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IELTS Score 2024 - Validity, Range, Band Chart, Calculator, Requirements

IELTS Score 2024 - Validity, Range, Band Chart, Calculator, Requirements

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IELTS Score - The IELTS exam measures the English proficiency of the candidate in the form of bands ranging from 0 to 9. There are 4 sections in the IELTS: reading, writing, speaking and listening, etc. Each section has an individual IELTS band score of 0 to 9. All these individual scores are summed and averaged to get the total IELTS score 2024.

There is no pass or fail in the IELTS. Every IELTS-accepting university or organisation has its own minimum IELTS score requirement. Students can check these scores beforehand and plan their required IELTS score 2024.

Each question or task in this IELTS exam has a certain grading system for calculating the scores. Understanding the IELTS score system helps in identifying the scoring elements and gives a chance to enhance the exam score. Read the article to learn all the IELTS Academic score-related details.

IELTS Score India 2024

As stated earlier, both the total IELTS score and each sectional score are calculated between 0 to 9 bands. However, the IELTS scoring system varies for each section of the test, in terms of scoring criteria, calculation, etc. So, now familiarise yourself with the section-wise IELTS score 2024 details mentioned below.

IELTS Reading Score

The IELTS reading section has 40 questions. For every correctly answered question, 1 mark is given. All these raw scores are summed and then converted into 0 to 9 bands. Candidates can check the IELTS score India conversion chart below to understand this conversion.

Conversion of IELTS Raw Scores to Band Score - Reading

Raw score

Band score





























So, candidates can now calculate their IELTS reading band score from their secured raw scores.

IELTS Listening Score

The IELTS listening section contains 40 questions. Each question carries 1 mark. These raw scores are converted into band scores using an IELTS score chart for listening. This conversion can be understood by checking the chart given below.

Conversion of IELTS Raw Scores to Band Score - Reading

Raw score

Band score























So, candidates can now calculate their Academic listening band score from their secured raw scores.

IELTS Writing Score

The IELTS Writing section consists of two tasks: Task 1 and Task 2. The IELTS writing task 1 is about summarising the information in tables/charts/diagrams, etc. The IELTS writing task 2 is an essay about a given argument.

Tasks 1 & 2 task in the writing are directly scored in 0 to 9 bands. These do not require any conversions or raw scores. These two individual IELTS band scores of writing tasks are summed and averaged to get the final score.

The IELTS score 2024 for writing is based on 4 different criteria.

  • Task achievement: As per this criterion, the accuracy, relevance, and appropriateness of the response given by the candidate are assessed.

  • Coherence and Cohesion: The logical distribution of ideas and management of cohesion are checked.

  • Lexical Resource: Usage of evidence in the answer and appropriate vocabulary usage with natural control of lexical features are assessed.

  • Grammatical Accuracy - Elements like the structuring of sentences and appropriate grammar and punctuation are checked.

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Each IELTS score for the writing criterion is worth 25% of the total task score.

IELTS Speaking score

The IELTS speaking section consists of 3 conversations. The speaking section scores are directly calculated in bands from 0 to 9. These individual IELTS band scores for speaking are summed and averaged to get the final speaking score.

The scoring is based on the IELTS speaking criteria which is as follows.

  • Fluency and coherence: As per this criterion fluency and topic development are measured.

  • Lexical resource: Precise usage of vocabulary in delivering the meaning of the message is checked. The language accuracy of the test taker while delivering the speech is also considered.

  • Grammatical range and accuracy: Sentence formation and structuring are measured.

  • Pronunciation: Here, the phonic sound pronunciation of the English words is checked.

IELTS 2024 Writing Task 1 & 2 - Study Materials
Aspirants who are appearing for IELTS exam can download this eBook which have complete study material for academic writing task 1 (Data Interpretation) and academic writing task 2 (Essays) sections.
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How are IELTS Scores Calculated?

The total IELTS score calculation is done by adding the band scores of the 4 sections in the IELTS. These IELTS scores or individual section scores are displayed in the half and full bands like 5.5,8.0,8.5, etc.

This is because the IELTS band scores are rounded off to the nearest zero. It means, if the candidate scores 7.2, the IELTS score India will be rounded to 7.0. Similarly, if the IELTS exam score obtained is 7.9, then it is rounded to the nearest 8.0 band.

Understanding IELTS Score

Each band score in the IELTS score 2024 describes the English proficiency level of the test taker. Candidates can now know their performance level by checking the IELTS band descriptors mentioned below.

What do IELTS scores show?

