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MCAT Sample Papers 2024: Check Past Year Question Papers Here!

MCAT Sample Papers 2024: Check Past Year Question Papers Here!

Edited By Sareena Kaur Sethi | Updated on May 24, 2024 06:23 PM IST | #MCAT

The MCAT practice papers 2024 help students familiarise themselves with the exam pattern, question types, level of exam, and more. Aspirants should download the MCAT 2024 sample papers with answer pdf from the official website. Practicing the previous year's MCAT question paper will boost the level of preparation.

To download the MCAT sample paper 2024, one needs to log in to the applicant portal. The ID credentials for the same will be generated at the time of MCAT registration on the official website. After completing their registration access the MCAT exam sample papers and its study material along with the preparation guide.

Students can access the MCAT exam sample papers pdf for each section separately. The MCAT previous year papers are available in PDF format and contain the 12 MCAT questions - 3 questions from each of the four sections. Apart from the free MCAT sample papers, candidates can also solve the paid question papers. Read the complete article to know how to access the MCAT sample papers and why it is important to solve the MCAT question papers during the preparation phase.

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How to Download MCAT Sample Papers 2024

In order to download the MCAT sample papers, after you have registered on the MCAT official website, you can access the direct links to the sample papers of MCAT 2024. The pdf contains 12 questions which are included in the Practice Features tool given in the MCAT exam sample paper.

This tool helps students to attempt the MCAT 2024 sample papers which have the look and feel of the actual MCAT exam. Here are the steps to download the MCAT previous year's papers:

  • Sign in to the AAMC website using your username and password.
  • Candidates need to select the section and click on the given link to download MCAT exam sample paper pertaining to that section.
  • A new page will open the official sample paper of MCAT.
  • Once the new page opens, attempt all the questions from MCAT question paper given in the page.
  • After solving the questions, click on the answer link to check the answer and read the explanations of sample MCAT questions pdf.
MCAT Complete Guide
Candidates can check MCAT exam's eligibility criteria, registration, syllabus, pattern, scores and dates here.

MCAT Sample Papers - Paid

  • AAMC also provides the MCAT sample papers through the AAMC store.
  • There are 5 practice papers, out of which the online MCAT sample papers can be purchased online by paying 25$.
  • The rest of the 4 AAMC MCAT Official Prep Practice Exam can be purchased by paying 35$ online.
  • MCAT sample papers can be accessed at
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MCAT Syllabus

To prepare for MCAT question paper pattern, the candidates must be aware of the syllabus of MCAT which includes the following subjects:

  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

As there have been no changes in the MCAT syllabus over the years, candidates do not have to worry about the new MCAT exam pattern when attempting the MCAT previous year paper for practice and review. Various sources provide MCAT past papers with answer PDFs to help aspiring students cover the syllabus in an efficient manner.

The official MCAT practice exam pdf provided by AAMC will always have updated changes in the MCAT exam sample papers 2024 provided by them, to ensure candidates are provided the latest MCAT syllabus.

MCAT Exam Pattern

The MCAT exam question paper consists of comprehension passage questions, followed by the objective type questions which are directly asked from the passage. Candidates are given around 7 hours and 30 minutes to complete the test which also includes two optional breaks of 10 minutes and a mid-exam break of 30 minutes.

It becomes essential for students to completely familiarize themselves with not just the latest MCAT practice papers and PDFs but also MCAT previous year's paper that gives a better understanding of the types of questions, section-wise content, and overview of the marking schemes.

Therefore, one should acclimatize yourself with the MCAT syllabus, and the detailed MCAT exam pattern and how you should pace yourself during the actual exam by practising a whole lot of MCAT sample papers.

What is inside MCAT Sample Papers?

The exam conducting body has provided the comprehensive MCAT study material. The sample papers of MCAT have 12 MCAT sample questions and are exactly similar to the MCAT exam in terms of length, difficulty, and type. These sample papers of MCAT come with answers. Not only this, the candidates will also receive scaled scoring information, which gives a qualitative review of the performance of the candidates.

This will help candidates to anlayse their performance and improve their MCAT scores. There are many online resources to download MCAT past papers for free. Prospective students are advised to solve at least one MCAT previous year paper to get an idea of the real MCAT exam.

Benefits of MCAT Sample Papers for Test Takers

The MCAT practice papers and past year papers with answers that have questions in the natural, behavioral, and social sciences sections illustrate how you’ll apply your knowledge of the ten Foundational Concepts and use your Scientific Inquiry and Reasoning Skills to solve problems. Some questions also rely on the information presented in tables, charts, or graphs.

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section tests how well you comprehend, analyze, and evaluate what you read, draw inferences from the text, and apply arguments and ideas to new situations. The MCAT sample papers help you know about the MCAT question paper pattern and prepares you better to tackle the real exam. Solving MCAT exam sample papers gives an idea about the time management skills required.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the features of the MCAT sample papers?

