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Study MBBS in Canada for Indian & International Students 2024

Study MBBS in Canada for Indian & International Students 2024

Edited By Stuti Jain | Updated on Jun 06, 2024 05:50 PM IST

Every year, numerous Indian students prefer to study MBBS In Canada. Canada offers MBBS study-abroad opportunities for all aspiring medical students and is one of the top study abroad destinations. Canada has a history of producing some of the best medical practitioners of all time. Apart from the traditional MBBS course, Canada also provides degrees in Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Medicine. The average MBBS fees in Canada for Indian students is around Rs. 2 to 3 crores for the complete course duration. The total MBBS cost in Canada per year may vary for different universities.

The MBBS programme, often known as MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Canada course duration is three to four years. It provides students with an excellent academic foundation, as well as considerable practical experience in clinical environments. This combination of skills prepares graduates for successful careers in medicine, both in Canada and abroad.

Renowned for its world-class education system and advanced medical infrastructure, Canada offers an exceptional learning environment for aspiring doctors. The top medical colleges in Canada for Indian students include McGill University, University of Toronto, McMaster University, Dalhousie University, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, and many more.

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Indian students wishing to study MBBS in Canada and then return to practise medicine in India must first pass the NEET test. Even if you have an MD degree from Canada, you cannot practice medicine in India until you clear the NEET. Read the entire article to learn about studying in Canada, including eligibility, benefits, the selection process, and much more.

MBBS in Canada Highlights



MBBS duration in Canada

4 years

Degree Awarded

MD (Doctor of Medicine)

MD-PHD programme

Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery and Doctorem Medicinae et Chirurgiae Magistrum (M.D., C.M.)


A bachelor’s degree in Biology or Science

English Language Tests


Entrance Test




MBBS in Canada Fees

Rs. 2 to 3 crores

Cost of MBBS in Canada for Indian students

Rs. 25 lakhs per year

Medium of Instruction


MBBS in Canada for Indian Students 2024: Advisory

The number of Indian students studying medicine overseas has increased over time. Previously, all students interested in pursuing a medical certification from outside India had to get an eligibility certificate from the government before leaving for their studies. However, beginning 2019, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has mandated candidates to pass the NEET-UG test, which is the admission examination for undergraduate medical study in India, as a condition for pursuing medical education overseas.

With an increase in anti-Indian activities, politically sanctioned hate crimes, and criminal violence in Canada, all Indian students wishing to study MBBS in Canada should take measures ahead of time. Threats have mostly targeted Indian diplomats and members of the Indian community who oppose the anti-India campaign. Indian people are consequently urged to avoid visiting to places and possible venues in Canada where similar instances have occurred.

The High Commission/Consulate General is working with Canadian authorities to safeguard the safety and well-being of the Indian community in Canada. Indian nationals and Indian students in Canada must register with the High Commission of India in Ottawa or the Consulates General of India in Toronto and Vancouver through their respective websites or the official portal.

Best country for MBBS abroad for Indian students

NMC Guidelines to Study MBBS in Canada 2024

NMC (National Medical Commission) has not released any specific rules for Indian students who want to study MBBS in Canada. However, according to the NMC’s guidelines, those who want to pursue an MBBS abroad and then practice medicine in India must meet the following requirements:

  • Duration: The MBBS course in Canada must last at least 4.5 years (54 months).

  • Internship: Students must complete a mandatory 12-month internship at the same medical college where they have studied.

  • Course Coverage: The university chosen by an individual must cover all the essential medical subjects, including General Medicine, Community Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and various other specializations like Surgery, Obstetrics, and Ophthalmology. This is to ensure that an individual’s education aligns with the Indian MBBS curriculum.

  • Matching Standards: Medical colleges in Canada should offer theoretical, practical, and clinical training that meets the same standards as that of MBBS in India.

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Note: Students must remember that these are the general guidelines. It's always best to check the NMC website for the latest updates and confirm specific details with the Indian embassy in Canada before starting their studies in the country.

