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How to send SAT scores to Colleges? - Check Complete details here

How to send SAT scores to Colleges? - Check Complete details here

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How to send SAT scores to colleges? - SAT scores are used for admissions to colleges in various countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and other countries. So, if the students want to provide proof of their college readiness, they can do so by sending their SAT scores to the colleges.

How do I send SAT scores to colleges? Prospects must know that no university accepts SAT scores as reported by candidates in admission applications or otherwise. SAT score reports as sent by Collegeboard are only accepted. They have to order Collegeboard to send official score reports to respective universities.

The candidates can send the SAT scores to colleges in two ways, the first option is available free of cost and the second option are the score reports in which the candidates are required to pay some amount of fees to send their SAT scores to colleges. Furthermore, the College Board gives the option of score choice, meaning you are given the option to choose which SAT score you want to send and what to omit when you send them to colleges. Read this article to know more on how to send SAT scores to colleges and different types of score reports.

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How do I Send SAT Scores to Colleges for Free?

To send the SAT scores to colleges, the free option is only available in the initial days after taking the test. Before the start of the test, the candidates will have the option to give the names of up to four colleges with which they want to share the SAT scores.

However, this option remains available only for nine days after your SAT test date. In case the candidates have already made up their minds and are confident that they will score well in the test, they can use the option of sending the names of the universities before the start of the test.

Since the option of sending the score will be available for nine days from the date of the test, it is better to take time and use this option wisely. Students can wait for their scores and then decide on which colleges to send their SAT scores so that they have better chances of getting admission.

Important things to remember before you send SAT scores to colleges

As you now know about how to send SAT scores to colleges for free. Students need not pay any additional amount for sending the score to four colleges. The fee is already adjusted with the SAT registration fee. So here are a few things necessary to consider while sending the SAT scores to colleges. Have a look at it.

  • If you are sending the score for free, you will not have the option to choose which scores you wish to send if you have appeared in SAT more than one time.
  • You can give the names of universities /colleges in the period between the time of registration and nine days after the test.
  • Sending scores early won’t benefit you in any way, so you can take your time.
  • The SAT score will be sent to the colleges within 10 days after the release of the SAT result.
  • You can change your university/college choices only up to nine days from the published date. After that, you will need to pay an additional fee.
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How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges-(For More Number of Colleges)

Firstly, candidates can request additional score reports on payment of prescribed fees. This comes under the regular score report. The additional score report is requested on the following scenario.

  • The candidate wants to send SAT scores to more than four colleges.
  • If the candidate has not provided the names of the universities within nine days from the date of the test.
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Steps to send SAT scores:

Candidates will need to follow the steps mentioned below to send the SAT scores to the Colleges.

  • Log in to your College Board account
  • Check the dashboard for the most recent SAT score
  • Click on the additional score reports option
  • Search the name of the university/college where you want to share the SAT score
  • Click on the Continue option, you will get an option to choose what SAT score you want to send to the Colleges
  • The default option will be ‘All scores’. However, you can select the score you want to send by the name of the test date.
  • Review your order and make your payment for the score sharing.

How Do You Send Scores to Colleges Reports by Mail?

The candidates can also send the SAT scores by mail. The College Board provides an application form for additional score reports, candidates need to fill the form and mail it to the College Board for additional reports.

Send SAT Score Details Through Rush Reporting

You can use the rush reporting option to send your score reports to colleges within two to four days apart from weekends and holidays. You will have to pay an additional fee of $31 plus the regular fee. You can use this option when application deadlines are fast approaching for the colleges you have selected. However, check with the university if they will accept rush reporting of SAT scores before sending them.

Sending archived SAT scores

In case you have not taken the SAT exam in the current year but have given it previously, then you can request the college board to send your old SAT scores by paying an additional fee of $31 and a standard fee of $12 for the additional score report.

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How Much Does it Cost to Send SAT Scores?

As mentioned, opting for score reporting to universities at the time of registration is free or the costs are included in the SAT registration fees. But how much does it cost to send SAT scores to colleges otherwise? However, to request additional score reports, additional fees are applicable as denoted in the following table.