The MCAT sample paper has 12 questions, three questions for each of the four sections. The sample paper also contains the Exam Features Tool which imitates the look and feel of the real MCAT exam. 

2. What type of questions are asked in the MCAT ?

The MCAT test consists of multiple-choice type questions. Candidates will have to answer the questions from the passages given in the test.

3. What is the importance of solving the MCAT sample papers?

The MCAT sample papers of MCAT are the important indicator of the test pattern, question type, difficulty level of the test. By solving the sample papers of MCAT,  one can prepare for the exam more effectively.

4. What is the marking scheme of MCAT? How are the scores calculated?

As per the marking scheme, each question carries one mark and no mark is deducted for incorrect answers.

5. Are the MCAT sample papers available free of cost, or do I need to pay?

The indicative question papers are free of cost, however, the sample paper can be purchased online.


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Questions related to MCAT

Have a question related to MCAT ?

Yes, you are eligible to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) exam with a B.E. in Biomedical Engineering. The MCAT does not have specific requirements regarding the undergraduate degree you must hold; rather, it focuses on the coursework you have completed, particularly in the sciences. As long as you have taken the necessary prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology/sociology, you can sit for the exam.

For more personalized guidance and assistance in preparing for the MCAT, you might consider reaching out to Invicta Consultancy. They can provide tailored advice, resources, and support to help you navigate the application process and excel on the exam.


Yes, both the MCAT exam and the NEET are essential for students planning to study medicine abroad. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) for international medical programs, students are also obligated to qualify for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) in India. NEET is a mandatory examination, even for those aiming to pursue medical studies abroad. This ensures that students have a standardized qualification for medical education and adhere to the necessary criteria set by the medical regulatory authorities, enhancing the overall quality of medical professionals. It's crucial for aspiring medical students to be well-prepared for both exams to meet the eligibility criteria for studying medicine abroad.

Hello Candidate,

Of course it can! Candidates interested in pursuing a BSc Neuroscience degree are exposed to extensive knowledge of neuroanatomy, neuropathology, and neurophysiology. Neuroscience is a cutting-edge technology that has completely transformed the modern world. It has gained popularity as a result of the impact of technological evolution. Neuroscience is concerned with the activities of the brain and the study of human nervous systems. It makes use of cutting-edge technology.

Mentioned below are the admission process

  • Each university has its own application process.
  • Candidates must apply for an entrance exam at certain universities, and if they meet the criteria, they are eligible for admission.
  • The entrance exam has a different syllabus for each university; candidates must score high enough in the entrance exam to be admitted to any BSc Neuroscience college.
  • Candidates must download the admission form on time and fill it out with all of the necessary information and documentation.
  • Candidates must stay on top of important date announcements.
  • Once universities have released the merit list, candidates must check in on time and complete the necessary steps before the deadline in order to be admitted.
  • Students should be aware of the deadlines when applying abroad.
  • Prepare all of the documents on time.
  • Prepare for entrance exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS, and others.
  • Students must have their documents authenticated.
  • Register for entrance exams online.
  • Attend the exam on the scheduled date.
  • Students must plan their visa appointments carefully.

Top universities to pursue B.Sc., Neuroscience are given below

1. Harvard University

2. University of Cambridge

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4. University of Oxford

5. Stanford University

Be prepared for anything. All the Best!!! You can do more.

Thank You.

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is an admission requirement in every medical schools in United States, Canada, Australia and Caribbean Islands. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) created it, and Pearson VUE administers it. MCAT is given 25 times a year in 21 countries.

Registration for the MCAT is open all year. Each MCAT attempt costs between $315 and 360, depending on the region. The MCAT tests a candidate's analytical, reasoning, psychological, and biological system knowledge.

  • Candidates must apply to medical schools and include their application information in a verification statement during registration.
  • To take a test for purposes other than attending medical school, special permission from the AAMC is required.
  • Candidates can take a maximum of three tests in one year, four tests in two years, and seven tests in their lifetime. Exam Pattern for MCAT
  • The online test has four sections that must be completed in 7.5 hours.
  • The overall MCAT score ranges from 472 to 528.


  • The MCAT evaluates students' problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, written analysis, and understanding of scientific concepts and principles.
  • The computer-based exam includes 221 multiple-choice questions.
  • The exam lasts 7.5 hours, with breaks in between.
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior are the four sections.

To know more about MCAT exam take a look at the below link.

All the Best!!! You still have a long way to go.

Thank You.

Dear Candidate,

Yes, you are eligible to give the Mcat exam. This exam can be given thrice in a calendar year. According to present statistics, MCAT exam centers 2022 are present across 18 countries, including US territories and Canada. While most countries have up to five test centers, the USA and Canada have listed more than 30 MCAT 2022 test centers each.

For further information click on the link given below:,Read%20More%20Answer%20Answer%20later%20Report%2026%20Views

Hope it was helpful.

All the best.

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