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How to Apply for Bachelor Degree in Australia?

How to Apply for Bachelor Degree in Australia?

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Australia is one of the top countries to study abroad 2024 and many international students nowadays are seeking mostly undergraduate studies in Australia. Generally, for a bachelor degree Australia, international students must start twelve months in advance for Australian University admission.

During this time, one can explore a wide range of bachelor's degree courses in Australia for international students. These include the application process to study in Australia, the credit system, top universities for undergraduate degrees Australia, tuition fees, entry requirements, work opportunities after study in Australia, and many more. Students must also research the city (weather, part-time job options, accommodation, etc) where they are planning to apply to study in Australia.

How to Apply for Bachelor Degree in Australia?
How to Apply for Bachelor Degree in Australia?

Hence, in this article, we will discuss the necessary considerations before applying to one of the undergraduate degree Australia in the universities which includes some of the above-mentioned prerequisites.

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Intake Period for Bachelor's Degree Courses in Australia

The first thing to know about' how to apply for a bachelor degree in Australia' is when colleges/universities open their admissions for undergraduate courses. Commonly, there are two intake periods for an undergraduate degree Australia for international students. The deadline or last date of applying may vary for each university or college for application forms. Admission to bachelor courses in Australia depends on academic merit and the availability of seats.

February intake for Bachelors Degree in Australia

This is the primary intake for admission to Australian universities to study bachelors in Australia. It starts from September - December of the previous year. Undergraduate admission to all the major bachelor's degree in Australia along with the postgraduate degree courses happens during this intake. The availability of seats makes admission to Australian universities possibly easy.

July intake for Bachelors Degree in Australia

This is the second intake for admission to bachelors in Australian universities. It starts in April - May of the same year. This intake is in line with Indian academic sessions. Students who missed the February intake for a bachelor degree in Australia can apply during this intake.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Bachelor Degree in Australia

  • To apply for one of the top ranked universities in Australia for bachelors, the student must complete their twelfth grade from a recognised board like CBSE, ISC, or State Board.

  • Depending upon the university rules, bachelor degree in Australia for international students sometimes requires them to go for a selection test and oral assessment. For example, courses like medicine, oral health, dentistry, music may require a selection test for admission to Australian universities.

  • Many universities calculate scores through the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for different courses. It’s a number that suggests a student’s academic position in relation to all other students in his or her age group. An ATAR score in the range of 50-90 can help take a seat in a bachelor degree in Australia. Bachelor in Australia requirements for the ATAR score is decided by the individual university.

English Proficiency Requirements for Bachelor courses in Australia

Bachelor in Australia Requirements include submission of English proficiency scores such as IELTS or TOEFL. These tests is required by almost every Australian University for granting admission to a bachelor degree in Australia. For bachelor certificate and diploma programs, universities may give exemption from English proficiency tests. It's better to check with the university regarding the same.

English proficiency Exams accepted by Australian universities

IELTS Academic: A popular English proficiency test for admission in Australian universities. It is accepted by almost every educational institute providing a bachelor degree in Australia. The test assesses English proficiency on four parameters, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW). A score of 6.0 - 7.0 band with 5.5 bands in all the sections is acceptable by Australian universities.

TOEFL (iBT): The test is accepted by the majority of Australian universities and colleges for admission to a Bachelor degree in Australia. It is an internet-based test and results are available in 6 - 8 days. A score in the range of 70 - 89 is acceptable for admission to bachelors in Australian universities.

Pearson Test of English (PTE): This test is also accepted by many universities and colleges to apply for bachelor degree in Australia. The test is available in 50 countries, including India. It is online-based and results are available within 2 - 3 days. An overall score of 50 - 64 is good to go for admission to Australian Universities.

Candidates must check the eligibility criteria of each university in which they are applying to know about the minimum score required in academics, English proficiency test, and other terms and conditions of bachelor degree in Australia for international students.

Documents Required to Apply for a Bachelor's Degree in Australia

While filling the application form for undergraduate admission to Australian universities, the following common documents are required:

  • Scanned copy of Passport Identification Page.

  • English Proficiency test certificate (IELTS/TOEFL).

  • High School Certificates/marksheets.

  • Academic transcripts.

  • Scholarship documents.

  • Marriage/change of name certificate.

