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Admission Intakes in USA 2024-25: Fall, Spring & Summer

Admission Intakes in USA 2024-25: Fall, Spring & Summer

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Students interested in studying in America should know the available USA intakes in 2025. To specify there are three intakes in the USA: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Both international and domestic students can submit admission applications to study in the USA during these 3 intakes. The admission intakes in the USA for international students are most popular for the Summer and Spring semesters.

A common question that arises among Indian students is "how many intakes are there in USA?". There are three total intakes in USA for Indian students consisting of Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.

However, top universities in the USA have their admission deadline but these three intakes in USA 2024 are very essential as most of the universities accept applications during these periods. The fall intake in USA 2024-25 is the major intake among the three. It is essential to consider the program's availability before choosing the US intake.

USA is one of the first choices for students to study abroad. In the year 2023, over 140,000 student visas were issued in India. Read the article to know the information about the major admission intakes in the US, their deadlines and how to apply for them.

Intakes in USA 2024-2025

Fall, Spring, and Summer are three intakes in USA for international students every year. Those applying for Undergraduate, Graduate or PhD programs at universities in America can select any of the following USA intakes.

  • Fall intake: It is also known as September intake. Fall intake in USA 2024 starts in September. Fall intake is the most chosen intake for Indian students. In the fall, top USA universities start admission in various programmes, providing international students opportunities to enrol into their dream college. Major applications hit during the fall 2024 intake in USA, making it the primary season for academic students.

  • Spring intake: The intake right after fall is the spring intake in USA 2025, which is also called as “January intake”. Those who missed the fall intake can apply for the Spring Semester. It is the second most chosen academic intake. Spring 2025 intake in USA has fewer program options than fall intake.

  • Summer intake: The summer intake in USA is for mostly vocational courses. This intake in USA starts in May. The applications for the summer intake universities in USA are comparatively lower than other intakes.

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What are the intakes for USA?

There are a total of three intakes. The table below states the application dates and deadlines for three intakes offered at US universities.

Intakes in USA 2024-25 Timelines


Application Start/End

Application Deadline

Spring Intake



Summer Intake



Fall Intake



Fall intake in USA 2024-25

This is the most popular admission intakes in USA among young aspirants pursuing higher education at top Ivy League colleges. The fall 2024 intake is the ‘Creme De La Creme’ of the seasons due to the number of programs offered, scholarships in USA, internship choices, and availability of part-time jobs in USA.

Advantages of applying for fall intake in USA

The perks of applying for the fall intake in USA are listed below.

  • September in the United States marks the beginning of the academic calendar. Universities in USA offer many programs during this season.

  • US universities enable students to access more scholarships, programs and work opportunities.

  • After securing admissions in fall intake in USA 2024, there are more job opportunities.

  • As the class occupancy is huge the learning is more interactive. MS in the USA during the fall semester is a better choice for interactive learning.

Common myths on fall intake in the US

Fall intake and the myths associated have often puzzled students about whether to enrol. The points below state facts about the unresolved myths about fall intake.

  • Admission rejection- Acceptance into any American university depends on the university seat availability and has nothing to do with the fall USA intake 2024 season.

  • Restricted course options - The biggest myth about fall intakes in USA 2025 is that the courses offered are limited. Fall intake has various programs for international students to enrol.

  • Low education standard- The assumptions about the lack of education standards during the fall intake due to the high admission acceptance are highly false. The US education system ensures a consistent level of academics provided to students.

  • Lack of internships/jobs - Students have an incorrect notion related to fall intake and the scarcity of jobs/internships. There are ample jobs and internships during the Spring Intake as to any other intake.

  • Visa approval- Many students fear enrolling for fall reduces the chances of visa approval. The fact is that visas are approved upon successful verification of the student profile and not the Intake.

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Popular fall intake universities in USA

Spring Intake In USA 2025

First-year students exploring programs during the spring intakes in USA should start applying in January. Unlike different intakes is USA, spring intake enables freshers to begin their higher education abroad without further delays.

Advantages of applying for spring intake in USA

Besides the pleasing weather and diverse culture in the USA, spring intake has various untold advantages. Here is a list of advantages for Spring intake in USA 2025.

  • Spring intake in the United States has a higher chance of acceptance for admission.

  • Students who missed out on the chance to enrol for the fall intake in USA can apply to the universities for the Jan Intake in the USA.

  • Students will get more time to plan their finances and prepare for the standard tests.

  • Students gain the opportunity to complete their degree in a shorter span, giving them a head start on their future goals from other students.

  • First-year students of the spring intake in USA are grouped with the experienced batch of the fall semester, allowing them to share ideas, grow and learn together.

  • Spring Intake USA occupancy is a lot smaller in number, allowing more room for group discussions and increased learning ability.

  • Students who have enrolled for the Jan intake in USA have opportunities to work during the Spring break as interns and apply for programs as volunteers.

Popular January intake universities in USA

How to apply for Intakes in USA 2025?

Before starting the application process for intakes in USA universities, students should plan their preparation, at least 18 months before the desired intake. The process can feel overwhelming without proper guidance. Hence, here is a to-do list created to help along the way.

