Top reasons to study in Canada

Top reasons to study in Canada - One of the hottest destinations to study abroad, Canada attracts more than 300,000 foreign students from across the globe. International students have made their way into one of the most peaceful and beautiful countries in the world. Canada isn’t just about its natural scenic beauty but it also boasts number of top ranking universities in the world. Interestingly, the country is home to over 26 universities in the QS world ranking universities. With so many top tier universities, student friendly cities, research based programme, whether it is engineering or management colleges, Canada has got it all covered.


While, top universities are just perks of studying in the country, Canada offers more reasons for foreign students to pick the country as their next study abroad destination. Below students can read the top reasons to study in Canada:


1. Top Ranking Universities

Canada is not far behind when it comes to boasting its list of top universities in the world. The country rests at a well-established position with leading universities including University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and University of Montreal to name a few. Canada is widely known for attracting large chunk of foreign students, the country is home to over 260,000 international students pursuing various programmes.


Check here the list of top universities in Canada as per their rankings.


Top reasons to study in Canada: Top Universities




University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


McGill University


McMaster University


University of Montreal


University of Alberta


University of Victoria


University of Waterloo


University of Ottawa


University of Calgary

Source- QS World University Rankings


2. World-class Education at Affordable Cost

The quality of education in the country is one of the top reasons to study in Canada. Canadian colleges and universities are widely known for their research oriented programme. Institutions in Canada offer an array of programmes spread across diverse fields. In fact, Canada is often preferred over other study abroad hubs like USA and Australia because of feasible tuition fee compared to these countries. The cost of education in Canada depends on two major factors: the institute students are applying to and the programme they want to pursue. Meanwhile, the average tuition fee is around $8000 to $25000 annually. While the average fee for MBA programme in US could cost around US$50,000 annually, whereas the cost of living depends on the type of accommodation student chooses in the country.  


3. Work While You Study

This is probably one of the top reasons to study in Canada. After all, who does not want to earn few bucks to cut down their cost of study abroad. Aspirants have the advantage of being able to work during their stay in the country. This allows students to pay for various expenses including accommodation, stationary, travel and personal expenses. Students can work either on campus or off campus, it depends on where the students intends to work and availability of work opportunity.


Full-time students are eligible to work off campus; however, they must be enrolled in a recognised institution. Eligible students can work up to 20 hours per week during their studies and full-time during their semester breaks.

While students who want to work on campus do not require work permit, they must have a valid study permit and be a full-time student.


4. Potentiality of Immigration

After studying in Canada, students probably want to make their temporary stay permanent in the country. This is only possible when students have a full-time job post programme. Canada is known for its Express Entry scheme, where international students or professionals with sufficient skills and work experience are invited to be a permanent resident of the country. The main requirement of the Express Entry scheme is student’s ability to embrace Canadian culture and in some way contribute towards the economy.


5. Multicultural Environment

The country has welcomed more than 15 million international citizens of all religion, caste and cultures. The multicultural environment provides students with opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Canada is a country with diverse languages. Along with English, French is the next most spoken language in the country. These are the two official languages of Canada. Among the non official languages, Punjabi (the language spoken in one of the states of India) happens to be the third most spoken language. International students are likely to come across people speaking different languages, thus the feeling of an outsider is rare.


6. High Tech Country


According to Global Innovation Index, Canada is among the top innovative countries in the world. The country is at forefront when it comes to computer and information technology and is widely known for its reputation in diverse fields covering top courses in Canada including telecommunications, engineering, biotechnology, aerospace engineering and environmental industries to name a few. One of top reasons to study in Canada is research based programme incorporated in the Canadian education system. In fact, Canada is the first country in the world to introduce internet in schools and libraries.


7. Home to Major Student Friendly Cities

Being a giant country, Canada, is home to some of the most popular cities for students. For international students, the sheer choice of cities to study in Canada can be a difficult task. The tie breaker for this choice is the city where the university is located. It would be unfair to rank the beautiful cities Canada has to offer. According to QS best student cities in Canada ranking 2017, Montreal tops the list with McGill University adding feathers to its cap. The list is followed by Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec among others. Each city has something to offer, while Montreal has largely English-speaking population, knowledge of French would be of great help in Quebec.


Considering the above top reasons to study in Canada, no wonder Canada pops up in students mind whenever picking a study abroad destination. The journey of studying in the country in itself is an experience of a lifetime which can only be felt once one gets there.



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First Published On : 03 Apr 2017 04:52 PM IST

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