The institution has set a fixed rate for all rooms available at the university campus. The total cost of the rooms is calculated by including weekly rental cost, as well as other compulsory fees, and incidentals. 

However, students may need to pay some incidental fees for Linen and crockery packs, Late payment, Early arrival / late departure (per night), After-hours lockout, Replacement swipe card, and Car parking permit concluding a total of $400 approximately. All students have to agree to the terms and conditions of the housing contract for a length of 37 weeks. The university accommodations are divided into short-term and long-term accommodation options to match the needs of the students and visitors. 

Facilities provided by the university accommodation:

  • Range of venue options

  • Comprehensive and flexible catering service

  • Planning and management services

  • On-campus printing

  • Customised programme development

  • Activities planning and preparation

  • Speaker and session organisation

  • Registration and ticketing management

  • Session and event set-up

  • Recreation, sporting, and fitness facilities 

  • Convenient free parking

Federation University Full-time Accommodation



Mount Helen (Bella Guerin and Peter Lalor)


Camp Street - studio


Camp Street - apartment


Victoria Street unit - ensuite


West House


North Place - standard


North Place - ensuite


Halls of Residence - standard


Halls of Residence - ensuite


Berwick Halls - standard


Berwick Halls - ensuite


Federation University Short-time Accommodation



Nightly rate starting from


Weekly rate starting from


Weekly placement short-stay accommodation


Federation University Australia Gallery

View All Photos And Videos


View All Photos And Videos


The average cost of living at the university is approximately between $444-$945 as per the university. However, the ranges may vary depending on the student's choice of lodging and course requirements.

The University of Federation provides on-campus accommodation for both domestic and international students according to their location and the amenities provided. There are facilities for long-term, medium, and short-term accommodation depending on the needs of the students and visitors.

The mandatory documents required for admission to Federation University include a Statement of Purpose, CV/resume, Passport and current Australian visa, Proof of English proficiency, Academic transcripts, Confirmation of Enrolments (CoEs), and important documents in scanned or photographed mode which are further verified by the university authorities for admission.

Federation University is Victoria’s number-one university in social equity and student support according to the latest ranking trends. The university provides multiple learning opportunities for students all over the world.

The university offers multiple admission options for international students. The institution has some academic and English Language requirements for international students' admission.

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