MBBS Duration in Canada

The course structure for studying MBBS in Canada differs from that of India. The minimal need for MBBS in Canada is a three to four-year Bachelor's degree in science, biology, or a related field. As a result, the overall course time for international students studying MBBS in Canada is 7-8 years (3-4 years BSc + 4 years MD).

All Indian students are also required to prove their English skills by passing recognised English proficiency exams in Canada, such as IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, and others. In addition, they must present supporting documents such as letters of recommendation, writing samples, sop, resumes, motivation letters, and others. The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a prerequisite for pursuing an MBBS in Canada. Top medical universities in Canada prioritise students with an excellent MCAT score.

Students interested in studying MBBS in Canada should familiarise themselves with the course structures given by the country's major medical institutions.

  • The first two years of the MD Programme, known as Foundations, help students improve their knowledge, abilities, and attitudes for future study. Students learn basic scientific and clinical problems.

  • The final two years, known as Clerkship, assist trainees in developing their clinical abilities in preparation for employment. During a clerkship, you will study more about paediatrics, family medicine, surgery, internal medicine, anaesthesia, psychiatry, emergency medicine, and obstetrics-gynaecology.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Canada

Canada is one of the best places to study MBBS abroad. Universities in Canada are largely known for their research infrastructure and education. Every year, thousands of students from all over the world seek admission to MBBS programmes in Canada. Here are some advantages of studying MBBS in Canada:

  • MBBS colleges in Canada have been acknowledged by renowned international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO).

  • All MBBS colleges in Canada offer world-class medical education, providing opportunities for a successful career and cutting-edge learning.

  • MBBS in Canada leads to a high rate of graduate employment for practitioners in various nations.

  • There is a wide range of partially and completely funded government and external scholarships available for Indian students to assist them meet course requirements and cover the expense of education.

  • Since English is used in the majority of medical courses after 12th, many international students no longer face language barriers.

Application Process to Study MBBS in Canada

The application process for admission to MBBS colleges in Canada varies according to the choice of institutions. Candidates planning to study an MBBS course in Canada must visit the official websites of the colleges of choice regularly to check their application deadlines, fees, and other details related to the admission process.

However, students are encouraged to follow the application processes listed below for successful registration in MBBS universities in Canada:

  • Clear the NEET and MCAT exams.

  • Check the eligibility criteria for specific universities.

  • Qualify for the English language proficiency tests.

  • Prepare the necessary documents required for admission to the MBBS colleges in Canada.

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Canada

The eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Canada for international students can vary depending on the specific university and choice of programme. However, Indian students must meet the following entry requirements to study MBBS in their desired:

  • Candidates must have completed class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

  • Applicants must meet the minimum GPA requirements in designated science courses.

  • Qualification for the NEET examination is mandatory for Indian students.

  • A completed bachelor's degree in a relevant field (such as science, biology) is mandatory for entry into MD programmes.

  • Most MBBS colleges in Canada require a competitive score on the MCAT.

  • Students must demonstrate an English proficiency through TOEFL or IELTS certificates.

Documents Required for MBBS in Canada

Candidates must produce the following documents to get admission to MBBS colleges in Canada. Students can check the list of required documents on the official website of their selected university. Some of the general documents required by Canadian universities are mentioned below:

Best Medical Universities in Canada

Canada is famous for its medical schools all over the world. A few of the top medical universities in Canada along with their QS rankings are mentioned in the table below:

Best Medical Colleges in Canada

McGill University

McGill University is a public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established in 1821 by royal charter and was founded the University of McGill College. It is one of the top MBBS universities in Canada.

  • School Type: Public

  • Establishment Year: 1829

  • Degree Awarded: Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery (M.D.C.M.)

  • Course Duration: 4 years

  • Medium of Instruction: English

  • Admission Prerequisite: Completion of an undergraduate degree.

  • Entrance Exam: An entrance exam is required (MCAT)

  • Phone Number: +1 (514) 398-1768

  • Fax Number: +1 (514) 398-3595

  • Email:

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was established by royal charter in 1827 as King's College, the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada.

