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Singapore Student Visa 2024-25: Requirements, Fees, Age Limit, Duration

Singapore Student Visa 2024-25: Requirements, Fees, Age Limit, Duration

Edited By Prabhjyot Kaur | Updated on May 20, 2024 04:52 PM IST

All international students seeking any academic studies in Singapore require a Singapore student visa to be eligible as per study visa Singapore requirements. Singapore study visa is a lawful certificate that permits Indian students in Singapore to obtain a master's or undergraduate degree in Singapore.

The type of Singapore education visa depends- If the programme study is more than 30 days, it is a 'Singapore study visa'. The universities in Singapore require a visa famously called 'Singapore student pass' which allows the students to study in Singapore.

Read this article for more details on the Singapore student visa, Singapore study visa fees, etc.
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Singapore Student Visa- Basic Information

One can apply to obtain a Singapore student pass (Singapore study visa) via Student's Pass Online Application and Registration or SOLAR. As per study visa Singapore requirements, international students are advised to submit their Singapore student visa application at least a month before their academic year or semester begins.

Below 19 applicants seeking Singapore private university admission are processed directly for Singapore study visa by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. However, above 20 applicants are required to give an interview in case they wish to study any vocational, fine arts degrees or language or commerce programs in Singapore universities. One can easily apply for a work permit after study in Singapore.

Types of Singapore Student Visa

Either the Singapore student pass or the Singapore study visa, it varies based on the following factors as per Singapore study visa requirements for Indians set by the authorities :

Singapore Course Duration: The type of Singapore student pass depends on the duration of the course. The short-term pass is issued for certificate and diploma courses which are usually of 3 months duration. The long-term pass is issued for courses such as bachelor’s or master’s programs.

Singapore Study Course Type: The Singapore education visa will have details of the course one will be taking in Singapore. There is a wide range of courses offered at Singapore universities, these include diplomas and certificate courses to bachelor's and master's courses.

Singapore student visa fees for both categories of the visa are the same which includes the registration and issuance fee.

Students in Singapore can also apply for the following Singapore student passes:

Training employment pass: This is for foreign professionals who are earning SGD 3000 per month and taking part in practical training in Singapore.

Work holiday pass: Students who are between 18 and 25 years old and wish to work and holiday in Singapore.

Training work permit: Students and semi-skilled trainees who are undergoing practical training for six months.

The student pass thus doubles up as an employment pass that allows students to work part-time during their studies. A student will have to surrender his Singapore student visa once his/her course is over. Singapore study visa fees are the same for all types of Singapore student passes.

Singapore Student Visa Requirements

Before a Singapore study visa apply online, the candidate has to check the age limit. The student visa Singapore age limit is 19 years for candidates applying for a non-graduate/postgraduate degree. The candidate once meeting the age requirement can now check the Singapore study visa requirements.

Once met all the documents for the Singapore student visa can be collected. The Singapore study visa requirements are listed below.

  • A passport that is valid for at least 3 months

  • Completed visa application forms - ICA Form 16, and Form V36.

  • An offer letter from the university in Singapore where you have been admitted is one the important student visa Singapore requirements.

  • The Bank statement shows that you have enough funds for living expenses and tuition fees which should amount to 8,400 Singapore dollars.

  • Academic Transcripts of mark sheets from your school or college.

  • Scorecard of qualifying exams required by the university such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL scores.

  • Financial Proof -Documents explaining how you will pay for your education, living and travel expenses.

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These Singapore student visa requirements for Indians have to be ready before making the Singapore education visa application. They must count Singapore study visa fees in Indian rupees along with various costs. If the Singapore student visa requirements are in order then the visa will be processed in time.

Once the visa is approved, the security deposit amount along with the Security bond form is required for a Singapore student visa from India which is about S$5,0000.

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How to Apply for Singapore Student Visa

As mentioned earlier you must submit your Singapore student visa from India or student pass application form one or two months before your course begins. The applications should be submitted through the Student's Pass On-Line Application & Registration (SOLAR) system. Here are step-by-step details of the application process for applying student visa Singapore from India.

Step 1: Registration in an Institute of Higher Learning (IHL)

Once you have the admission letter from the IHL where you have been selected, check whether it is registered in the SOLAR system. After confirmation of admission, the IHL will share details such as your name, nationality, gender, date of birth and your course details to SOLAR.

After the registration, you will get an application reference number from the IHL, which you should use to access SOLAR and start the Singapore study visa apply online process.

