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Benefits of studying in UK: Academic Excellence, Cost, Easy Visa Process, Work Options

Benefits of studying in UK: Academic Excellence, Cost, Easy Visa Process, Work Options

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UK has always been a top study abroad destination for international students and the reasons for this are numerous. One of the best benefits of studying in the UK is the presence of its top-ranked universities in the world are in the UK. Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge are world-renowned and counted among the oldest universities in the world. Numerous benefits of studying in UK at these universities are there.

Benefits of studying in UK: Academic Excellence, Cost, Easy Visa Process, Work Options
Benefits of studying in UK: Academic Excellence, Cost, Easy Visa Process, Work Options

The availability of scholarships in UK, shorter course durations, bright career opportunities, high-quality education, and globally recognised degrees make the UK attractive to Indian students. The advantage of studying in UK for international students is that UK universities UK not only provide top-quality education but also the degree pursued at these universities is globally recognised. This proves that it is a rational decision for international students to study there due to the different benefits of studying in UK.

Study in UK is affordable with the presence of the cheapest universities in Chester, Staffordshire, Coventry etc. Some of these cheapest universities in UK are the highest-ranked in the world. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of studying in the UK.
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Quick Facts About Studying in UK

Check the statistics of the international students studying in the UK country which are given based on the

  • As per previous year's data, the total number of international students studying in the UK has seen a rise. In the previous year, there were 605,130 international students.

  • If we look at the current number of international students the previous year (2020/2021), there has been a significant increase of 12.3%. Clearly, there are benefits of studying in UK because it is such a popular study destination for international students.

  • This has shown to be a 16% increase from the previous year and was noted to be the highest level of Tier 4 granted visas since the year 2011.

  • In 2022, the majority, or 22.3% of international students in the UK, come from China, meaning that there are roughly 151,690 students from China studying in the UK.

Benefits of Studying in UK 2024

Prospects must know why UK is better compared to other study abroad destinations. Education in UK for international students comes with many advantages. These benefits of studying in UK include low cost education to globally recognized degrees. Experiencing the culture of UK, world-class universities, affordable cities, presence of top recruiters like HSBC, Unilever, and Deloitte, are some of the other advantages of studying in UK. However, there are more reasons to study in UK, let's look at them below.

Advantages of Studying in UK: Academic Excellence

As we mentioned earlier, the universities in the UK are known for their excellent academic standards and this is one of the significant benefits of studying in UK. Many universities in the UK hold their positions in the top 100 in world university rankings. Also, the top universities in the UK such as Oxford and Cambridge always feature in the top ten universities in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

The universities in the UK are known for giving students a challenging and creative learning environment with high education standards. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of UK, is the independent body that ensures that the education quality is improved and maintained in UK universities. This is one of the biggest benefits of studying in UK for international students.

Benefits of Studying in UK: Shorter Duration of Courses

This is one of the primary advantages of studying in UK. The courses in the UK are of shorter duration compared to the US or Australia. International students who wish to study in the UK have the option to either study a regular undergraduate course which is of three years or opt for shorter duration courses that are equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

Such courses include foundation degree, diploma of higher education, higher national diploma etc. Students can also opt for graduate courses that are of one-year duration. Choosing shorter-duration courses means that you will be required to spend less on tuition fees and living expenses. But you will still get an international degree without a huge investment as one of benefits of study in UK.

Benefits of Study in UK: Reasonable Cost of Education and Scholarships

Though the cost of education in the UK is not cheap, it is reasonable when compared to other countries like the US or Australia. This answers any doubts regarding why study in UK. Apart from that, international students have access to a number of scholarships and grants from institutions and universities in the UK adding to the benefits of study in UK.

A few of the well-known scholarships in UK provided the UK universities include the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, Rhodes Scholarship, etc. and more. They are:

The UK government also provides financial assistance to over 200,000 international students every year multiplying the advantages of studying in the UK. They can apply for these grants as soon as they get admission to a university.

UK Student Visa Benefits: Easy Application Process

The UK student visa application process is simple and offers many advantages to international students including allowing them to work part-time. The international health surcharge applied along with the student visa allows the students to receive free medical treatment facilities under the National Health Service in the UK.

Benefits of Studying in UK: Part Time Work Opportunities

International students who are willing to earn their part of their living expenses can work while studying in the UK.

  • Students can work for up to 20 hours a week during the term and 40 hours a week in the term break.

  • Students can apply for jobs in the university, in cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and for promotional events.

  • Students can also apply for internships and placements that are a part of their studies in some courses or during the break period in their studies. These jobs not only pay but also offer relevant work experience which can be added to their resume.

Working while studying will give you professional experience and industry knowledge which can act in your favor when you look for jobs in the UK after your studies are over.

Benefits of UK Student Visa: Post-Study Work Options

A significant benefit of studying in the UK is that international students are eligible for a two-year post-study work visa.

  • The UK offers a two-year post-study job search visa that allows students to live and work in the UK after graduating from their undergraduate, postgraduate, or research courses. This is also known as the Graduate Immigration route.

