What is LSAT?

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardised Law entrance test that is taken for admission at law schools in USA, Canada and some other countries.Know all about LSAT.Read More

LSAT Application Details

The LSAT exam is held four times a year at assigned LSAT test centres across the world. It is usually held in February, June, September/October and December.

There are three ways to register for LSAT.

  • Online
  • By phone
  • By mail

LSAT Registration Fee

Late Registration$90
Test Center Change$90
Test Date Change$90
NonPublished Test Centre (Domestic)$275
NonPublished Test Centre (International)$370
Law School Reports$30
Returned Check Charges$50
CAS REgistration Refund$50
LSAT Registration Refund$50




LSAT Eligibility Criteria

LSAT Eligibility Criteria

LSAC has not stipulated any eligibility criteria for the exam. There are some cases which make the candidate ineligible for the exam. They are: 

  • Number of attempts: LAST exam cannot be taken more than three times in a two year period. 

  • Exceptions: Exceptions only when candidates send their requisition along with an explanation and verification of the circumstances that make the candidate eligible.

  • LSAT test centre staff: Candidates who have served as a LSAT test centre staff member within the last 24 months are ineligible to take the LSAT.


More Insights About LSAT Exam

Geographical Diversity

Top Following States

  • Maharashtra
  • Delhi

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Academic Performance of Exam Followers

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