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PTE Academic Syllabus 2024: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

PTE Academic Syllabus 2024: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

Edited By Porishmita Paul | Updated on Jun 15, 2024 02:24 PM IST | #PTE Academic

PTE syllabus 2024 consists of mainly three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. The PTE course syllabus is released by Pearson on its official website. The total PTE test duration is 2 hours 15 minutes. The test duration for PTE reading section is 29 – 30 minutes. The total duration for PTE listening section is 30 – 43 minutes, whereas, PTE speaking and writing section is approximately 54 – 67 minutes long. Candidates who wish to apply for the PTE 2024 must know the test syllabus before starting their preparation.

PTE test syllabus assesses the English language proficiency of the students across multiple areas like vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, fluency, and communication effectiveness in real-life situations. As per the latest update, no major PTE syllabus change have been reported by Pearson. However, students are recommended to refer to the official PTE website to get the latest information for the PTE exam and test syllabus.

This article evaluates the section-wise syllabus for PTE 2024 for study abroad students. Read the complete article to learn about the PTE exam syllabus, test pattern, and more.

PTE Exam Syllabus Highlights 2024

PTE Test Section

PTE Course

Total Duration

PTE Speaking & Writing Section

  • Personal Introduction

  • Read Aloud

  • Repeat Sentence

  • Describe Image

  • Re-Tell Lecture

  • Answer Short Questions

  • Summarize Written Text

  • Essay

54 – 67 minutes

PTE Reading Section

  • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

  • Re-order Paragraphs

  • Fill in the Blanks

  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer

29 – 30 minutes

PTE Listening Section

Summarize Spoken Text

30 – 43 minutes

PTE Section-wise Syllabus 2024

The PTE exam assesses the English language proficiency of the test-takers across three key areas: speaking & writing, reading, and listening. Here is the section-by-section overview of the PTE syllabus. Students can use this information to learn the syllabus for the ach PTE section in detail.

The overall PTE result is calculated by adding scores for each section and then dividing it by 6. Therefore, understanding the overall syllabus of PTE is very important for international students who are planning to study abroad.

PTE Reading Syllabus 2024

PTE academic reading section assesses the ability of the students to read and write in English. This section contains five different sections and the total duration of the section is around 9–30 minutes. The type of questions covered in PTE reading section include:

  • Fill in the blanks

  • Multiple choice answers

  • Re-order paragraphs

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PTE Reading Format 2024

Question Type


No. of questions

Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks

Candidates will be given a paragraph with spaces to fill with a drop-down button and options to choose from. Pick the correct answers to complete the entire paragraph.


Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

There is more than one response. Choose all the answers that you think are correct.


Reorder paragraphs

On the left-hand side, students will have multiple text boxes. Drag and drop them to the right side in the appropriate order.

2 - 3

Reading: Fill in the blanks

A passage will appear on the screen with several gaps. Pick the right words from the given options to fill in the gaps.

4 - 5

Multiple-choice, single answer

Answer one answer correctly from the given options.


PTE Listening Syllabus 2024

PTE listening section assesses the candidate’s ability to understand spoken English in various contexts. It includes eight different question types and the approximately 30-43 minutes long. The PTE reading section includes subjects like humanitarian studies, natural sciences, social sciences, and general knowledge.

PTE 2024 Listening Format



Number of Items

Summarise Spoken text

Listen to the audio clip and recapitulate it in 50 to 70 words

1 - 2

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

Listen to the audio and select as many correct options as you see on the screen

1 - 2

Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks by writing the word that matches the transcription given on the screen with the audio that you listen

2 - 3

Highlight correct summary

Based on the audio, select the correct summary given on the screen

1 - 2

Multiple-choice, choose single answer

Listen to the audio and select the single correct option

1 - 2

Select missing word

Select the missing word from the given options to complete the audio that plays

1 - 2

Highlight incorrect words

Select the word from the written transcript that is different from the speech in the audio clip

2 - 3

Write from dictation

Listen to the audio and write it down in the answer box

3 - 4

PTE Speaking and Writing Syllabus 2024

PTE speaking & writing section assesses the English speaking skills and the ability to produce written English students in an academic environment. This section contains eight different question types and the assessment is based on factors like fluency and pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, content, and overall impression. The overall PTE test duration for speaking and writing is around 45-50 minutes. The type of questions covered in PTE speaking & writing section include:

PTE 2024 Speaking & Writing Format

PTE Module

Skills Assessed


Read aloud

Read the provided text aloud

(Reading and Speaking)


