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PTE Academic Preparation Tips 2024: Speaking, Reading, Listening Section

PTE Academic Preparation Tips 2024: Speaking, Reading, Listening Section

Edited By Porishmita Paul | Updated on Jun 12, 2024 06:25 PM IST | #PTE Academic

Test takers looking for PTE Academic preparation tips 2024 must first understand the structure of the test. Understanding the types of questions and format will help you in getting the desired result. PTE Academic 2024 evaluates 4 skills of an indiviual under three sections: Writing & Speaking, Listening and Writing.

Getting a good PTE 2024 score requires an effective study plan and useful preparation tips. Incorporating tips for PTE preparation 2024 in your daily study plan can improve your chances of scoring higher marks. If you are seeking answers to the question, how can I prepare for PTE at home? The PTE Academic tips 2024 include early starting of the test preparation, familiarity with the test pattern, time management, and more.

The PTE test 2024 assesses the English language skills of non-native speakers who wish to study in an English-speaking country. Therefore, the preparation for the PTE exam also requires some rigorous approach and tips. There are numerous PTE 2024 preparation tips available for test-takers including effective online and offline resources, expert guidance, tips and tricks for each PTE section, and many more. Students can access these resources to achieve their desired PTE scores. Read the complete article to learn more about PTE preparation tips 2024.

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PTE Preparation 2024

How to start PTE 2024 preparation? To start their preparation for the PTE, candidates can opt for either one of the following options depending on their financial situation, location, supply availability, and subject-matter expertise.

  • PTE preparation online

  • PTE preparation offline

PTE Academic Preparation Tips
In order to achieve a good score in your PTE Academic test you will need to have a preparation strategy in place.

PTE Preparation Online

Candidates who prepare online are exposed to more flexible and diverse study resources to complement their preparation. Students can use various free as well as paid resources starting from official PTE Academic guides, and course books to different paid online coaching services, students are free to direct their preparation journey. A few PTE 2024 Academic tips for online preparation are given below:

  • Take online coaching classes from experts to develop language skills.

  • Watch online YouTube videos to clear your doubts.

  • Attempt multiple online free and paid PTE mock tests 2024 to track your progress.

  • Listen to different podcasts.

  • Use the PTE online preparation tool, MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course to avail of materials free of cost.

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PTE Preparation Offline

PTE preparation offline is the traditional way of preparing for the test. Admission at different offline coaching centres, private tutoring, and study groups are some of the best ways to prepare for PTE offline. A few PTE academic tips 2024 and tricks for offline preparation are given below:

  • Buy PTE preparation textbooks and workbooks.

  • Read English newspapers and magazines regularly to improve your language skills.

  • Attempt offline PTE practice test.

  • Opt for physical flashcards or vocabulary builder books.

PTE Preparation Tips 2024: Section-wise

Here are the section-wise PTE tips and tricks 2024. All the PTE academic tips required for the PTE syllabus are covered.

PTE Academic Reading Tips

The preparation for the PTE academic reading section requires both strong comprehension and efficient reading speed. Here are some of the Reading tips for PTE academic to improve their performance in the reading section.

  • Read the passage carefully and focus on the keywords.

  • Start your paper by reading the questions first.

  • To choose the correct answer, skim the overall meaning of the passage.

  • As there are several MCQ-type questions, therefore, use elimination strategies to answer comprehension questions.

  • Read before and after the blank to help you identify the correct word.

PTE Academic Speaking and Writing Tips

The speaking part is the longest section of the PTE test. The following PTE Academic tips 2024 can be applied during their speaking preparation.

  • Organise your thoughts before speaking and use clear instructions while speaking.

  • Speak confidently and ignore minor mistakes.

  • Try to practice different tongue-twisting techniques before attempting the original PTE test.

  • Start speaking immediately after the end of the clip and focus on keywords.

  • Avoid repetition of the same sentences and try to include other filler words to maintain speech fluency.

  • Using grammar for oral fluency is one of the best PTE tips and tricks 2024.

Pausing the sentence or hesitating to speak, damages the natural tone of the talk. By using these PTE study tips for speaking the candidate can at least gain marks for fluency instead of losing marks for the overall question.

PTE Academic Listening Tips 2024

Here are PTE exam tips and tricks that will improve your performance and preparation for the listening part.

