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CAEL Test - Registration, Requirements, Cost, Duration, Score, Format, Test Centres, and More

CAEL Test - Registration, Requirements, Cost, Duration, Score, Format, Test Centres, and More

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CAEL test- Are you planning to enrol in a post-secondary institution in Canada? If you want to determine whether you have the level of English language proficiency required to enrol in a Canadian college, CAEL 2023 may be the correct test for you. One of the best assessments for accurately simulating language use in a Canadian academic setting is the CAEL test. You will need to read articles, pay attention to a lecture, respond to questions, and compose a brief essay as part of the CAEL test. You can take the CAEL test online from the comfort of your home, and ProProctor's secure online proctoring service will ensure that it is authentic. The CAEL result is available in 8 business days and can be sent to 5 institutions at no extra cost. The CAEL is as good as the IELTS or the TOEFL. The CAEL Online test has the same test structure, subject matter, and scoring system as the CAEL Test given at testing facilities.

CAEL Test online registration - an overview

The only distinction between taking the CAEL exam online and in a testing facility is that the online option makes it easier and more convenient for you to test remotely. You can take the CAEL test online from anywhere in Mexico, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Indonesia. To take the CAEL online test while sitting at home, you simply need to meet all of the system requirements.

You may confirm your system's compatibility by simply performing the instructions below, and then you can start using it.

Step 1: System readiness check - The CAEL’s official website gives you the option to check your system’s compatibility to take the test, which you can perform before installing the ProProctor application.


Step 2: Download the ProProctor application - Enter your confirmation information to make sure you have the latest software. Your confirmation letter will list your phone number and last name. You can download the application after providing this information.


Step 3: To locate and start your proctored exam, enter your last name and the appointment confirmation number. When you're ready to take the exam, visit


Things you must know before registering for the CAEL test online

Room requirements

  1. Your test site must be indoors, enclosed by walls, well-lit, have a closed door, and be quiet and disturbance-free.

  2. You should be the only one in the testing room.

  3. On your exam station, there shouldn't be any extra stationery. There should be no study materials close by.

  4. You are allowed to bring two tissues with you, but your proctor must check them before the exam begins.

  5. Pen and paper are not permitted to be used to take notes. To take notes, you must utilize the ProProctor Scratchpad.

  6. The only thing that is permitted inside the testing room is water in a clear container. Food is prohibited.

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System requirements

  1. Before registering for the test, you must consult the ProProctor User Guide on the CAEL website.

  2. Please make sure you have the ProProctor application that will administer your downloaded test.

  3. Make sure you have a laptop or desktop. The test cannot be taken on a phone or tablet.

  4. A minimum of 2Mb/s of download and 1Mb/s of upload internet bandwidth is required.

  5. Chrome is the required web browser (current version).

  6. A webcam, microphone, and speakers are required.

  7. The usage of Bluetooth devices is prohibited, including wireless speakers, keyboards, and mouse.

  8. The recommended minimum screen resolution is 1024x768.

  9. Windows 8.1 or newer and Mac OS 10.13 are the approved operating systems.

  10. Unless you request that your company's IT configure it for you, it might not be possible for you to take the test on a corporate laptop.

  11. Virtual machines and remote desktop connections are not supported for starting the ProProctor application.

ID requirements

  1. A legitimate government-issued ID that will be shown on the test day should be uploaded. For a list of authorized government-issued IDs, visit the CAEL website.

  2. Through the CAEL's official registration system, take a picture of yourself.

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Security check requirements

  1. You will be required to confirm your identity via video chat.

  2. You will be asked to provide a 360-degree check of your test station. Remove all unnecessary items beforehand.

  3. You will also be required to provide a 360-degree scan of yourself through the video chat.

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Canadian Academic English Language Assessment test cost

The cost of the CAEL 2023 test is $280 plus taxes, which is the Canadian price. The international pricing will vary and you can learn more about the international pricing at the CAEL official website.

CAEL time duration

The total time taken to complete the CAEL test is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

CAEL test format

The CAEL test format consists of 5 sections namely Speaking, Integrated Reading, Integrated Listening, Academic Unit A and Academic Unit B.

