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Southern Cross University, Lismore

New South Wales, Australia | Estd in 1994 | Government University

CWUR Rank : 1364

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About Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is one of the top research-based public universities. The university was established in 1994. Over the decades that have followed, Southern Cross began to be known as one of Australia’s most innovative universities. 

Southern Cross University doesn't require any application fees. Furthermore, the tuition cost at the university varies as per the campus of choice. The student-faculty ratio of the university is 11:1.

Southern Cross University secured its ranking at 651-660th for the first time in the QS World University Ranking of 2024, along with 501-600th in the Times Higher Education Ranking 2024.

In addition, for all non-native English-speaking students, the university requires their English language test scores; the test includes IELTS, TOEFL, CAE and more. Additionally, a minimum GPA of 5.5 is required to secure a place at the university. For the postgraduate courses, the GMAT  and GRE scores are mandatory.

The university provides health courses, from nursing to osteopathy and naturopathy to occupational therapy. They also provide courses like reef restoration, regenerative agriculture, education and responsible business leadership. The university's logo, the Southern Cross constellation, symbolises a guiding light for students and a beacon for independent thinking. 

The university has three main campuses and seven branch campuses. The main campuses are Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour.

The Lismore campus is spread across 75 hectares. It’s the headquarters of specialist training and teaching facilities, including a science and engineering precinct, environmental laboratories, contemporary music and visual arts studios, and the SCU Health Clinic.

The Learning Centre and Library at the campus, situated at the centre of the campus, feature individual and collaborative learning spaces. Southern Cross University has more than 75,000 notable alumni and world-leading researchers who have managed to make an impact on the world.

Latest Deadline at Southern Cross University

The application deadline at Southern Cross University for term 3, which will begin on June 24, 2024, is April 26, 2024, and for term 5, which will commence on October 21, 2024, the deadline will be August 16, 2024.

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Southern Cross University Highlights

Year of Establishment1994
Institute TypeUniversity
Number Of Students17209
Campus Size185 acres
Fee Range11.09 L - ₹19.39 L/yr
Bachelors vs Masters
Gender Ratio
Male: 33%Female: 67%
Male: 33%Female: 67%
Student Demographic
  • Domestic:   13916
  • International:   3293

Southern Cross University Ranking and Stats

Southern Cross University is a prominent university in Australia. To maintain its value and quality, the university secured its ranking at 651-660th for the first time in the QS World University Ranking of 2024, along with 501-600th in the Times Higher Education Ranking 2024.

Moreover, Southern Cross University ranked 997th in the Best Global Universities and 41st among the Best Global Universities in Australia and New Zealand in the US News Ranking. The university also secured a ranking in the Best Global Universities in Australia at 34th, which helps the university be among the top 50 universities in Australia.

Ranking Body

Parametric Score and Ranking 2024

Parameter Ranking
Industry Outcome
International Outlook
DomainYearScoreRankRank Band

Southern Cross University Courses

Southern Cross University offers a diverse variety of programmes ranging from undergraduate to professional, covering more than 55 undergraduate courses, 56 postgraduate courses, 9 honours degrees, and 3 research degrees. All of these courses are then divided into the disciplines of Arts, Law, Business, Science, Media etc. Some of the dual programmes and special courses are also available at the university. The SCU Lismore campus offers:

UG degrees in Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Digital Media, Bachelor of Art and Design, Associate Degree of Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering Systems Honours, Diploma of Education, Diploma of Engineering, Diploma of Science, Diploma of regenerative agriculture, Diploma of Health, Undergraduate certificate in nursing.

PG degrees in Master of Osteopathic Medicine, Master of Nursing, Master of Naturopathic Medicine, Graduate Diploma of Regenerative Agriculture, Graduate Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture.

Education Level
Duration48 Months
Duration48 Months
Duration48 Months
Fees16.07 L/yr
Duration48 Months
Fees16.07 L/yr
Duration12 Months
Fees16.07 L/yr
Duration36 Months
Fees16.07 L/yr

Southern Cross University Affiliated Colleges

Southern Cross University Fees

CoursesDurationInternational StudentLocal Student
B.Sc.(13 courses)2 years-4 years₹16.07 L - ₹17.29 L/yr₹2.26 L - ₹4.54 L/yr
B.A.(8 courses)3 years-4 years₹16.07 L/yr₹4.54 L/yr
M.Sc.(5 courses)1 year-2 years₹11.09 L - ₹18.39 L/yr₹6.87 L - ₹8.23 L/yr
M.A.(4 courses)2 years₹14.88 L - ₹19.39 L/yr₹6.87 L - ₹7.66 L/yr
B.Sc.(Hons)(2 courses)1 year₹16.07 L - ₹17.29 L/yr₹2.26 L - ₹4.54 L/yr

Southern Cross University Cost Of Living

Southern Cross University tuition costs depend on various factors, such as the duration of study, the level of courses, the number of domestic or international students, and the choice of campuses. For the tuition costs for international students at the university for the academic year 2023-2024, check the table mentioned below.