  • Listen to Podcasts - One of the best listening tips for PTE is to listen to various English podcasts. After listening to a podcast, candidates can write down the summary or explain it to themselves orally in brief. It is one of the PTE preparation tips to improve listening skills. Following this podcast routine at least for 2 to 3 minutes a day helps to infringe on brighter outcomes.

  • Maintain Notes - As the questions are heard in the audio or video clip format, it would be helpful to quickly note the keywords that are difficult to memorise.

  • The PTE listening section has negative markings, therefore, do not try to answer blindly.

  • Watch English movies and shows with and without subtitles.

How Can I Prepare for PTE at Home?

It is possible to prepare PTE at home. Candidates who are planning to appear for PTE test 2024 can start their preparation for the test at home. Preparation for PTE at home can be a little stressful, however, a good combination of PTE academic tips and effective study materials can reduce the stress to a great extent.

Understanding the PTE test format and syllabus is the first step toward your success in the exam. Therefore, applicants who are planning to prepare for the test at home are advised to browse through the official Pearson website to familiarise themselves with the test format. Collect multiple study materials, distribute adequate time for each section, follow your timetable regularly, attempt PTE mock tests, and work on your weaknesses to improve your chances of success in the exam.

Candidates are also advised to seek expert suggestions to track and improve their language grip. Test-takers can also follow our PTE tips and tricks 2024 and various free downloadable study materials to ace the exam from home.

Best Books for PTE Preparation

Selecting the best books for PTE preparation 2024 is an important part of preparing for the test. Using effective preparation books and study materials can boost your preparation level and increase your chances of getting a good PTE score.

Multiple PTE preparation books and study materials are available online as well as at different offline stores. Candidates can choose the correct study material according to their budget and personal preferences.

A list of different PTE Academic preparation books and study materials 2024 is given below:

  • The Official PTE Academic Guide

  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

  • PTE Academic Practice Test Plus – Volume 1 and 2

  • Wiley's PTE Advantage For The Academic Module (WIND)

  • PTE Academic Official Vocabulary

Students can also follow different online resources including YouTube videos, e-books, practice test papers, and different podcasts to improve their understanding of the language and the test format.

How Can I Crack PTE in 15 days?

Cracking the PTE test in 15 days is a daunting task as it requires special effort and sincere preparation. However, with the right approach and effective study resources, it is possible to crack the PTE 2024 with 15 days of preparation. A few important PTE preparation tips to crack PTE in 15 days are as follows:

  • Try to start your preparation by analysing the PTE exam pattern and syllabus to get an idea of the overall test.

  • Select highly rated exam preparation books and study materials. Use official resources for authentic information.

  • Attempt multiple study resources including online and offline materials to supplement your preparation.

  • Plan your 15-day study routine and follow it sincerely.

PTE Preparation Tips For Exam Day

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned exam day tips for a better test experience.

  • Try to arrive early i.e., at least 30 minutes before the start of the test.

  • Do not forget to bring your original ID to prove your identity. (Generally Passport)

  • Check whether the details of the test booking are identical to your original ID.

  • Try to dress comfortably and maintain a proper dress code.

  • Follow the invigilators' instructions carefully about the test format, time limits, and any specific rules or regulations.

PTE Tips and Tricks 2024

Scoring a good PTE result requires some special tips and tricks. Here are some common PTE tips and tricks for the overall test. Students can include these tips in their test PTE exam preparation. Candidates can download the PTE tips and tricks pdf for the overall test preparation.

1:- Learn the Exam Format and Question Type: Master the PTE test format and familiarise yourself with the question types in each section. Students can utilise the official Pearson PTE website to gather authentic exam information and paper pattern.

2:- Fix a Target Score: By checking the minimum qualifying score of the PTE-accepting institutions, candidates can fix their target score. Know the gap between their targeted score and current PTE scores (based on the mock test scores) and bridge a plan to reach the target.

3:- Practice the Official PTE Mock test: Candidates can attempt the PTE practice test online to estimate their performance level. The marks obtained in PTE mock tests can be approximately nearer to the original PTE score. As the official PTE practice test is very popular, all the test answers will be available on the internet. Candidates can assess their mistakes and work on improving the sections and questions where they obtained the lowest scores.

4:- Follow the Scoring Criteria for Preparation: Every question in the PTE test is scored on certain parameters and standards. As the time spent on each question is very short it is important to prioritise the elements that impact scoring while answering.

5:- Read Novels and Newspapers: Candidates can improve their vocabulary, and grammar, by reading novels. Checking what pronouns, adjectives, and tenses are followed in sentence framing helps in improving grammar while reading. This is an engaging activity that breaks the routine preparation process.