Step 2: Submit e-Form 16 at the SOLAR website

When you submit the e-Form 16 at the website, ensure that you include all these details:

  • Registration acknowledgement notice and login details received from your IHL.

  • Details of your passport number and expiry date.

  • Address and contact details in Singapore. If you do not have a valid address, you can provide the registered address of your IHL.

  • Your email address.

  • Your recent passport-size photograph.

Cost of Singapore Student Visa

Students will have to pay a Singapore study visa fee of 30 Singapore dollars for every application submitted to the ICA. Singapore student visa fees is non-refundable. They can pay by credit card, debit card, or Internet banking.

Apart from the student visa fees, an additional amount called an issuance fee of 60 Singapore dollars and a multiple entry visa fee of 30 Singapore dollars are also to be paid by students. The total Singapore study visa cost is around 90 SDG. Singapore study visa fees in Indian rupees are Rs 5,472.08.

The multiple-entry Singapore study visa fees are payable once the visa application formalities are completed for the Singapore study visa.

Singapore Study Visa Fees Overview

Type of feeCost
Processing feeSGD 30
Issuance feeSGD 60
TotalSGD 90
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For Indian students, the total study visa fees in Indian rupees is around INR 5,500 (including processing + issuance fee).

Singapore Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Singapore student visa can be between 15 days to 1 month upon payment of Singapore study visa fees in the last step of the application process. For general student pass application, the processing time is 1 month.

If the candidate applying for a student visa for an EduTrust-accredited PEI, then the student visa Singapore processing time is within 15 days only. However, there are a vast number of student pass applications during July and August which may delay the Singapore student visa processing time.

So it is always better to apply well in advance by considering the Singapore study visa processing time. Once the students reach Singapore, they will have to complete further formalities at the student pass unit.

Working with A Singapore Student Visa

International students in Singapore can work part-time while doing their studies and in future can apply for work permit after study in Singapore as well. However, they will have to apply for a special pass based on the type of work they undertake in Singapore. Here are more details:

Special Passes- Details

Name of pass


Training work permit

For students undertaking practical training for a duration of six months.

Work Holiday Pass (under Work Holiday Program)

Students who are in the age group between 18 to 25 who wish to work and holiday in Singapore for less than 6 months.

Students who wish to work in Singapore after the completion of their course can apply for a ‘visit’ pass with which they can stay in Singapore for a year in order to look for a job.

Cancellation of Student Visa for Singapore

International students who have completed their course should cancel and return their student pass after they complete their course. They should surrender their pass to the ICA within 7 days after completion of their course or if they are opting for part-time studies or going on a leave of absence (LOA) for a prolonged period.

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Getting a Singapore student visa is the first step towards studying in Singapore. The Singapore study visa also offers various benefits to students and even allows international students to work when they have a visa. Singapore is a top study-abroad destination in Asia for international students owing to the high quality of its universities.

It has globally acclaimed universities and some of its universities have consistently ranked among the top 100 in world university rankings. The affordable tuition fees and the low cost of living also make it attractive for international students to study in Singapore along with the cheap Singapore student visa fees.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can one work on a Singapore student visa?

Every university will have specific guidelines for their students to work in part-time jobs. The ICA allows international students to work part-time during their studies during their course of study.

2. Is IELTS necessary to apply for a Singapore student visa?

IELTS or any other English proficiency test like the TOEFL or PTE will be required for the  Singapore Student Visa if the university requires it.

3. Can I bring my family on a Singapore student visa?

You can bring your family and dependent children on a student visa provided they apply for an entry visa at the Singapore embassy. When your spouse and dependent children arrive in Singapore, a 4-week social visit pass will be issued to them at the airport.

4. Is there an age limit for the Singapore student visa?

No, there is no age limit for the Singapore student visa. However the application process will vary depending on the age of the student.

5. What are the conditions to work in Singapore on a student visa?

Students can work for a maximum of 16 hours per week. The work must be related to an industrial program conducted by the university. The work can be either compulsory or elective but must be related to the course.

6. How much bank balance is required for a Singapore student visa?

In order to apply for a Singapore student visa, a banker's guarantee or a cashier's order in the with a value of INR 50,000 per person is required. 

7. How much time it takes for Singaporean student visa?

The processing time for a Singapore student visa can be between 3 to 5 working days.


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There are many colleges that accept students without the said exams but make sure you have your transcripts ready- LORs, projects/internships/Volunteering certificates, Statement of Purpose, Essays, Extra-curricular activities. These things are a must when trying to apply for colleges abroad.

Colleges in the US:

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