Tuition costs at Southern Cross University


Tuition cost

Cost per unit

For Undergraduate 

Bachelor of Counselling

INR 16.7 L (AUD 30,832)

INR 2.1 L (AUD 3,854)

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

INR 4.2 L (AUD 7,708)

INR 52.2 K (AUD 964)

Bachelor of Engineering Systems (Honours)

INR 20.1 L (AUD 36,960)

INR 2.6 L (AUD 4,620)

Bachelor of Science with Honours

INR 18 L (AUD 33,184)

INR 2.3 L (AUD 4,148)

For Postgraduate 

Master of Computing

INR 19.1 L (AUD 35,280)

INR 2.4 L (AUD 4,410)

Master of Professional Accounting

INR 17.3 L (AUD 31,920) to INR 19.7 L (AUD 36,320)

INR 2.2 L (AUD 3,990) to INR 2.5 L (AUD 4,540)

Master of Information Technology

INR 19.7 L (AUD 36,320)

INR 2.5 L (AUD 4,540)

Master of Naturopathic Medicine

INR 17.3 L (AUD 31,920)

INR 2.2 L (AUD 3,990)

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia may differ according to the living expenses and lifestyle of the individual. An estimated cost of living at Southern Cross University, as updated in 2023, is mentioned below. Candidates can check the details for further reference.

Cost of Living at Southern Cross University


Expenses ( private rental)



INR 8.2 K–INR 19 K (AUD 150–AUD 350) room

INR 21.7 K - INR 43.4 K (AUD 400-AUD 800) house

INR 10.3 K–INR 12 K (AUD 190–AUD 220)


INR 7.6 K-INR 15.2 K (AUD 140-AUD 280)

INR 7.6 K-INR 15.2 K (AUD 140-AUD 280)

Public transport

INR 1.7 K–INR 3.8 K (AUD 30-AUD 70)

INR 1.7 K (AUD 30)


INR 812 (AUD 15) room

INR 2.2K (AUD 40) house



INR 270.66 (AUD 5)



INR 1.7 K (AUD 30)-INR 3.3 K (AUD 60)

INR 1.7 K (AUD 30)-INR 3.3 K (AUD 60)

Is it expensive to study at the university?

The tuition cost at Southern Cross University varies on the campuses. On average, the tuition cost for undergraduate courses is INR 16.7 L (AUD 30,832), and the postgraduate course fee will be INR 17.3 L (AUD 31,920) The on-campus cost of living is less expensive than the living cost of an individual in Australia.

Southern Cross University Admission and Application

Application deadline May,2024

The entry requirements of Southern Cross University depend on various factors, such as the country of the applicant, department requirements, GPAs and many more. For Indian students, the university needs the following requirements:

The GPA should be a minimum of 5.5 on a scale of 7.0, which is equivalent to 70–75%. For the postgraduate courses, GRE and GMAT scores are required.

Entry requirements at Southern Cross University 


Minimum Scores (in the 4 best subjects)

Indian Higher Secondary School Certificate (State Board)

70 to 100

India Senior School Certificate (CBSE)

5.5 to 16.5

Indian School Certificate (CISCE)

58 to 92

International Baccalaureate (IB)

24 to 34

How to Apply at Southern Cross University?

  • Visit the official website of the university.

  • Select the Apply Tab on the main page of the tab.

  • Then click on the ‘Start Your Application’ option, and a new page will open.

  • Here, create an account and register at the university by email. Login credentials will be shared with the email address.

  • Log in with the credentials and fill out the application form.

  • Submit the form and apply to the university.

  • Check the application status on the official website

Application fee and Application deadline

Southern Cross University does not have any application fees. The application deadline at the university is mentioned below. Some of the courses at the university have different deadlines depending on the seats and availability of the course.

Application deadline at Southern Cross University


Application deadline

Begins June 24, 2024

(Term 3)

April 26, 2024

Commences October 21, 2024 (Term 5)

August 16, 2024

Documents Required

  • Academic and transcript records.

  • Proof of relevant work experience (depending on selected programmes).

  • Curriculum vitae or resume

  • Evidence of English language proficiency.

  • Personal statement.

  • Essays.

  • LOR

  • Copy of passport.

  • Interview (for some of the courses)

  • Standardised test scores

Southern Cross University Scholarship

Southern Cross University offers various scholarships, depending on domestic and international applicants. The scholarship also varies as per the individual department. The awards for scholarships (Vice Chancellor's Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024, Vice Chancellor’s International Diversification Scholarship 2024, and Southern Cross Global Regional Scholarship 2024) are INR 4.4 L (AUD 8,000) per year. Here is the list of scholarships awarded at the university to international students as well as domestic students.

Scholarships at Southern Cross University



Destination Australia Scholarship

INR 8.2 L (AUD 15,000)

Ralph Barclay Braun Memorial Scholarship

INR 2.8 L (AUD 5,000)

The university also has many other scholarships for research programmes and higher degree courses, which can be checked at the time of applying. Moreover, the university accepts external scholarships.

Read More: Scholarships in Australia.

Southern Cross University Eligibility

International candidates who are non-native English speakers need to submit their English language test scores to secure admission at Southern Cross University. The tests accepted at the university are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAE and CPE. The scores for the English language test should be equivalent to the IELTS score band and vary accordingly. Therefore, students need to check the criteria while applying to the university. The following are the minimum scores required at the university:.