6:- Choose your sources wisely: There are numerous study materials and guidebooks available for PTE aspirants. However, selecting the correct sources according to your goals and requirements is an important PTE preparation tips 2024.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How can I prepare for PTE at home?

It is possible to prepare for PTE at home. Students can start their preparation at home by surfing the official PTE website. Try to learn the exam pattern and focus on all PTE skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Attempt PTE practice tests 2024 regularly to build fluency and time management. 

2. How can I prepare for PTE Academic?

Familiarisation with the exam pattern and syllabus is the first step for PTE Academic preparation. Take enough time to analyse all the test sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening, and understand the type of questions asked. Try to attempt numerous PTE practice tests to enhance your knowledge and skills.

3. How do I start studying for PTE?

To start your study for PTE 2024, visit the official website of PTE and browse through the exam pattern, syllabus, and other important information related to the test. Fix a target score and prepare a study plan accordingly. Practice various exam sample papers and mock tests to improve your skills and get honest feedback from the experts. 

4. Is 79 PTE easy to score?

No, scoring a 70 PTE is not easy. Candidates scoring a 79 PTE score depict strong English skills across all areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To score a 79 score in PTE students must practice multiple sample papers and prepare all the sections skillfully.  

5. What is the 3-second rule in PTE?

The 3-second rule in PTE states that test takers must begin speaking within 3 seconds of hearing the prompt to ensure that the microphone records the entire response. However, if the candidates wait more than three seconds, the recording session will end and the item's status will be changed to "completed". 


6. How to pass PTE easily?

To clear PTE exam easily, candidates must first understand the exam pattern and syllabus to get familiar with the types of questions asked in the test. Practice questions for all sections individually to improve your speaking & writing, reading, and listening skills. Take help from PTE preparation material and books. Solve as many questions in the sample papers and mock test to achieve your desired results.


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Questions related to PTE Academic

Have a question related to PTE Academic ?

Deciding between the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and PTE (Pearson Test of English) largely depends on individual strengths and preferences. Both tests assess English language proficiency across four key skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The IELTS is known for its traditional format and human scoring, which some find more familiar and predictable. On the other hand, PTE utilizes automated scoring and a computer-based format, offering faster results and potentially less subjective evaluation.

Invicta Consultancy can provide personalized guidance to help determine which test may align better with your strengths and goals. They offer insights into the format and scoring criteria of both exams, along with tailored strategies to maximize your performance. Whether you opt for IELTS or PTE, Invicta Consultancy ensures you are well-prepared with effective study plans and resources, enhancing your confidence and readiness for achieving your desired scores.

Getting a student visa for Finland typically requires meeting specific language proficiency requirements, which often include scores from recognized English language tests like the PTE (Pearson Test of English). While a PTE overall score of 55 is generally acceptable for many institutions, a writing score of 47 may be below the minimum requirement for some universities or courses in Finland. Most Finnish universities look for PTE scores around 54 to 58, but specific writing requirements can vary.

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Achieving a score of 50 overall in the PTE and having a 12th-grade percentage of 57% are respectable accomplishments. While these metrics are just part of the requirements, they do suggest that you meet the basic academic and language proficiency standards set by many Australian institutions. To maximize your chances of securing admission, it’s essential to choose the right university and course that align with your profile. For personalized guidance and to ensure you navigate the application process effectively, consider consulting with Invicta Consultancy. Their expertise in international education and tailored support services can provide you with the necessary insights and strategies to enhance your application, helping you to realize your dream of studying in Australia.

hello dear aspirant!

You must receive a PTE Academic score of at least 42 in order to be qualified for an Australian student visa.

The PTE score required for universities is typically 65, which is also regarded as the lowest PTE score requirement. Sometimes, a candidate's admittance can be guaranteed with a score of 55–60 or even 50.


A minimum score of 65 overall with a minimum score of 65 in each subtest

Proficiency Level








Very Good 79

Very Good 83


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PTE with 6 overall band score is actually not bad. You can get admission from many reputed universities. Some like,

University of British Columbia

University of Toronto

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Since 50% of Canada visas are rejected when asked from students. That' a really a big amount of students. If you want to get accepted for visa, work on your SOP, put more effort on your essays, work on your portfolio and keep good grades until now. Get personalized from industry experts. Get your free profile evaluations. Talk to your seniors. Work on your communication skills.

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