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Statement of Purpose for Masters: Goals, University, Extracurriculam

Statement of Purpose for Masters: Goals, University, Extracurriculam

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Statement of Purpose for Masters - Applications for study abroad are a complete package of documents (Resume, Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation) which showcase the applicant’s qualities, marks, interest as well as future plans to the admission committee. A statement of purpose for masters is one of the most important application documents if you wish to do a masters degree abroad. While the resume and transcripts showcase the current knowledge status of the student, a statement of purpose shows the intent. It is an essay application for students vying for Masters or PhD program in foreign universities. It clearly outlines the academics, interest, future plans as well as the basic information about the university of the student. A well written SOP samples for masters helps applicants highlight their strengths which would not be possible with the transcripts and resume alone.

Statement of Purpose for Masters: Goals, University, Extracurriculam
Statement of Purpose for Masters: Goals, University, Extracurriculam

How to write statement of purpose for masters?

The following details state how to write a SOP for masters. Whether it is a SOP for MS in computer science or for another course like SOP for MBA sample, the way of approach to writing an SOP for MS and the particular order called statement of purpose format for masters are also the same.

Write a Personalized story in Statement of Purpose for Masters

Personalising your is a way to connect with the Admission Committee member and begin your statement of purpose. Your story should be interesting and short. Why have you chosen to do a Masters in this course? What was the point in life when you thought, “this is what I want to learn." What has inspired you to be in this field? Was it a book, a movie, a person or situation? What have you done to this effect?

Mention Academics in Statement of Purpose for Masters

Academic background in a statement of purpose should be quite exhaustive, highlighting your related academic achievements. It shows your preparedness for a program. While your transcripts merely mention the marks you have scored, a brief write-up on your background will showcase your main field of interest. This section helps you narrow down your course of interest as the subjects become more specialized as you go higher up the academic ladder. Add all academic information you have gained. Do mention the important internships and the workshops that you have attended during your course.

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Masters SOP: Why Program

This section showcases the purpose of the statement of purpose for masters . Why do you want to do UG/Masters/PhD? There has to be clarity in this section. Admission Committee looks into this section to understand if the applicant knows what s/he is getting into. What are their plans? Why does the applicant think Masters/ PhD is the next logical step? Another important aspect to be covered in this section is, ‘What do you plan to achieve with this course?’

MS SOP: Goals

Goals are one of the most important sections of a statement of purpose for masters . If you do not have definite defined goals, do not bother applying. Goals show your future planning. They show your awareness regarding the programme and its scope. Goals are divided into two parts, short term and long term goals. Short term goals as the name suggests are short term as in, the next plan after the programme or course usually within a time span of three to five years after the completion of the course. Long term goals would be something you plan to achieve within the next 15 years.

For starters, if you plan to work after the course, look for the organizations, positions and job profile require the course you plan to do. For academically bent applicants, do mention what would be the next academic achievement you would like to prefer to add to your curriculum vitae.

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Masters SOP: The University

University paragraph on the statement of purpose for masters shows how much you know about the place you plan to join. This paragraph should show that your interests can be completely fulfilled at this university. Search online for the researches being carried out in the area of your choice. Check out the faculty and their research. What kind of internships and workshops do they have? Also, update yourself regarding the alumni. Some questions that ought to be answered in this section of an SOP should be: Why would you like to join this university? How is this university different from another? What particular courses of this university are you interested in? Are you aware of the research being carried out at the department? Who are the faculty with whom you would like to work? Is the location of the university important for you?

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Universities need a rounded personality on their campus. While academic qualifications show that the applicant is suited for the particular program, extracurricular activities outline the uniqueness. Your extracurricular activities show your character, they show how you spend your time after the classes, they show that you have the capabilities to keep yourself occupied and meet people in an unknown place. Academic courses are stressful with classes, assignments and exams, students need activities to occupy themselves. Extracurricular activities show that the university fulfils the applicant’s academic as well as extracurricular goals.

Masters SOP: Conclusion

Like a good beginning, every article or document should have a crisp conclusion that sums up the application.

Asl check -

Sample Statement of Purpose for Masters in UK University

Statement of Purpose for Masters Example

While preparing an SOP, the candidate can check the references of various exmaples of SOP, like while writing a statement of purpose for masters in computer science, they can take the references in SOP's for CS. Using these sample statement of purpose for masters, any writing blocks can be covered.

SOP samples for MS in CS

The sample SOP for masters in computer science is given below. The common format for SOP for MS includes 5 to 7 paragraphs.

Statement of Purpose for MBA

Statement of Purpose for PhD

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is SOP in masters?

A statement of purpose or an SOP is an essay that reflects a candidate's motivation, goals, achievements and overall profile to the admission committee while applying to foreign universities. 

2. How long should an SOP for masters be?

A typical masters SOP is 800-1000 words and 1.5 pages long.

3. Do you need an SOP for masters?

Yes, you do need an SOP for masters application. It is an important part of the whole process. Make sure you write an impressive SOP that does justice to your application by highlighting your academic and professional achievements along with your career goals.


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