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Best Country for MBBS Abroad 2024 - Check List of Countries for Medical Courses

Best Country for MBBS Abroad 2024 - Check List of Countries for Medical Courses

Edited By Apoorva Singh | Updated on Feb 07, 2024 03:25 PM IST

Best Country for MBBS - Medicine is one of the most profitable and sought-after professional alternatives, both in India and internationally. For students who would like to know the best country to study MBBS, a number of countries provide high-quality education in their top-ranking institutes worldwide. The top 10 countries to study medicine abroad include the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, etc.

Choosing the best country for MBBS is a challenging task for a student as it involves many factors like university ranking, MBBS abroad fees, country environment, visas, student-friendly locations, and future career prospects, etc. Read the article to know more about the best countries for MBBS that help in deciding the best country to study medicine in terms of costs, quality of education, recognition and much more.

Best Country for MBBS

MBBS aspirants might ask which is the best country to study MBBS in the world. After all, there are very few opportunities in India for talented MBBS aspirants. So when talking about the best countries to study MBBS, students must learn about the best universities, medical courses abroad, whether MBBS education in that country is recognized, whether adequate infrastructure is available along costs associated with completion of MBBS education in that particular country.

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USA and UK are considered the best country for MBBS in the world due to the advancements in both medical technology. Apart from these top countries to study MBBS abroad, candidates also consider studying MBBS in Russia, Philippines, Germany, Georgia, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Though there are many countries and universities abroad for studying MBBS, not all of them are recognized by the Medical Council of India. So getting a degree from such universities doesn't let one practice in India. After getting the MBBS degree abroad, candidates have to qualify the FMGE exam to practice medicine in India. Recognition by World Health Organization is also considered to assess the quality of MBBS education.

If students want to practice doctor in USA, their MBBS college must be on the list of the World Directory of Medical Schools. It is important to take into consideration all these factors before deciding upon the best medical colleges in the world for Indian students.

List of Best Country for MBBS for Indian Students

Below is the list of best countries to study medicine abroad. Students can understand the MBBS requirements and associated costs and decide the best country for MBBS abroad for them. Considering factors like quality education, advanced facilities, low fees demanding best medical colleges in abroad for Indian students, etc the best countries for MBBS education are mentioned below.


Studying MBBS in the UK is one of the first choices for students. Numerous medical collegs in UK accept thousands of foreign students annually. International students interested in studying MBBS abroad must have an overall IELTS exam score of 6.5 or above, with a minimum of 7.0 necessary for admission. The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)/BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), which assesses verbal, quantitative, and abstract reasoning as well as decision-making and situational judgment, are used to select students for MBBS admissions.

UK is the best country for MBBS for Indian students as there are many top scholarships in UK for Indians students like Chevening scholarships, Rhodes scholarships, etc. MBBS in UK fees range from around 21,00,000 INR to 50,00,000 INR. Studying MBBS in UK for Indian students is one of the first choices for international students because students here have a higher earning potential than countries after the course completion. The list of medical colleges in UK for Indian students is mentioned below.

Top universities for MBBS in UK


USA is one of the top countries to study MBBS as it is home to some of the top universities in the world. To study PG in USA, prospects must clear one of the toughest exams in the world which is USMLE. Moreover, no one is allowed to practice medicine in USA without a postgraduate degree. The infrastructure provided to study MBBS in USA is one-of-a-kind in the world making it the best country to study MBBS.

The US offers well-structured MBBS programs, and employs the latest developments in technology and medicine. The great exposure to a multicultural study environment makes it the best country for MBBS for Indian students. The MBBS degree in USA is known as Doctor of Medicine (MD)/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).

MBBS in USA fees is around INR 42L per year. The average salary of a doctor in the USA who is in their mid-career is up to INR 1.72 Cr making it the best place to study MBBS for High ROI. MCAT test is the MBBS admission test for enrolling in US universities. Along with it the scores of English proficiency tests TOEFL or IELTS or PTE are mandatory. The applicants must have a four-year Bachelor's degree in Sciences or related subjects to study MBBS in USA.

Best medical colleges in the US

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MBBS in Canada

There is a fierce battle for admission to the medical faculty as Canada is one of the best country for MBBS Abroad for Indian Students. Except for the province of Quebec, which only allows students who have passed their class 12 exam and one year of diploma, the majority of medical colleges in Canada only admit students who have earned a degree in biological sciences. In Canada, MBBS is known as MD (Doctor of Medicine, considered as an undergraduate degree) and the course duration is 3 to 4 years. Canada is among the best country to study MBBS for its quality education and globally renowned universities like Toronto University and McMaster University.

The 4-year program is only open to those with a bachelor's degree in the relevant discipline; everyone else must choose the 5-year program. Medical College Admission Test(MCAT) is the MBBS admission test in Canada for International students. Indians should also qualify NEET to apply to best medical colleges in Canada. However, the admission requirement to study MBBS in Canada differs for every college. MBBS cost in Canada ranges around 50 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs. Providing world-class education and well-recognized universities, Canada is the best country for MBBS abroad.

Top MBBS Universities in Canada

MBBS in Australia

Australia is one of the best country for MBBS abroad. Students must have passed their higher secondary examination from a recognized board or institute and have an IELTS score of at least 7 for pursuing MBBS in Australia. The MBBS entrance tests named Undergraduate Medicine and Health Admission Test (UMAT), (GAMSAT) or Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) must be passed by the applicants for MBBS abroad. The medicine programs are usually four to six years long followed by one year of internship and one year of residency upon the completion of which the MBBS abroad degree is awarded.

