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Birmingham City University, Birmingham

West Midlands, England | Estd in 1992 | Government University

Updated onJan 9, 2024 11:45 AM IST
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About Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University, a public institution, was established in 1971 as the City of Birmingham Polytechnic through the union of five separate institutions. It was granted university status in 1992. Birmingham City University is ranked in the top half of UK universities for teaching quality and student satisfaction. 

Around 30,000 students from over 100 countries have chosen Birmingham City University to study in the UK. Birmingham City University student-faculty ratio is 17:1, which suggests a close interaction between teachers and students. Birmingham City University acceptance rate ranges between 50-53%. This suggests that 1 out of every 2 international students get accepted by the university into various programmes. 

International students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions to Birmingham City University must ensure to have a good command of the English Language. Candidates can demonstrate their (ELP) skills through IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE), Cambridge C1 Advanced, Cambridge C2 Proficiency, PSI Skills for English – SELT, Cambridge B2 First, LanguageCert International ESOL B1, and B2, and BCU English Proficiency Test certificates. 

Birmingham City University offers over 580 courses for students from over 100 nationalities of the world. BCU is a vibrant and diverse place to study. Many of their undergraduate and graduate programmes in accounting, architecture, education, engineering, law, marketing, nursing, psychology, and social work have professional accreditation. All eligible students are advised to submit their applications before January 2, 2024. 

The city centre campus and the City South campus are the two primary campuses that make up the Birmingham City University campus. Within six months after graduating, 97% of Birmingham City University students are employed with prestigious firms like Microsoft, Cisco, Sony, and many others. 

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Latest deadline at Birmingham City University

Applicants looking for admission to undergraduate programmes at Birmingham City University are required to submit UCAS applications by January 31, 2024.

Birmingham City University Highlights

Year of Establishment1992
Institute TypeUniversity
Number Of Students30290
Fee Range9.80 L - ₹19.19 L/yr
Bachelors vs Masters
Gender Ratio
Male: 36%Female: 64%
Male: 36%Female: 64%
Student Demographic
  • Asian:   2970
  • Indian:   1265
  • African:   1095
  • European union:   505
  • Others:   275

Birmingham City University Courses

Birmingham City University offers a total of over 580 courses for international students in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university offers over 430 full-time courses for a wide range programmes. Practice-based learning, which allows students to obtain practical experience in their chosen field while pursuing their studies, is a well-known feature of BCU. The university provides assistance with English language learning for international students in addition to a range of study abroad and international exchange programmes. Some of the popular major courses offered at the university include BBA, MPH, MBA, BA, PGDM, and others.

Which courses are available in Birmingham City University?

Birmingham City University provides around 580 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in total. A well-known aspect of BCU is its 430 full-time courses for practice-based learning, which allows students to gain practical experience in their chosen industry while completing their studies. 

What is Birmingham City University known for?

Birmingham City University offers more than 580 undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to a variety of study abroad and international exchange programmes, the institution assists overseas students with learning the English language. BBA, MPH, MBA, BA, PGDM, and other popular major courses are available at the university.

How much is Birmingham City University tuition fee?

Birmingham City University tuition prices for the academic year 2023-2024 vary based on the subject and your resident status. International undergraduate students pay between £13,980 and £16,870 per year in tuition, while postgraduate students pay between £14,500 and £21,000 per year.

Education Level
Duration12 Months
Fees17.12 L/yr
Duration12 Months
Fees16.54 L/yr
Duration12 Months
Fees17.12 L/yr
Duration12 Months
Fees17.12 L/yr
Duration12 Months
Fees17.12 L/yr
Duration12 Months
Fees17.12 L/yr

Birmingham City University Fees

CoursesDurationInternational StudentLocal Student
B.A.(Hons)(59 courses)2 years-4 years₹9.80 L - ₹19.19 L/yr₹9.80 L - ₹11.76 L/yr
B.Sc.(Hons)(44 courses)2 years-4 years₹14.30 L - ₹17.87 L/yr₹9.80 L - ₹11.76 L/yr
M.Sc.(39 courses)1 year-4 years₹14.81 L - ₹17.87 L/yr₹8.37 L - ₹12.18 L/yr
M.A.(33 courses)1 year-1 year₹17.26 L - ₹17.87 L/yr₹7.20 L - ₹14.19 L/yr
B.E /B.Tech(6 courses)3 years-4 years₹14.81 L/yr₹9.80 L/yr

Birmingham City University Cost Of Living

For the academic year 2023-2024, Birmingham City University tuition fees vary depending on the course and your fee status. The university charges between £13,980 and £16,870 per year for international undergraduate students and between £14,500 and £21,000 per year for postgraduate students. Applicants can find more detailed information about tuition fees for their specific course on the Birmingham City University website at the official website. Students can pay their tuition fees in full or in installments. However, these fees do not include some necessary living costs including food, lodging, and other living expenses. 