  1. Speaking: In this section, you will be required to reply to on-screen prompts verbally. The time allotted for this section is 7-10 minutes.

  2. Integrated Reading: In this section, you will be asked to read passages and reply to questions. The time allotted for this section is 35-50 minutes.

  3. Integrated Listening: This section requires you to listen to passages and reply to questions. The time allotted for this section is 25-35 minutes.

  4. Academic Unit A: This section requires you to answer comprehension questions and write a reply. The time allotted for this section is 60-70 minutes.

  5. Academic Unit B: This section requires you to answer comprehension questions and write a reply. The time allotted to this section is 40-45 minutes.

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CAEL 2023 test scores

The CAEL 2023 awards scores are given on a scale of 10 to 90 along with explanations of the significance of each performance. You will receive individual English proficiency ratings for the parts of reading, listening, writing, and speaking in addition to a final grade. The four component scores will then be averaged to get the final result, which will be rounded to the nearest ten-point interval and equally weighted. The CAEL band is described in the table below.

CAEL band descriptor

CAEL score

Expert: Demonstrates a high level of competence, accuracy, and effectiveness in academic/professional settings.


Adept: Uses generally accurate language in most settings; some limitations in flexibility are evident.


Advanced: Displays competence in academic or professional settings.


High Intermediate: Exhibits some competence in academic or professional settings; communication may break down in places.


Intermediate: Demonstrates some ability to comprehend and articulate complex ideas and arguments typical of academic or professional settings.


High Beginner: Expresses basic ideas about familiar topics in routine settings.


Low Beginner: Communicates with limited ability.


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Viewing of your CAEL test scores

Through your CAEL Account, you can access your CAEL exam results online in eight business days following the test date, which is accessible in your CAEL account. You will be notified via email once your CAEL test results are ready. The business days do not include weekends or holidays. Your CAEL results can be sent to five different institutions at no extra cost. When registering online or up to 1 business day before your test results are published online, you can give information on the institutions where you wish to send your score. These institutions will receive official score reports in the mail. For CAD 20.00, additional Official Score Reports can be acquired via your CAEL Account. Through your CAEL Account, you can purchase priority shipping for an extra cost.

CAEL 2023 test centres

You can find 40+ exam centres across the world for the CAEL test including countries like Canada, China, India, Philippines, Mexico, Republic of Korea and UAE.

Also, explore benefits of studying in other popular study destinations here:

Who accepts CAEL 2023 scores?

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory, and the United States all have numerous institutions that accept the CAEL. The CAEL 2023 is acknowledged by professional organizations as well. On the official CAEL website, you may find a list of academic institutions and professional organizations that recognise CAEL scores.

CAEL test preparation

You can visit the CAEL official website and find around 8 hours of free online courses on CAEL test preparation. You can take free online CAEL sample tests which will familiarize you with test formats and timings, and also acclimatize you with questions that you will encounter on the test day. You can also watch the study tips videos that will prepare you to strategize your CAEL test preparation. You can even join CAEL webinars for free as well as buy CAEL study materials from the website.




Reading - CAEL uses easy and predictable topics, thus preparation is easier.

Reading - IELTS uses advanced vocabulary, and a wide range of topics that are unpredictable. So preparation becomes difficult.

Writing - In CAEL, all components are written on a computer, which makes it easier.

Writing - IELTS uses hand written components. Thus makes it difficult to excel.

Listening - Uses standardized Canadian accent. So the section is easy and predictable.

Listening - Recorded with international accents, making it difficult to understand.

Speaking - Speaking is done on a microphone and not in front of a test official.

Speaking - Speaking is done in front of a test official.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the passing score for the CAEL?

A CAEL score and an overall band score are assigned to each test component. The test has no pass or fail options. It is advised that you get in touch with the organization to whom you are submitting your application to learn more about their English language requirements.

2. What if I don't know anything about the topic in the topic based test in the CAEL?

To succeed on the CAEL, no prior knowledge of the subject is required. The information provided within the test itself has all the information you require.

3. How much does the CAEL test cost?

The cost of the CAEL test is $280 plus taxes. This is the Canadian price. The pricing may vary internationally.

4. Is CAEL easier than IELTS?

IELTS requires a higher level of proficiency than CAEL.

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