The speciality training is for three to eight years and is optional. The cost of studying MBBS in Australia ranges around AUD 53,000 to AUD 77,000. Considering the affordable tuition fee and cost of living Australia is the best country for MBBS abroad. The list of the Australian best medical colleges in abroad for Indian students or international students is mentioned below.

Top MBBS Universities in Australia 2024

MBBS in France

France is one of the best country for MBBS abroad. Medical schools in France are well known abroad for upholding the highly regarded, centuries-old medical legacy. France is one of the best country to study MBBS for Indian students because of the presence of many top universities. NEET is the admission entrance exam required for MBBS in France. Indian students can start their practice in India after receiving degrees from the MBBS abroad best country after clearing the FMGE exam.

Indian students who have already appeared in NEET in India can consider the scores for applying in France also. France accepts only 8% of foreign students in the total MBBS admissions. Cost of studying MBBS in France ranges from around INR 50, 00,000 INR – 60, 00,000.

Top MBBS universities in France 2024

Universities in FranceQS Rankings 2024
Université PSL24
Sorbonne University59
Université Paris-Saclay71
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1452
University of Bordeaux465

MBBS in Germany

Germany is the best country for MBBS abroad for students who are looking to pursue a career in medicine due to its affordable course prices when compared to other foreign countries offering the same. Public universities do not demand any Germany MBBS fees except nominal admission charges which are low. Here, students must remember that the cost of living is high which costs around 800 Euros per month.

The MBBS in Germany course duration is 6 years. NEET is the qualifying exam and English proficiency tests like TOEFL, and IELTS are also necessary. Germany is the cheapest country to study MBBS in English Medium of instruction. It is one of the best country for MBBS abroad for Indian students as it is recognized by World Health Organisation (WHO). Below is the list of top MBBS colleges in Germany.

Top Universities for MBBS in Germany 2024

Medical universities in Germany

QS 2024 World Ranking

Technical University of Munich37
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München54
Universität Heidelberg87
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen213
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin-

MBBS in Russia

Russia is also considered one of the best country for MBBS for Indian students, as it has 25 Universities teaching Medicine in English medium. To study MBBS in Russia there are basic requirements to be met. Candidates must have passed Class 12 with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects to be eligible to study medicine in Russia. Apart from this, candidates must have a valid NEET score to study MBBS in Russia. As the best country to study MBBS, it offers affordable tuition fees of 194,000 Rubles to 875,000 Rubles which is INR 1,74,418 to INR 7,90,756. Eligibility for MBBS in Russia can vary from university to university.

Top medical university in Russia

MBBS universities in Russia
QS Rank 2024
Lomonosov Moscow State University87
Saint Petersburg State University315
RUDN University342
Kazan Federal University396
Far Eastern Fedral University641-650

MBBS in the Philippines

Philippines is now getting popular among students planning to study medicine abroad. As per the Ministry of External Affairs, 15000 students went to study in the Philippines in 2022. It is now among the best country for MBBS because of its affordable medical education compared to Indian colleges. The MBBS in Philippines is called BS-MD, which is divided into two parts - Bachelor of Surgery (BS) and Doctor of Medicine (MD). The duration of MBBS programme in Philippines is 6 years, including 1 year of internship. MBBS fees in Philippines range from INR 20-25 Lakh for the complete course.

Top MBBS colleges in Philippines

Candidates can create a list of their requirements for MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students and mark the countries and colleges which meet them. Consider the best country for MBBS abroad and choose the university that aligns with their career outlook.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Which country is best for MBBS?

Considering the top colleges in terms of quality education and career outlook, the best MBBS universities for MBBS abroad are located in the USA and UK.

2. Can I study MBBS abroad without taking the NEET?

Without taking the NEET exam, Indian students can pursue MBBS abroad. There are numerous MBBS schools abroad that accept examinations other than the NEET.

3. MBBS cheapest in which country?

Few countries Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, etc the cost of studying MBBS is very Cheap. The lowest tuition costs for MBBS overseas is offered by Kyrgyzstan, one of the cheapest country for MBBS and the overall cost will fall around 15 and 18 lakh, which includes mess, hostel, and tuition fees.

4. How much does MBBS cost in the UK?

INR 35.58 lakhs is the typical first-year tuition fee for an MBBS programme in the UK. In the UK, the annual average cost of living is about INR 6.01 lakhs.

5. How much does an MBBS abroad cost?

For the top universities, the average cost of an MBBS program abroad is around INR 40 to 80 lacs.

6. Which country is best for medical study?

Central Asian countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan; Georgia, Germany, Philippines, and China are some of the best countries to study MBBS at low cost.

7. Which is the best country for MBBS?

Best country for MBBS must offer low tuition fees, living costs. MBBS education in that country must be recognized worldwide. It should be recognized by MCI in India.

8. Which country medical degree is more valuable?

USA medical degrees are considered one of the most valuable in the world that are recognized around the world. A PG in MBBS from USA pays some of the highest salaries.

9. Which country has the best medical education?

After India, USA offers the best medical education. Because prospects must go through a lot of entrance exams to pursue MBBS in the USA. Moreover, a 5 year MD (equivalent of MBBS in India) is not sufficient to start practicing in the USA. A PG in Medicine is essential to practice in USA.

10. Which is the best country to study MBBS abroad for indian students?

For Indian students, MBBS degrees obtained from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, China, etc, are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).


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