  • School Type: Public

  • Establishment Year: 1843

  • Degree Awarded: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

  • Course Duration: 4 years

  • Medium of Instruction: English

  • Admission Prerequisite: Completion of an undergraduate degree.

  • Entrance Exam: An entrance exam is required (MCAT)

  • Phone Number: +1 (416) 978-6585

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is a large public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada. The university has three campuses in Halifax, a fourth in Bible Hill, and a second medical school campus in Saint John, New Brunswick. Dalhousie offers over 200 degrees in 13 undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties.

  • School Type: Public

  • Establishment Year: 1868

  • Degree Awarded: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

  • Course Duration:4 years

  • Medium of Instruction: English

  • Admission Prerequisite: Completion of an undergraduate degree.

  • Entrance Exam: An entrance exam is required (MCAT)

  • Phone Number: +1 (902) 494-6592

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Canada MBBS Fees

MBBS expenses in Canada for Indian students are typically higher than those in India. Medical colleges in Canada charge much higher fees than private colleges in India. The MBBS cost in Canada for Indian students typically ranges between Rs. 2 and 3 crores for the full course. Candidates are advised to check the individual fee structure of the university to which they want to apply to study MBBS in Canada.

However, the fee range varies depending on the university, programme curriculum, and duration. Apart from the tuition fees, the cost of living in Canada is more expensive than in India. Students must have a budget of Rs 25 lakhs per year to cover their living expenditures in Canada.

Many universities and organisations offer a wide range of scholarships for eligible international students. However, several scholarships and financial aid options are available to help international students, which are funded by university authorities or by external organisations.

MBBS Fees in Canada 2024


MBBS Fees in Canada for Indian Students

McGill University MBBS Fees

Rs. 36.21 lakhs per year

University of Toronto MBBS Fees

Rs. 3.82 - 56.39 lakhs per year

McMaster University MBBS Fees

Rs. 55 - 60 lakhs per year

Dalhousie University MBBS Fees

Rs. 23,17,089 per year

University of Calgary MBBS Fees

Rs. 2687038 per year

University of Alberta MBBS Fees

Rs. 301330 per year

Queen's University MBBS Fees

Rs. 50 lakhs per year

Scholarships for MBBS in Canada

Many students have recently started planning to study MBBS in Canada. However, some students might face financial constraints to continue their studies, as Canada is an expensive country to study for international students. Fortunately, a variety of scholarships in Canada are available to assist students in meeting their course requirements and living expenses. These scholarships have significantly reduced the financial barrier that eligible students face in accessing a quality education. These scholarships have significantly reduced the economic barrier between eligible students and the quality of education.

Below we have given the list of scholarships available for Indian students planning to study MBBS in Canada.

Scholarships for MBBS in Canada

Scholarship Name

Offered by

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Government of Canada

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships


Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS)

Government of Ontario

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships Program

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

Canadian government

University-specific scholarships

Individual universities in Canada

MBBS in Canada without MCAT

Most medical colleges in Canada for international students require an MCAT qualification for admission to MBBS courses. However, there are also a few exceptions, such as some allopathic medical schools in Canada offer MBBS without MCAT qualification. However, candidates must pass English language tests such as IELTS and TOEFL, as well as demonstrate outstanding academic achievement in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Here, we have included some Canada MBBS universities that offer admission without MCAT:

  • University of Ottawa

  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)

  • McGill University

  • University of Montreal

  • University of Sherbrooke

MBBS in Canada vs India


MBBS in India

MBBS in Canada

Admission requirements

NEET exam

NEET scorecard

Some universities require the MCAT or equivalent


5.5 years

4 years

Cost of Living


Moderate to High

Tuition fee

Significantly lower tuition fees

MBBS fees in Canada for Indian students are higher than that of India. MBBS Canada fees are approximately Rs. 2 to 3 crores.