Is it expensive to study at the university?

Yes, studying at Birmingham City University, Birmingham is expensive for international students. The university charges higher tuition fees for international students and the cost of living is also higher than the average living costs in any other city in the world. Although the university offers tuition fee redemption for overseas students, however, the overall living expenses including the course requirements and living expenses very much higher for international students as the university does not receive any government funding regarding overseas admission. Therefore, applicants with international citizenship are advised to analyse their living situation and costs before applying for an international student visa. 

Birmingham City University Cost of Living 

General expenses

Approximate yearly cost

University accommodation (51 weeks)

From £4,620 to £10,608 depending on your preferences

Food, and other shopping


Gas and electricity


Insurance for personal belongings

£15 - £117

Laundry (using a laundrette)


Course-related costs: books/stationery/photocopying/binding


Subscriptions to journals/magazines


Bus pass – three terms and summer pass (travel)


Television licence


Mobile telephone


Social activity costs – dependent on activities

£600 - £960

Kitchen utensils, plates and cutlery


Police registration (if applicable)


Birmingham City University Admission and Application

Birmingham City University acceptance rate is approximately 50-53%. This implies that the university accepts one out of every two international students into a variety of programmes. International applicants may use UCAS or online applications to submit direct applications to the university. Students are recommended to visit, the university's official website, for comprehensive information about the application process, deadlines, necessary documents, and fees. 

How to apply for Birmingham City University admission?

Students must submit their applications as soon as possible in order to enrol for Birmingham University admission. Although it is a lengthy process, the essential steps are explained below. This important step will guarantee that the application process goes smoothly. 


  • Go to the official website of UCAS. 

  • Fill out a UCAS application.

  • Check and revise your personal statement.

  • Send your application to UCAS with a reference.

  • You can fully track your application once it is in the UCAS database.

Online application:

  • Visit the official website of the university.

  • Go to their "Your Application" portal.

  • Find your course.

  • Click on "How to Apply."

  • Select your student status(Local or International student). 

  • Create an account.

  • Fill out all the required details and submit the application form.

Documents required to apply to Birmingham University

Candidates must produce a specified set of documents in order to be taken into consideration for admission to the university. Additionally, there are extra documents that need to be provided for international students.

Students will need to have the following documents ready:

  • Educational certificates from secondary education onwards

  • Statement of purpose

  • Passport Photocopy

  • Official English Proficiency Test Scores (TOEFL, IELTS, or CEFR)

  • 1-2 letters of recommendation

  • Other documents may be required, depending on the course.

How can I get admission in Birmingham City University?

To get admission to Birmingham City University, applicants must explore the available courses and meet the entry requirements of their preferred programme. If you are an international student, you can apply through the official student. Attach all required documents, such as academic transcripts, references, and test score reports, as well as IELTS or TOEFL scores for English language competency. If you fulfil their expectations, BCU will make you an offer of admission after reviewing your application and interview.

How long does it take for Birmingham City University to give admission?

The amount of time taken by Birmingham City University to make an admission decision depends on a variety of factors, including your desired programme, application, and additional requirements. BCU normally sends decisions on UCAS applications within 6 weeks after receiving complete application documents. The processing period for overseas students applying directly through BCU's portal might range from 4 to 8 weeks.

Is it possible to get admission to Birmingham City University without taking the IELTS?

Admission to Birmingham City University without taking the IELTS is dependent on several variables, including your programme, academic scores, previous English language examinations, and interview performance. Candidates must verify the program's "English language requirements" section to be sure. This will explain if IELTS is required or whether other choices are acceptable. Students can contact the BCU admissions office for further information.

Birmingham City University Scholarship

Birmingham City University, Birmingham provides all undergraduate and postgraduate international students merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are used to exempt students enrolled in the university's various degree programmes from paying tuition fees. Students can check their eligibility for various scholarships by visiting the official university website. Eligible students can apply for Birmingham City University scholarships through online application. Candidates may also need to provide supporting documentation, such as their academic transcripts, English language test scores, and a personal statement to support their application. A panel of university staff assesses the eligibility of the students, and the successful applicants are notified by the university in writing.

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Birmingham City University Eligibility

To be considered for admission, international students must meet the required academic requirements and provide proof of English language proficiency.