Repeat sentence

After listening to a recording, repeat the sentence

(Listening and Speaking)

15 seconds

Describe image

Describe the image provided in detail


40 seconds

Re-tell lecture

After listening to a lecture, re-tell it in your own words

(Listening and Speaking)

40 seconds

Answer short question

After listening to a question, answer with a single word

(Listening and Speaking)

10 seconds

Summarise written text

After reading a text, write a one-sentence summary

(Reading and Writing)

10 minutes


Write a 200–300-word essay on the given topic


20 minutes

PTE Preparation Tips 2024

PTE is a popular English language proficiency exam for candidates who wish to study in top world universities. Therefore, preparation for the PTE 2024 test is also very challenging for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Understanding the PTE syllabus and pattern is the most crucial part of the test preparation. However, apart from the regular study routine and exercise, students must incorporate some strategic PTE tips and tricks for each test section. A few popular PTE preparation tips for each PTE section are given below.

PTE Academic Reading Preparation Strategies

  • Try to complete all sections within the given time. Apply to skim or scanning to manage time adequately.

  • Improve your English reading skills by reading books, blogs, theories, reviews, notes, news, studies, stories, and other related PTE study materials.

  • If you find any new words, jot them down and try to find the possible meanings for personal reference.

  • Focus on improving your English grammar knowledge.

  • Follow Pearson’s PTE study materials to advance your grammar skills.

PTE Academic Preparation Tips
In order to achieve a good score in your PTE Academic test you will need to have a preparation strategy in place.

PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Preparation Tips

  • Focus on clear pronunciation and fluent speech while speaking.

  • Practice English speaking regularly.

  • Do not take unnecessary pauses and avoid repetition of sentences.

  • Focus on sentence structure in PTE exam.

  • Review grammar and vocabulary and pay attention to word count while writing.

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PTE Academic Listening Preparation Strategies

  • Try to limit your answers to 50-70 words for the summarise spoken text section.

  • Students are advised to avoid blind guesses as the PTE listening section has a negative marking.

  • Listen to the audio carefully to not miss the proper words.

  • Write directly from the dictation rather than taking notes on a notepad.

  • While listening to the audio, try to predict the format of the question.

PTE Exam Pattern 2024

The PTE test pattern is divided into three major sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. The total PTE test duration is 2 hours 15 minutes. It is a computer-based test and students can take the test from home or from PTE test centres.

PTE 2024 Test Pattern

PTE format


PTE exam type

PTE Academic Exam

Duration of PTE Exam

2 hours 15 minutes

Exam mode

Home / Test Centre


Computer-based test


Real-life English

Test Questions

20 questions

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the syllabus of PTE?

PTE syllabus includes major three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. The PTE test syllabus assesses the English language skills of the students in multiple study areas including humanitarian studies, natural sciences, social sciences, and general knowledge. 

2. Is PTE easier than IELTS?

It is quite difficult to determine which test is easier between PTE and IELTS. Both PTE and IELTS assess the  English language knowledge of candidates in four major disciplines, namely, speaking, writing, listening, and reading. However, PTE is only offered in online mode through computers. Whereas, IELTS is offered in both offline and online modes for the test-takers. 

3. What are the 4 parts of PTE?

The PTE 4 parts are: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each section consists of a few sub-sections. The total duration of the test is 2 hours and 15 minutes. 


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The ease of the IELTS versus the PTE can vary depending on your strengths and preferences. IELTS tends to focus more on British English and has a variety of question types that might be familiar if you are accustomed to traditional exams. PTE, on the other hand, is computer-based and features a more integrated approach to language skills, which some find more straightforward. For tailored guidance, especially if you're considering studying abroad, Invicta Career Consultancy can offer valuable insights and support in choosing the test that aligns best with your goals and strengths. Additionally, consider researching other well-reviewed consultancy firms to find the one that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

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You must receive a PTE Academic score of at least 42 in order to be qualified for an Australian student visa.

The PTE score required for universities is typically 65, which is also regarded as the lowest PTE score requirement. Sometimes, a candidate's admittance can be guaranteed with a score of 55–60 or even 50.


A minimum score of 65 overall with a minimum score of 65 in each subtest

Proficiency Level








Very Good 79

Very Good 83


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The applicant needs a minimum PTE score of 50 in each section and an aggregate PTE score of 65 to successfully complete a graduate diploma programme or a master's level degree.



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