Language of instruction



Competition Level

High competition for limited seats in government colleges

Moderately competitive

Job Opportunities

Highly competitive, government and private hospitals

Opportunities in both Canada and India

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How much does MBBS cost in Canada for Indian students?

The cost of studying MBBS in Canada varies based on a number of factors, including the university, location, course, and whether you are an international or local student. MBBS tuition fees for Indian students in Canada normally vary between Rs. 2 and 3 crores per year. This cost excludes other expenditures including food, transportation, accommodation, textbooks, health insurance, and personal expenses. Living expenditures in Canada might vary based on the city and lifestyle preferences of an individual.

2. Is NEET required for MBBS in Canada?

Yes, all candidates are expected to pass the NEET test according to NMC criteria. Aspirants who wish to study MBBS in Canada and later return to India for practicing medicine must first pass the NEET test.

3. Can I study MBBS in Canada after 12th in India?

No, you cannot directly study MBBS (or its equivalent, MD) in Canada after completing class 12 in India. Medical Colleges in Canada typically require a Bachelor's degree as a prerequisite for admission to their Doctor of Medicine (MD) programmes. The course is designed for students with a strong foundation in science and related fields. A Bachelor's degree enables students to lay the groundwork for their future medical studies.

4. Can I study MBBS in Canada for free?

Unfortunately, studying medicine (MD programme) in Canada is not free for international students, including those from India. Medical colleges in Canada are generally expensive, with tuition fees ranging from Rs. 2 to 3 Crores per year. In addition to this, living expenses are approximately Rs 25 Lakh per year. However, candidates can explore partial scholarships offered by universities or external organisations to help them cover the cost of their tuition fees.


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Hello Aspirant

Foreign Universities require a candidate to have a 4-year Bachelor's degree from a recognized University/college with enough credits. The problem that many Indian students face is that they have a degree in bachelor's but in a 3-year course. This stops them from pursuing further studies at a foreign university. Still, some universities offer bridge courses for such students. For this, they need to reach their universities 2-3 months prior and do the Bridge course. But all of this depends on the university. This is why NEP introduced the new 4-year bachelor's course.

The best course of action is to go to the Canadian Universities' websites that you wish to join and contact their admissions office via mail and talk to them about your situation, they'll help you out with it. Also, when you sit for their interviews and have a valid answer for your gap year after your Bachelor's, it would be great if you have work experience for that duration.

Hope this helps.

The eligibility criteria for MHCET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test) can be based on domicile rather than place of birth.

MHCET often considers domicile, not necessarily the place of birth, for exam eligibility. Since your son has completed his entire school education in Maharashtra, this might strengthen his case for domicile in the state.

Overall, while being born in Canada might not be a direct disqualifier, having completed his schooling in Maharashtra strengthens his case for domicile in the state. By gathering documents to prove his residence and referring to the official MHCET website or helpline, your son can get a clearer picture of his eligibility for the exam.

I hope it helps!

Hello aspirant,

Canada offers ample opportunities in the field of radiology. With a B.Sc in Radiology, you can explore various career paths in Canadian healthcare institutions, including hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, and clinics. It's advisable to research the specific requirements and licensing procedures for radiology professionals in the province where you plan to settle, as regulations may vary. Pursuing further certifications or examinations recognized by Canadian authorities can enhance your prospects in the field of radiology in Canada.

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Indian students must have an MBBS and clear USMLE tests to gain admission to post graduation after MBBS abroad in USA . It is important to understand that an MD/Doctor of Medicine (USA equivalent of MBBS in India) degree alone is not enough to practise medicine. A Medical PG in any specialisation is necessary..

Hope it helps you !!

Thanking you !!

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A country's domestic territory includes the following:
  • Territories located inside a nation's geopolitical borders, including its airspace and exclusive economic zones.
  • Aircraft and ships used by citizens of the nation (in this case, Indians) to travel to other parts of the world, including fishing vessels.
  • A resident country operating in international waters with oil, natural gas, and floating platforms. 
  • A nation's overseas diplomatic missions, including its embassies, consulates, and military installations. 
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