Birmingham City University Academic Requirements:

  • Students must be qualified to study at Level 3 or equivalent

  • Candidate must be at least 18 years old or above

  • Indian students must submit a class 12 certificate with a minimum average of 55% for almost all of the undergraduate programmes

  • For direct admission  to postgraduate diploma, MBA, or Master's degree programmes, a 3 or 4 year Bachelor's degree with a 55% overall average (50% from top universities) is required

  • The university demands a higher grade for some specialised programmes

English language requirements

Applicants must provide proof of their English language proficiency in order to be admitted to Birmingham City University. Through a variety of English language exams chosen by the university, candidates from non-English speaking backgrounds can demonstrate their language proficiency. The university selects students for various degree programmes based on their proficiency in English as demonstrated by IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge C1 Advanced, Cambridge C2 Proficiency, PSI Skills for English – SELT, Cambridge B2 First, LanguageCert International ESOL B1, and B2, and BCU English Proficiency Test certificates.

Birmingham City University Campus Facilities


Boys Hostel

A variety of privately owned halls of residence, such as Jennens Court, My Student Village: Birmingham, and Curzon Gateway in the city centre, are available for housing through the university. The fees here can range from £146 per week to £195 per week. The accommodation in UK at City South will cost you about £125 per week. The needs of its students are highly important to Birmingham City University. Numerous excellent amenities are available in the on-campus accommodation, including wireless internet, round-the-clock security, and heating and power for students.

Study Amenities


Birmingham City University has four libraries: Curzon, Mary Seacole, the School of Art, and the School of Jewellery across Birmingham on all campuses, which contain around 950,000 books and 9,000 print and electronic journals. Their largest library, the Curzon Library, is situated on the city centre campus and has two floors of books, journals, and AV materials. while Mary Seacole Library is located at the City South Campus.



Students have free or discounted access to a variety of sports as a part of Birmingham University facilities. The City South Sports Centre, a brand-new structure at the City South campus that houses the university's sports and physiotherapy programmes, is one of Birmingham City University's sporting facilities. There is also a state-of-the-art sports analysis facility, a fully furnished sports hall perfect for indoor activities, and other amenities.

The university also has a fantastic fitness centre that is open to everyone, the Doug Ellis Sports Center. The pavilion is a floodlit, full-sized, all-weather pitch where football and rugby are played.


Transport Facility

Birmingham has an excellent public transportation system that makes the Birmingham University student life easy to get to campus. The university has two main campuses and additional sites located throughout the city, but all of the locations are easily accessible by bus, train, tram, bike, or car. The students can even choose to walk to the city centre campus as the university is easily walkable from the main areas of the city. Birmingham City University is also dedicated to promoting the use of sustainable transport because it can improve your health, save you money, and have a significant positive impact on the environment.



There are many excellent food and drink choices at the university. The Curzon Cafeteria, Birmingham City University's primary dining facility, has a wide selection of breakfast and dinner options, including vegetarian and vegan options. If the students need to take a break from their studies, there is a sizable seating space all around it. In Curzon, there are also two Starbucks coffee shops and a campus store with a huge variety of snacks, beverages, and fruit to fit any taste. If students are looking for quick meals, the Deli Café, located next to the Curzon Cafeteria, has a nice selection of takeout salads and sandwiches.

Birmingham City University International Office Details

Birmingham has the highest intake of foreign students in the Birmingham area. With employees, students, and alumni from more than 100 different nations, they are a cutting-edge and vibrant international university. The university also provides merit-based scholarships in the UK to deserving undergraduate international students. A student's academic background is taken into consideration for the scholarship. To assist you in adjusting and establishing connections with other students who share your interests, the Students' Union International Student Group organises social events all year round. International students can get in touch with the university directly by using the following information to get in touch with them:


Web Page: BCU International

Phone: +44 (0)121 331 5389


Is it hard to get into university as an international student? 

Yes, the university is moderately difficult for international students to get into. According to some external sources, the Birmingham City University acceptance rate ranges between 50-53%. This suggests that 1 out of every 2 international students get accepted by the university into various programmes. However, overseas students must exhibit an excellent academic profile and merit to get selected by the university’s selection panel. 

Birmingham City University Gallery

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Whether or not Birmingham City University is worth it depends on your individual needs and goals. Birmingham City University is ranked in the top 100 universities in the UK by The Guardian and The Complete University Guide. It is also ranked in the top 1000 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings. The university has a good reputation for employability. Its graduates are in high demand from employers.

No, the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University are not the same. They are two separate universities located in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom. The University of Birmingham is a research-intensive university with a higher global ranking, while Birmingham City University is known for its vocational and professional education.

Birmingham City University tuition fees vary depending on the selection of the course and degree programme. BCU charges approximately between £13,980 and £16,870 per year for international undergraduate students and between £14,500 and £21,000 per year for postgraduate students. However, these fees do not include other essential living expenses including food, accommodation, books, health, and many more.

In the QS World University Rankings' 2024 ranking report, Birmingham City University is placed between 1001 and 1200th in the world. According to the Complete University Guide 2024, Birmingham City University is ranked 559th overall in the United Kingdom. When it comes to student satisfaction and the calibre of instruction, Birmingham City University is ranked in the top half of UK universities.

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