English language test requirements


Minimum Scores


32- 94


4.5 to 7.0


30- 65


67- 154



Southern Cross University Campus Life

Life on campus offers everything you need to make the most of your university experiences. The students keep organising campus events and club events to promote diversity and inclusivity throughout the campus. Some of the events that were conducted on campus recently are:

  • LEXSA Wellness Wednesday

  • LEXSA Bouldering Wall-climbs

  • LEXSA Free Lunch Thursdays

  • LEXSA Conference: Children, Trauma and the Law

Southern Cross University Campus Facilities

Study Amenities


Southern Cross University has an Environmental Analysis Laboratory and an Analytical Research Laboratory. The Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) specialises in a range of quality analytical services like Agricultural soil testing, Contamination testing, General soils and solids testing, Plant testing etc. The ARL plays a key role in providing the private and public sectors with a range of phytochemical analytical services and quality testing of pharmaceutical raw materials and products to satisfy regulatory requirements.


The Library at SCU provides online resources, research guides, and journals for all subjects. The university even has a Contemporary Learning Centre on campus. Students can also make use of GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) but within certain restrictions. The timings of the library at Lismore are 8 AM-5 PM.



The campus has tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, an indoor pool and gym, and plenty of natural open spaces for sports and activities. Students can get involved in a number of social sports programs (multi-sports and badminton), National UniSports Competitions, and Team SCU sports events.


Transport Facility

The university encourages students to choose sustainable travelling options to get around the city. Students can use public transport and bicycles and even walk, as Lismore is a very walkable city.



The Southern Cross University Health Clinic provides healthcare services like Exercise physiology, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy etc. to all students and staff at all three campuses. The Clinic helps students with education, research and practical experience in the healthcare industry. The practitioners are usually accredited professionals, but sometimes, senior students who are supervised thoroughly are also allowed to treat patients.


The Chec Cafe, open 8 AM to 2 PM, offers the students a wide variety of lunch and breakfast options to choose from. Students wanting to eat healthy can choose from 8 different varieties of lunch pack menus and pre-ordered platters based on their requirements. The Chec Cafe also offers catering services on request.

Southern Cross University International Office Details

Every year, Southern Cross University accepts several international students representing different countries. The university is considered a good place for students who want to study in Australia. The university provides a platform for the students to exchange their cultural and religious beliefs, which makes learning and life at the university easy for the incoming students. Recently, the university has recorded approximately 10,381 students, of whom 23% of students are international.

Contact: +61 2 6620 3876, 1800-72-4357

Gold Coast
Address: Southern Cross Drive, Bilinga, QLD 4225.

Address:Military Road, East Lismore NSW 2480

Coffs Harbour
Address: Hogbin Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

Is it hard to get into the university as an international student?

Southern Cross University is considered the least competitive. The university has an acceptance rate of 67%, which means the university is moderate to least selective. Students with excellent academic performance and well-maintained GPAs can have higher chances of enrolment. Accordingly, the university has approximately 23% international students, which eases the chances of selection. It is recommended that the students achieve higher scores than the minimum criteria of the university.

Southern Cross University Accommodation

Students of Southern Cross have the option to stay on-campus as well as off-campus and still stay connected to the community. The university offers on-campus residential colleges (UniLodge Lismore and Coffs Harbour) and private rentals (UniStays) that are off-campus. Students choosing to study at the Lismore campus, have two options for accommodation: UniLodge SCU Lismore- Orion and Magellan. 

The village apartments are modern and fully furnished, with their own kitchen, lounge, dining area and bathroom. Students living on campus can enjoy movie nights, themed parties, study groups and cooking classes.

On-campus accommodation facilities:

  • Onsite staff and 24/7 security

  • Barbecues and outside gatherings

  • WiFi/Internet access

  • Communal Kitchens

  • Common areas/game rooms/lounges to unwind after studying

  • Pool (at the Orion) and Gym (on campus)

  • 4-6 bedroom apartments

Southern Cross University Gallery

View All Photos And Videos


View All Photos And Videos


Southern Cross University is a prominent university, especially in research and innovative programmes. It is a public university established in 1994 and is best known for its academic performance and world-class faculties.

The tuition cost at Southern Cross University varies on the campuses. On average, the tuition cost for undergraduate courses is INR 16.7 L (AUD 30,832), and the postgraduate course fee will be INR 17.3 L (AUD 31,920).

Southern Cross University is a public research-based university, established in 1994, with three main campuses: Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour. The university is known for its great academic performance and high-quality research facilities.

Southern Cross University is a prominent university in Australia. To maintain its esteemed value and quality, the university secured its ranking at 651-660th for the first time in the QS World University Ranking of 2024.

Students who have been accepted will receive an offer via email. All the information they need to accept/decline/defer, arrange payment for their course and enrol in units will be in this email.

Applications to study by distance education are made directly to the University. Applicants can check in the course sheet if their course is offered by Online Education (this is shown under Locations in the domestic course summary) To apply, they can go to the How to Apply tab and click the Apply Online button.

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