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PTE Accepting Countries 2024 (Worldwide) - Check Universities, Colleges List

PTE Accepting Countries 2024 (Worldwide) - Check Universities, Colleges List

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PTE Accepting Countries for Study Visa 2024 - Pearson PTE Academic test is an English language proficiency test accepted globally across the world for study and visa purposes. There are more than 70 PTE-accepted countries where several universities and institutions accept the exam for admission purposes. A few of the popular PTE Academic accepted countries include Australia, Canada, USA, UK, etc. The qualifying score requirements for every university and visa authority of these PTE exam-accepted countries are varied.

More than 3000 universities across the world, including the top ones such as Harvard University, Yale University, etc., accept the PTE Academic. Read the article to learn more about PTE Academic accepted countries and their PTE score requirement to apply for study visas and to seek admission to their universities.

PTE Academic Accepted Countries 2024

For people thinking about “PTE is accepted in which countries?” there are more than seventy (70) PTE-accepting countries. The popular PTE accepted countries are mentioned below.

Popular PTE Accepted Countries List




New Zealand




South Korea

Hong Kong SAR



Saudi Arabia




United Kingdom





United Arab Emirates







Countries Accepting PTE for Study Visa

The following details provide information regarding the universities and study visas of each PTE-valid country. Before knowing about the universities listed in PTE-acceptable countries, have an overview of the PTE score required to apply for the study visas. There are many PTE accepting countries for study visas. Each country has a varied PTE score requirement for visa application. Some of the PTE-accepting countries for study visas and their score requirement are mentioned below.

Minimum PTE Academic Score for Study Visas - Country Wise


Min PTE Academic Score



New Zealand




United Kingdom


USA Universities Accepting PTE

The USA is a popular country among the list of PTE-accepted countries. More than 1400 educational institutions and universities recognise PTE as a valid exam for admission purposes. Each course and university has varied PTE score requirements. Some affordable universities and top US universities are mentioned below.

PTE Valid Universities in USA

UK Universities Accepting PTE

UK is also one of the PTE Academic accepted countries where 600+ universities recognise the PTE exam. Candidates require a PTE score of 60 to 76 to seek admission at top universities for master's in UK. A few of the popular universities in UK, that accept PTE are listed below.

PTE Valid Universities in UK

Australia Universities Accepting PTE

More than 400 Australian universities are accepting PTE exams. Top universities like Monash University, Melbourne University accept PTE. To get a master's admission into top Australia universities accepting PTE, a score range of 58 to 64 in PTE is necessary.

PTE Valid Universities in Australia

PTE Accepting Universities in Canada

Canada is one of the PTE Academic accepted countries. Canada has 240+ educational institutes that accept PTE scores. A minimum PTE score of 60 to 67 is required to study postgraduate courses in any of the top universities in Canada.

PTE Valid Universities in Canada

PTE Accepted Universities in Germany

As the course of instruction in Germany is available in the English language, German universities accept the PTE academic exam. Currently, more than 73 universities in Germany accept the PTE for admission purposes. In general, a PTE score of 45 to 55 is required to get enrolled.

PTE Valid Universities in Germany

SRH University Heidelberg 58

Freie University of Berlin

Kühne Logistics University - KLU 61

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

SRH University Heidelberg

Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

Munich Business School 56

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

University of Augsburg

Steinbeis University

University of Magdeburg

Technische Hochschule Rosenheim

University of Potsdam

University of Augsburg

What is PTE?

The PTE full form is the Pearson Test of English. PTE is an English language measuring test. It is attempted by candidates travelling to English-speaking countries for study or immigration purposes. Many students attempt the PTE test to seek higher education at universities abroad. The PTE Academic accepted countries call on the PTE scores at the university level for admissions purposes and also for visa application requirements.

Which PTE Test type is suitable for me?

Each PTE test type serves a respective purpose. For the study visas, the PTE Academic scores and UKVI Academic scores are considered. Whereas the universities accept PTE Academic, PTE Academic Online scores for admission purposes. However, the PTE test type for each university may vary. So candidates are required to check the university requirements before registering for the PTE test.

How to Search For PTE Accepting Countries?

Candidates can find the PTE Academic accepted countries and universities on the official PTE website. The list of colleges given above is an indicative list of just a few colleges. There are almost 3100+ educational institutes that accept the PTE Academic test.

Know more about PTE:

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What is a Good PTE Score?

A good PTE score is around 60 to 80. Securing a good PTE score allows the candidate to get placed into several top universities in the world for higher education. The total PTE score range is of 10 to 90 range. Each university and course has varied PTE score requirements. So candidates depending on their preference in courses have to target the PTE score.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Which countries accept the PTE exam?

There are more than 70 countries which accept the PTE exams. A few of the popular countries which accept PTE are mentioned below.

  • USA

  • UK

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • New Zealand

  • Germany

  • France

  • Ireland

2. Can I get a visa with PTE?

Yes, candidates can apply for visas with the PTE scores achieved. For study visas, the PTE Academic exam scores are accepted. Depending on the country, candidates may need an average PTE score of 40 to 65 to meet the student visa requirements.

3. What are the PTE accepted countries for Nurses?

Countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and a few other European countries accept the PTE Academic exam for Nurses. Nurses and other healthcare professionals looking for career advancement or immigration opportunities can attempt the PTE academic as a part of their work visa application process.

4. Is PTE exam accepted in Germany?

Yes, the PTE exam is accepted in Germany. There are more than 50 educational institutes in Germany that accept the PTE exam as the admission requirement. Heidelberg University and Freie University of Berlin are a few of the top universities in Germany that accept the PTE Academic.

5. Is PTE Academic accepted in USA?

Yes, USA is one of the PTE academically accepted countries.  Almost 1400 educational institutions in the USA accept the PTE Academic scores for admission purposes. Indian students planning to study abroad in USA can check whether their preferred university is accepting PTE and apply accordingly.

6. Is PTE exam accepted in South Korea?

Yes, there are like 5 educational institutes in South Korea that accept the PTE Academic. A few of them are Yonsei University, Woosong University,  State University of New York, etc.


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