  • List out at least 10 to 15 preferred universities to apply.

  • Visit the websites of the selected universities to gather must-know information related to the application dates, deadlines, and eligibility.

  • Download at least two copies or more of the application form.

  • Start sorting out academic qualifications from 10th standard and above.

  • Check all education certificates for any errors and correct them immediately.

  • Update CV with all relevant information with education qualifications and professional work experience.

  • Prepare a well-written SOP mentioning the purpose for studying in the USA, past work experience, and academic qualifications. etc.

  • Obtain at least 2-3 letters of recommendation from past university professors and employers.

  • Appear for the English language test like IELTS exam, as applying to universities overseas requires students to be fluent in the English language.

  • Fill and submit the application form online or through post before the deadline. Ensure the application reaches the university before the application's last date.

  • Track the progress of the application status.

  • Students will receive a letter of acceptance from the university through email. A confirmation email is to be sent by the aspirant acknowledging the offer.

  • Fill out the I-20 form from the university and begin the US student visa process.

Documents required to apply for intakes in USA 2025

The college admissions in USA for Indian students requires some documentation while filling the application form. Here is a list of mandatory documents required while applying for the USA intake 2025.

  1. Passport

  2. Resume/CV

  3. Academic qualifications

  4. Statement of purpose (SOP)

  5. Entrance exam score - SAT/GMAT

  6. Letter of recommendation (LOR)

  7. English language proficiency test scores IELTS/TOEFL

  8. Professional work experience

  9. Copy of application confirmation

  10. Financial proof

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the intakes in USA?

Intake is the period when universities invite applications from students for admission. In the USA there are three intakes. They are fall, spring, and summer intakes. The fall is the primary intake where the majority of the admissions take place. Students who miss the fall can apply for the spring intake.

2. Why fall intakes in USA are the best?

The fall intake is at the start of the academic year. The students enrolled during the fall intake will have more part-time job opportunities, accommodation options, and job opportunities, as they are firstcomers. 

3. When to apply for the September intake?

Students can start their preparation 12-18 months before the desired intake. Once documents and test scores are acquired, candidates can start filling out and submitting the applications in the months of November or December.

4. What is the admission processing time in USA?

The time for the application processing takes around 4 weeks to know the decision from the university. Generally, there will be a lot of applications during the fall intake.


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Hi there

Yes you can try to learn various courses that are for approximately 3 months to 6 months in duration.

Yes you can learn before going to us. Learning skills definitively adds some value to the life of a candidate and also improves in getting good recognition in life..

Below i have mentioned some courses  that you can try before visiting us:

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Hello Samarasimha,

YES, you can MS in UA after completing Bsc in Statistics. . All you have to do is score good marks in your PG and prepare for GRE. You should also decide upon the country and the university in which you are going to study.

Furthermore, the requirements to pursue MS in USA are as follows :

  • 3 to 4 years bachelors degree in relevant field.
  • 3.5 or higher GPA, equivalent to 87% in bachelors.
  • GRE score of 330 or above.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Research Internships/ Published Research Papers.
  • Project work/Seminars.
  • 2-3 Letter of Recommendation.
  • Social & Leadership Activities.

Further, requirements for Software jobs in USA are as follows :

  • Enroll in a software development program. The first step to becoming a software engineer is to enroll in a software development degree program. ...
  • Gain internship experience. ...
  • Choose your specialty. ...
  • Pursue industry certifications. ...
  • Continue your education.

I hope that this will help.

Dear aspirant hope you are doing well..

To study at foreign universities/abroad in U. S , the admission process will require the candidate to give one language exam and one standardized exam. However, depending on the country, course, college, or university you are applying for you may be exempted from standardized exams. The language test will showcase your English proficiency skills. These exams are required for pursuing almost all courses abroad. Different countries have different language exams such as

  • TOEFL exam for getting admission to the universities in the US and Canada. The score of this exam is valid for two years after the declaration of results
  • There are plenty of universities abroad where you can apply to do master-level course, MSc in statistics, MSc in Operation Research, and Applied Mathematics, MSc in Mathematical Modeling, etc are some of the Master level Course in Mathematics that are available abroad. Students who have completed their graduation or bachelor's degree in Mathematics can apply for these courses. Foreign universities like Uppsala University, Dublin City University, Oxford Brookes University, University of York, University of Liverpool, etc offer all the above-mentioned courses in mathematics.

Top university of The USA for master degree courses

  • John Carroll University
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Michigan State University
  • West Virginia University
  • Rhode Island College
  • University of Arkansas
  • Vanderbilt University
  • DePaul University
  • Delaware State University
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • University of South Florida
  • California State University Northridge

You can get the detailed information about the process how to apply for MS in USA. read the given article. Link is given below

Hope it's helpful for you..

Thank you

There are many ways to choose your university such as fees, the ranking of the university, which state it is located and scholarships. My suggestion is to choose your research focus and write academic papers. In the US, PhD in Commerce admission into the university depends on what you want to study (your area of research) and your already completed research papers. You can begin your research by searching online for US universities offering PhD in Business Administration. One example is University of California Los Angeles ( .

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