  • Copy of correctly certified syllabuses of your subjects studied- to assess that your previous studies cover academic content required for a bachelor degree in Australia.

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However, applying for bachelors in Australia doesn't require a statement of purpose or professional letter of recommendation.

Scholarships offered for a bachelor degree in Australia

Australian universities offer a good number of scholarships to international students aiming to pursue a bachelor degree in Australia. These scholarships are based on merit basis and academic excellence in their previous studies.

Those applying can get scholarships between 15%, 30%, and 50% in their tuition fee. Each university has its own scholarships and students can check their website for more information while applying for admission to Australian universities.

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Acceptance agreement for admission to an Australian university

If your application is accepted for a bachelor degree in Australia by the university, you must read the offer statement and acceptance agreement carefully. It will have information about the following:

  • Course Name.

  • Duration of Course.

  • Start Date of Course.

  • Tuition Fee for the Course.

  • Acceptance and Payment Deadlines.

  • Any Conditions outlined by the university in your acceptance offer (regarding your documents, academic qualifications or English proficiency test).

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Acceptance of agreement for UG courses in Australia

  • Conditional offer: If your acceptance letter has some conditions outlined, you should fulfill them or provide evidence of fulfilling those conditions to confirm your admission.

  • Acceptance agreement: Students should complete the acceptance agreement by marking their sign and date on each page of the agreement and forwarding it to the University. Some universities will ask you to click on the accept button on the acceptance agreement sent in your student’s account personal mail made during the application filling time.

  • Payment of tuition fee: Tuition fee is paid online through credit/debit card for admission to Australian universities by international students.

  • Personal details: Students need to forward their personal details like a copy of their passport personal ID page to the university for issuing of COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) for a bachelor degree in Australia.

  • COE (Confirmation of Enrollment): This will be emailed to students once the university has received their complete acceptance offer and tuition fee deposit for admission in a bachelor degree at Australia University.

  • Applying for student visa: Once COE is issued, Students need to contact their nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission to process the application for their Study Visa for a Bachelor degree in Australia.

Pre-departure checklist before flying for a bachelor degree in Australia

The following list includes essential items required to fly to the new land for higher studies:

  • Australian student visa

  • Booking a plane ticket.

  • Medical, optical, dental check-up.

  • Information about Australian customs duty, Covid protocols, and quarantine information.

  • Arrangement for accommodation (for off-campus students).

  • Sufficient amount of Australian dollar in cash - for cab fare, sim card, food, and other essentials on arrival.

  • Documents and their photocopies: They include passport, letter of offer from the university, CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment), academic transcripts/marksheets from the previous study, medical record, covid vaccine certificate, important contact numbers.

  • Electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, chargers along with travel adapters, and voltage converters as power plugs and voltage are different in Australia.

Once you arrive for a bachelor degree in Australia, make sure to attend the orientation program organized by the university. There will be information sessions, social networking, and fun activities. The orientation program will help students adapt to the new atmosphere, fellow classmates, and academic program for a bachelor degree in Australia.

Top Universities for Undergraduate Courses in Australia

Some of the top universities for international students seeking admission to study in Australia are mentioned below in the table:

Top Universities Rankings for Bachelor in Australia:

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How much does a bachelor degree cost in Australia?

A bachelor degree in Australia costs AUD 15,000-33,000 per year, which is around INR 8-17.5 L.

2. What are the requirements for obtaining a bachelor degree in Australia?

A bachelor's degree requires that you:

  1. Complete 120 semester hours of credit in order to graduate.

  2. Meet the residence criteria for CLAS and UI.

  3. Fulfil the CLAS Core General Education Program criteria.

  4. Complete a major and meet the academic requirements of the college.

  5. Remove any "I" marks from your record by finishing any unfinished coursework or letting the "I" turn into a "F."

3. What is the duration of a bachelor degree in Australia?

Completing a bachelor degree in Australia requires 3/4 years of study. In case of honors, an additional year of study is needed for a 3 year bachelor degree.

4. Is it possible to do a bachelor degree after 12th in Australia?

Yes. Indian students can apply to Australian universities for doing bachelors courses if they have completed 12th.

5. How is Australia for studying bachelor's degrees?

Australia is home to some of the top ranked universities in the world. International students can get best education in the world in Australia.


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