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Top MIS colleges in the World - USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe

Top MIS colleges in the World - USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe

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Management Information System (MIS) is considered as one of the most preferred courses across the world. Although pursuing a masters in MIS in the United States is highly sought after, universities in other key study destinations such as Australia and Canada are also known for offering top notch MIS programs to students from different parts of the globe. MIS is a multidisciplinary program, which is mainly designed for individuals interested in information technology. Through this course, one can gain insights into the managerial aspects of organizations. After completing their studies, MIS graduates can have diverse career options such as systems consultants, analysts, and auditors. Read this article to know about the top MIS colleges worldwide in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Aspiring candidates can refer to the rankings of countries with the best MIS programs and explore the top universities to make an informed decision when selecting a program.

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Best Universities for MIS in USA

Needless to say, the USA is home to some of the top MIS colleges in the world. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Georgia Institute of Technology are some of the best MIS universities in USA which also stand in first places in the top 100 MIS universities in USA. A combination course, MS in MIS in USA is offered both as a management and MS course. MS in MIS in USA degree program is one of the best MIS programs in USA. Other top MIS programs in USA include Information Systems & Science (ISS) from Standford, Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) by CMU, and MIS program by Princeton university.

Generally, best MIS programs in USA refer to those that offer better career opportunities, industry relevant curriculum, scope for practical exploration, guidance from top mentors, as well as industry partnerships among others. That is why most students aim for top MIS universities in USA. As such, majority of top universities for MIS in USA accept GRE scores. The average score accepted in the top universities in the US range within 155-165. MS in MIS universities in USA on an average costs in the range $14,000-$50,000 or up to INR 41.4L per annum. Graduates from MIS programs in USA on an average earn approximately INR 75L per annum. The best universities for MIS in USA providing the are listed below.

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Top Universities for MIS in USA

Top MIS colleges in Canada

Canadian universities are among the top universities for MIS in world. Canadian universities are among top 100 in the QS world universities and offer the best alternative MIS universities in USA for receiving high ROI education. Given the increasing demand for MIS programmes among international students, some universities in Canada have even started to include the course in their curricula. Some of the top MIS colleges in the world that are based in Canada include names like University of Alberta and McMaster University. Like the USA, many of the best MIS schools in Canada accept GRE scores though the average scores can vary. Another advantage of study in Canada is less tuition fees compare to MIS universities in USA.

List of Top MIS Universities in Canada

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Top MIS Colleges in Australia

Management Information Systems program has been quite a rage in Australia in the last few years. With more international students showing interest in exploring the educational opportunities in the country, the demand for the course has only increased further. Australia not only has some of the top ranked universities in the world, but also has top universities for MIS in world. Quality of education, mode of learning is often superior than MIS universities in USA. Students can get the best of infrastructure in Australian universities that is on par with that of top MIS colleges in USA. An interesting factor in the Australian selection procedure is that during admission to some of the top MIS colleges in the world, the selection panel gives more weightage to the professional experience of the candidate than the scores. Many, in fact, just require academic qualifications along with work experience of 2- 3 years.

List of Top MIS Universities in Australia

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Top MIS colleges in Europe 2024

One of the best things about pursuing MIS in European universities is that many of the universities are known to offer the best programmes at a cost lower than many other universities across the world, especially in the top MIS colleges in USA and Australia. Also, European universities offer some best scholarships to pursue MIS programs. Quite a few universities across Europe offer MIS. While variations of the course are more common, universities offering MIS are not too many to be found. Some of the top MIS colleges in the world based in Europe include names like Maastricht University, LSE and HEC Lausanne, among others. Like Australia, universities in Europe give more weightage to the work experience of the candidate than standardized scores.

List of Top MIS Universities in Europe


Copenhagen Business School

Maastricht University

University of Mannheim

Uppsala University

ESSEC Business School

Grenoble Ecole de Management

LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science

Warwick Business School

HEC Lausanne

Trinity College Dublin

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Top MIS colleges in Asia 2024

MIS is a relatively new course in Asia, and a very few universities offer MIS. Nonetheless, some of the popular universities in South Korea and China have started to include MIS in their curricula. In fact, Asia is home to some of the top MIS colleges in the world. A benefit of pursuing MIS in Asian universities is that the courses are cheaper compared to their western counterparts.

List of Top MIS Universities in Asia



Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

South Korea

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong

Fudan University


Tsinghua University


Seoul National University

South Korea

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Which country is the best for MIS studies?

Unsurprisingly, some of the best MIS universities in the world are located in the United States. Some of the well-known institutions in the USA that provide MIS are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and Georgia Institute of Technology. MIS is a hybrid course that is available as both a management and MS course.

2. Is a Management In Information System degree worth it?

For many students, a degree in management information systems is worthwhile. In contrast to the average for all occupations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts an 11% increase in job growth for computer and information technology occupations during the next ten years.


3. Is MIS better than Computer Science?

An MS in CS will prepare you to become a Software Engineer, whereas a MIS programme will prepare you for business and industry. With a degree in management information systems (MIS), you are concentrated on the business side of information and management to increase the organization's profit.

4. What are the benefits of MIS course?

After completing the MIS course, students have the opportunity to earn an average annual salary of USD 92k. The MIS program paves the way to enhanced job prospects, offering students the opportunity to secure prestigious positions at renowned global corporations.

5. What is the eligibility for pursuing MIS?

To be eligible for the MS in MIS program, students must fulfill one of the following requirements: either have a minimum of two years of work experience in a technology-related field, or complete an undergraduate program in information technology, computer science, or a similar field along with two years of general work experience.

6. Is MIS better than MBA?

Both the courses help you achieve prestigious middle-level to high-level management positions. However, it differs in the type of management they focus on. The MBA program focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of management, while the MIS program offers a technical perspective. It is hard to determine which master's program is better since both offer lucrative career options after the completion of studies.


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