  • After finishing their studies, international students can stay in the UK for two years to work or to look for a job.

  • There are no minimum salary caps and the number of students who are eligible for the visa. This is one of the added benefits of studying in the UK.

  • Students can convert their visas to continue living in the UK and possibly immigrate in the future.

Benefits of Study in UK: Cultural Diversity

The UK universities offer a multicultural environment with students from diverse backgrounds. Students here get exposed to different cultures and learn about them and appreciate their differences.

Benefits of Studying in UK: Gateway to Explore Europe

Studying in the UK gives you an opportunity to explore the rest of Europe during your vacations. Students will have plenty of options to discover new places and go for adventures.

The benefits of studying in the UK include exposure to a high-standard education system, excellent infrastructure, quality research, rich heritage, and an exceptionally diverse culture.

Benefits of Studying in UK Compared to India

UK is a better alternative compared to studying in India for the same cost of education. From cultural exposure, research infrastructure, presence of world-renowned universities to finding global career opportunities benefits of studying in UK for Indian students are unmatched.

  • The number of universities ranked in international ranking agencies like QS and Times Higher Education are very less compared to UK. In fact, top-ranked universities like Cambridge University and University of Oxford are in UK.
  • Students who are keen on quality research must go to UK to pursue globally impactful research, become a part of the research community, and access advanced research facilities.
  • The duration of master courses in UK is less compared to master courses in India, which take a minimum 2 years.
  • Students get to make connections from an international community which helps them move high in their career at a quick pace.

Benefits of Studying in UK Compared to Canada

The cost of living and education in Canada is low compare to UK. However, education in UK compared to Canada has the following benefits.

  • UK is home to globally top universities like Oxford University, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London where top-notch education is guaranteed.
  • UK is the sixth largest economy in the world while Canada is the ninth largest. So employment prospects and earning potential in UK will be high.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the opportunities in the UK for students who want to pursue higher education?

International students have plenty of opportunities to do a master’s degree in the UK or pursue PhD after finishing their undergraduate course in the UK or in their home country. Students can take advantage of the flexibility UK universities offer especially for MS programs. The students can choose either a research-based or course based program or a combination of both.

2. Why choose UK for study?

Apart from maintaining high academic standards and globally ranking universities in UK, here the universities here encourage students to pursue research-based learning. They are also expected to participate in group discussions, debates and quizzes which encourage critical thinking. The courses are well-structured and revised regularly to keep up with the industry demands.

3. What are the features of the Graduate work permit?

This permit is valid for two years after graduation for undergraduate and postgraduate students and for three years for PhD students after they finish their course. With this permit, international students get two years to look for a job in the UK or work here for a maximum of 48 hours per week.

4. What is the cost of living for a student in the UK?

The cost of living for an international student depends on the place he studies. Cities like London have an annual cost of living of around 12,000 pounds while Wales is cheaper where the living cost is around 7,300 pounds. Scotland is costly at 15,000 pounds. Accommodation, food and transportation contribute to a major part of the living costs.

5. What are the benefits of studying in UK?

The advantages of studying in the UK is that it has world-renowned universities, it offers a diverse range of courses offers support for international students. Apart from this, there are opportunities to pursue higher education after graduation and  there are good post study work opportunties.

6. What are the benefits of studying in UK compared to other countries?

One area where the UK scores above other countries in terms of courses it offers for international students are the intensive courses of shorter duration. This means that students can graduate sooner without compromising on the quality of the course.

7. Why studying in UK is better than India?

Studying in UK is better than studying in  India because of the better infrastructure as well as the strong educational system and the opportunity to learn new cultures.


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Hope you are doing great.

Answering to your question, Certainly, you are eligible to participate in the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), a crucial pathway for pursuing medical education in India. Let's break down the eligibility criteria:

Age Requirement:

- You must be 17 years or older by December 31, 2024, to qualify for NEET.

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dear student,

yes you can get job in uk and outside india with bsc and msc in geology from india.

your degree is valid outside also.

in recent times there is a rise in the demand for geologist around the globe and if you have a good resume and some work experience getting a job in united kingdom will be easy for you.

hope this helped.

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Hello Student

In the school level e face student has a gap period of 2 years then he or she will be allowed for taking admission in United Kingdom for higher studies. Baat inke supposed variation if there is a gap of 5 years in the graduation level then the candidate will be allowed for taking admission in post graduation in United Kingdom. As the rules permit your gap of 5 years for taking admission in prostation level then you are mostly eligible for taking admission in MSC courses in United Kingdom.

This will help.

hi Aspirants,

As per your query,

In short, Indian pharmacy degrees are not directly accepted by the UK you will need to do a 1-year University-based conversion course called the OSPAP, after this, you will need to do the “pre-reg exam” and then you will become licensed to work by the GPhC .

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)  ( is the regulator of pharmacists and pharmacies in the UK, this is similar to the FDA in India.

for further information, you can check out this link as given below:

Hope you understand , in case of any query you can comment here.

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