SAT Score Reports - Related Services




Registration score reports

Four registration score reports are available for up to 9 days after the test date


Additional score report request

Reports (over and above the four free options), or score reports ordered outside of the above time period

$12 per score report

Rush reporting

Send score reports within two to four business days

$ 31 plus regular fee

Archived score reportingScores of SAT exams given in previous years$31 plus $12 standard fee

When and What SAT Score Details are Shared with the Colleges?

The College Board shares the SAT scores within a few weeks after the request is made by the candidates. The score report shared with the colleges includes the following information.

  • Total and section scores that have been converted to College Board’s 400–1600-point scale for all SAT Program tests.
  • A copy of the essay if the candidate has taken the SAT with Essay.
  • Past SAT scores are added to the candidate’s College Board account. However, the Score choice option allows the candidate to send the SAT scores of his choice.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can I send SAT score to the colleges free of cost?

You can send SAT score to a maximum of four colleges free of cost. However, for this, you will need to choose the universities/colleges anytime between the date of registration and 9 days after the exam.

2. Will I get the score choice option while sending the SAT score at free of cost?

No, the score choice option will not be available while sending the SAT score at free of cost.

3. Can I choose not to send my prior SAT scores while making additional score reports?

Yes, the score choice option allows the candidates to select the SAT scores they want to share. In doing so, you may choose not to send a particular SAT score.

4. Can I change my choice of colleges given at the time of registration for SAT score sharing?

Yes, you can make changes in your preferred choices. However, this facility will be available until 9 days after the exam.

5. Can I order additional SAT score through a phone call?

Yes, you can order an additional report through a phone call. However, you will need to pay an additional fee for ordering the SAT score by a phone call.

6. When do you send your SAT scores to colleges?

SAT scores are sent to colleges abroad within 7 days of taking the test. However, it is possible to request Collegeboard to send additional score reports at any time.


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Question : Read the passage given below and answer the questions/complete the statements that follow by choosing the correct options out of the given ones.

The old man was overjoyed when he heard of the invitation. He became nearly incoherent with joy. He was torn between the attraction of the offer and shyness. For the first time, Srinivas observed that the man could be moved by shyness. "No, no, I never eat anywhere. Oh, don't trouble yourself about it... No, no ..." he said but all the same, got up and followed Srinivas into the kitchen. He grinned affably at Srinivas's wife and commented flatteringly: "I have always told a lot of people to come and observe this lady for a model. How well she looks after the house. I wish modern girls were all like her." Srinivas gently propelled him to a plank, on which he sat down. He observed from his wife's face that she was pleased with the compliment, and Srinivas felt that old man's coffee was now assured. His wife came out with a tumbler of water and two leaves and set them in front of them. She then served a couple of cakes on each leaf, and the old man rubbed his hands with the joy of anticipation.
At a signal from Srinivas, he fell to; and Srinivas wondered how long it was since the other had had any. "What do you eat at night?" he asked testingly. The old man tore off a piece of cake and stuffed it in his mouth and swallowed it before he answered, shaking his head: 'I'm not a youth. Time was when I used to take three meals a day - three full meals a day in addition to tiffin twice a day. Do you know
"That's remarkable." Agreed Srinivas admiringly. "But now what do you do?"
"I'm a sanyasi, my dear young man."


Why was the old man felt overjoyed on receiving the invitation?


Option 1: The old man was very hungry.

Option 2: The meal was prepared by an experienced cook.

Option 3: Srinivas would not have accepted no as an answer.

Option 4: A rich aroma of food was coming out of the kitchen.

Correct Answer: The old man was very hungry.

Solution : The correct answer is option 1.


The correct answer is that the old man was very hungry.

Let's look at the following passage lines: 
"At a signal from Srinivas he fell to, and Srinivas wondered how long it was since the other had had any. "What do you eat at nights?" he asked testingly."

 The expression on Srinivas' face suggests that the man was feeling very hungry.
As a result, it can be inferred that option 1 is the correct answer.

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