IELTS Band Scores

Skill level




The candidate has an operational command of English. Their usage of the English language is accurate, fluent, appropriate, and completely understandable.


Very good

The candidate has an operational command of English with only a few occasional inaccuracies. However, they can handle complex and detailed argumentation.



The candidate has an operational command of English with occasional misunderstanding, inaccuracy, and inappropriate usage.



The candidate shows an effective command of English with some inaccuracies, misunderstandings, and inappropriate usage. They can understand complex language in familiar situations.



The candidate has a partial command of English but is likely to make many mistakes. They can handle basic communication skills in their field.



The candidate has basic competence and communicates only in familiar situations. They have problems understanding the language.


Extremely limited

The candidate has a very basic knowledge of English and can convey only the general meaning. They experience frequent breakdowns in communication.



The candidate has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.



The candidate cannot use the English language except for a few isolated words.


Did not attempt

The candidate was unable to answer any questions.

IELTS Score to PTE Conversion

Students planning to study abroad will have a lot of choices in choosing the English proficiency tests. Like-wise PTE is also an English language proficiency test. For the applicants who want to convert their IELTS score 2024 to PTE, here is the required conversion table for your reference.

Converting IELTS Score to PTE Scores



















*Sourced from the official IELTS website

Some abroad universities mention their English proficiency requirements only in terms of IELTS equivalent scores. So in this case also, they can refer to this table to check their IELTS equivalent PTE scores.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is 7.0 score good in IELTS?

Yes, many universities set their minimum IELTS score 2024 requirements as 7.0 bands. Scoring 7.0 bands provides the candidate with opportunities to get a place in top-ranking universities.

2. Is there an IELTS passing score?

No. There are no passing or failing scores in the IELTS 2024 exam. Each band from 1 to 9 in the IELTS, specifies a certain level of proficiency in the English language.

3. Is getting 7.5 easy in IELTS?

Scoring 7.5 denotes the candidate has a very good command of English. This means they only make language mistakes on an occasional basis or sometimes but they can handle complex language and detailed reasoning. If the candidate meets this sort of English communication skills they can get 7.5 easily in IELTS.

4. Does anyone can score 9 in IELTS?

Yes, already several test takers have achieved 9 bands in IELTS. Even if the candidate is a non-native English speaker, they can still score 9 bands in the IELTS if they follow a structured study plan and prepare well for the IELTS test.

5. What is the minimum IELTS score to study abroad?

IELTS band score of 5.5 is considered as the minimum IELTS score to apply for any foreign universities.


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Questions related to IELTS

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It is very highly unlikely to obtain a legitimate IELTS certificate without taking the exam. Any claims suggesting otherwise are likely scams. It is essential to take the exam through authorized testing centers to ensure the validity and credibility of the certificate.

Hope this helps you ,

Thank you


The difficulty of the IELTS General Training and Academic modules depends on individual strengths and backgrounds. Generally, if you are more comfortable with everyday English and practical tasks, you might find the General Training module easier. Conversely, if you are accustomed to academic English and have experience with academic tasks, you might find the Academic module more manageable.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you

Hello aspirant,

Opinions on the E-GMAT course vary. Some find it beneficial for improving GMAT skills, especially in verbal sections, while others may prefer different resources. It's essential to explore reviews, consider your learning style, and maybe try a trial or sample to see if it aligns with your preferences before making a decision.

So it all depends on your personal opinion.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Many candidates ask whether their IELTS certificate is real or fake. To know if your IELTS test report is real or not, check the following points:

  • Check the certification stamp on the certificate if it matches the centre of registration and your selected IELTS test centre .

  • Visit the IDP IELTS official website after receiving the oft copy of your certificate via email to check whether it is available online and if it is valid.

  • Make sure that you receive the confirmation of your IELTS registration from the centre you registered. Also, check the login credentials to verify your IELTS results once the process is complete.

  • Collect the hard copy of the IELTS scorecard directly from the test centre once the results are announced.

  • Talk to the agent directly on the phone to verify his identity.

Verify all the above-mentioned points carefully to not get deceived by any fraud attempts.

Yes, if you are not happy with your scores, you can apply for a re-evaluation of your IELTS results . Also, if you think there is a need for improvement in your band score, you can reach out to your IELTS test centre . If you did not achieve the desired IELTS scores , you can also apply to retake the test whenever you feel prepared.

However, the rechecking fee for IDP IELTS in India is Rs. 17,000, and candidates can only apply for rechecking of one section, which is called IELTS OSR (One Skill Retake). Test takers need to submit the 'Enquiry on Results Form' (EOR Form) for sending the re-marking request for the IELTS Academic test.

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