Top courses to study in Australia

Top courses to study in Australia

Top courses to study in Australia:
Australia is one of the fast emerging study destinations in the world with approximately 1,100 institutions and 43 universities. A great number of fields and specialisations make the country a sought after education destination for international students. According to some of the major world rankings, 7 out of 100 top universities in the world are in Australia. Known for offering world-class education to its students, the Australian education system is ranked 14th in the world by OECD.

Although study options and coursework are important factors, there are many other aspects which students try to figure out before they decide to study one of the top courses in Australia. In the present global set up, students do not go abroad just to explore educational opportunities but also to gain some work experience outside their home country. Hence, the top courses in a particular country depend upon the current situation and the unique specialty of the country in which they excel. Australia, on its part, has made its name in a diverse set of field ranging from sports management to tourism and hospitality.

Here, we bring you some of the top courses to study in Australia.



Master in Business Administration is one of the top courses to study in Australia for fresh graduates as it is considered as a gateway to enter the corporate world. It is an umbrella course with multiple sub-domains such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship, information management etc. As per a Financial Times report, a corporate professional gets a minimum 145% increment in salary post pursuing an MBA degree. An MBA in Australia can be the most significant step in the personal and professional growth of a student’s career. According to QS World University Ranking 2015, Australia is home to some of the top business schools in the world such as Monash Business School, University of Sydney Business School, the Australian National University College of Business and Economics etc. that offer culturally diverse learning opportunities with programmes that range approximate from 16 months to 3 years and many part-time programmes according to student’s schedule. Talking about the ROI, according to the QS Top MBA Jobs and Salary Trends Report 2012 - 13, the average MBA salaries in Australia is US$117,800 for international employees.

Top Business Schools in Australia to pursue MBA:

Business School


Average Tuition Fee (AUD)

Minimum required GMAT score

Required work experience

Melbourne Business School

1 year



2 Years

Australian Graduate School of Management

16 months



2 Years

University of Sydney

18 month



10 Years

ANU College of Business and Economics

2 years




Monash Business School

2 years



Three Years

The University of Queensland Business School

1 year

$ 66144


Four Years


Engineering has always been one of the favorite specialisations among students and one of the top courses to study in Australia. Australia offers a lot of options attracting students from overseas. Australian universities have variety of courses such as civil, mechanical, electrical, computer engineering etc. According to the Australian National Engineering Taskforce (ANET), international students' enrolment in the country’s engineering colleges increased by 81.8 % between 2002 and 2010. ANET also states that in terms of employment options, Australia will require more engineering professionals in its fastest growing states such as Western Australia and Queensland which implies that engineers can also expect to earn high salaries in future making engineering one of the top courses to study in Australia.

Top Engineering specialisations offered by Australian universities:

  • Chemical engineers

  • Civil engineers

  • Aerospace and Aviation engineers

  • Electrical engineers

  • Electronics engineers

  • Environmental engineers

  • Mechanical engineers

  • Mining engineers

Top Universities in Australia to study Engineering:


Average Tuition Fee (AUD)

University of Melbourne (MELBOURNE)


University of New South Wales (UNSW)


University of Sydney (SYDNEY)


Monash University (MONASH)


University of Queensland (QUEENSLAND)


Accounting and finance:

Accounting and finance is undoubtedly one of the top courses to study in Australia. Six Australian universities have secured a position in 50 top universities in the world according to QS Top Universities for Accounting and Finance Ranking. While the Australian National University is ranked 25th, the University of Sydney is placed 37th and the University of Queensland is ranked 43rd in the world for accounting and finance. While the number of Australian students has decreased in this sector, there is inundation of international students opting accounting and finance in Australian universities because of their best education system and practical exposure provided by the universities.

Careers in Accounting and finance:

  • Accountant

  • Financial Manager

  • Financial Adviser

  • Auditor

  • Financial Planner

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Financial Assurance and Compliance Manager

  • Budget Manager

  • Tax Agent

  • Investment Analyst

Top Universities in Australia to study Accounting and Finance:


Average Tuition Fee (AUD)

Australian National University


The University of Melbourne


The University of Sydney


The University of Queensland


The University of New South Wales


Sports management:

Australia is one of the most popular sports countries in the world. Australian universities have teamed up with quality international organisations such as India's Premier League which has expectedly contributed to the growth of the Australian sports industry. Sports management, in such a case, has become one of the top courses to study in Australia. Australian universities such as Deakin University, LA TROBE University, Griffith University offer bachelor and master programmes designed by industry experts with flexible course schedules. Interestingly, Australian universities’ sports programmes are designed according to sports a student is interested in.

Students can join the following areas of sports:

  • Facilities

  • Sporting goods

  • Professional sport teams, leagues

  • National and state sporting organisations

  • Government departments (ASC, SRV, LGAs)

  • Sport management and marketing companies

  • Major event corporations

  • Institutes of sport

Top Universities in Australia to study Sports management:


Tuition Fee (AUD)

Griffith University

$25,000 - $30,000

University of Technology Sydney

$19,840 to $34,080

The University of Western Australia


La Trobe Business School


Deakin University

$16 500-$33,000

Hospitality and Tourism Management:

Graduate study in Hospitality and Tourism Management is a very vast domain with multiple job opportunities and one of the top courses to study in Australia. One of the reasons why it is one of the top courses in the country is because Australian universities focus more on training the industry leaders and students and less on theory based studies which provide a perfect professional environment to students before they enter this competitive industry. According to QS, at least 2 Australian universities are placed in the top 20 hospitality and tourism universities in the world. Australian universities prefer students who have strong business sense and management skills for this specialisation. No doubt, Australia’s warm weather attracts tourists from all across the world that’s why Tourism and Hospitality industries are growing so fast in Australia. As per the Travel & Hospitality Workforce Development Strategy 2014-2019, Australian tourism is expected to grow at an average rate of 1.1% that is approximately $77 billion by 2021-2022 requiring at least 56,000 – 152,000 people to join the industry.

Specialisations in Hospitality and Tourism Management:

  • Hotel management

  • Event management

  • Tourism management

  • Tourism Marketing

  • Strategic planning and management

  • Event design

  • Conference coordination

  • Attraction and initiative development

  • Eco-tourism

  • Human resource management and marketing

  • Hospitality finance

  • Luxury hospitality

Top Universities in Australia to study Hospitality and Tourism Management:


Tuition Fee (AUD)

Monash University


University of Queensland


Griffith University

$25,000 - $30,000

La Trobe University

$26 010- $30,000

Victoria University


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First Published On : 25 Nov 2015 09:54 AM IST

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