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De Montfort University, Leicester

Leicester, England | Estd in 1992 | Government University

CWUR Rank : 1518

Updated onJan 2, 2024 08:04 AM IST
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About De Montfort University

De Montfort University is a public university located in Leicester, United Kingdom, founded in 1870 as the Leicester School of Art and then officially established as De Montfort University in 1992. The university is recognised for its excellent academic and research programmes and stands as one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking universities.

De Montfort University is ranked 81st in the best global universities in the United Kingdom and 1261st in the best global universities by the US News. Additionally, the university is recognised at 351-360th place in the subject-specific ranking by the QS WUR subject ranking.
The university aims to provide not only text or book-based knowledge but also to allow students to explore and research the diversity of the courses. Considering De Montfort University in the QS World University Ranking 2024, the university has been ranked 801–850th. De Montfort University is in the top 100 universities in the world and received a 5-star rating from the QS ranking.

De Montfort University provides a diverse range of courses covering more than 30 majors, 293 undergraduate courses, and 216 master and doctorate programmes in various fields. For all non-native English speakers applicants, the university requires the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

As per the De Montfort University registration details, nearly 23,125 students enrol in full-time courses at the university, of which 37% of the students are international students representing 130 countries with an impressive female-male ratio of 56:44. The De Montfort University acceptance rate is approximately 42–45%.

De Montfort University provides a diverse section of academic programmes aimed at the innovative growth of individuals from the undergraduate level to professional programmes, including Arts & Humanities, Computer science, Social sciences, Education, Business & Economics, Psychology and more.

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De Montfort University Highlights

Year of Establishment1992
Institute TypeUniversity
Number Of Students27535
Acceptance Rate45%
Fee Range15.99 L - ₹20.44 L/yr
Bachelors vs Masters
Gender Ratio
Male: 44%Female: 56%
Male: 44%Female: 56%
Student Demographic
  • Asian:   2900
  • European union:   2065
  • Indian:   1335
  • African:   600
  • Others:   600

De Montfort University Ranking and Stats

The university is recognised for its academic excellence and research innovations. De Montfort University is among the top universities in the UK and the world. The De Montfort University QS ranking is 801-850 and the world ranking of the university by the Times Higher Education is 601-800.

Ranking Body

Parametric Score and Ranking 2024

Parameter Ranking
Industry Outcome
International Outlook
DomainYearScoreRankRank Band

De Montfort University Courses

De Montfort University provides a diverse range of courses covering more than 30 majors, 293 undergraduate courses, and 216 master and doctorate programmes in the fields of Life sciences, Engineering & Technology, Arts & Humanities, Computer science, Social sciences, Education, Business & Economics, Psychology, Physical sciences, Law, Clinical, pre-clinical & health, management. Apart from that, some of the popular courses at the university are ranked as per the Times Higher Education ranking, including:

For Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences, and in Business & Economics, the university attains a position in the 401-500 range. In the field of Computer Science, the university secured a place within the 301–400 range. Likewise, in the field of Law, De Montfort University achieves a ranking between the 201 and 250 ranges.

Education Level
Duration36 Months
Fees16.68 L/yr
Exams AcceptedIELTS
Duration36 Months
Fees17.21 L/yr
Exams AcceptedIELTS
Duration36 Months
Fees17.21 L/yr
Exams AcceptedIELTS
Duration36 Months
Fees17.21 L/yr
Exams AcceptedIELTS
Duration48 Months
Fees16.68 L/yr
Exams AcceptedIELTS
Duration48 Months
Fees16.68 L/yr
Exams AcceptedIELTS

De Montfort University Fees

CoursesDurationInternational StudentLocal Student
B.A.(Hons)(103 courses)2 years-4 years₹16.15 L - ₹17.21 L/yr₹9.80 L/yr
B.Sc.(Hons)(62 courses)3 years-4 years₹16.68 L - ₹17.84 L/yr₹9.80 L/yr
M.Sc.(45 courses)1 year-2 years₹15.99 L - ₹20.42 L/yr₹7.47 L - ₹11.07 L/yr
M.A.(20 courses)1 year-2 years₹16.74 L - ₹19.01 L/yr₹9.00 L - ₹11.07 L/yr
L.L.M(6 courses)1 year₹19.01 L/yr₹11.07 L - ₹12.13 L/yr

De Montfort University Cost Of Living

The tuition fee at De Montfort University may vary depending on the course applied to. For full-time international students, the approximate fee for the classroom is INR 16 L (£15,250), and for the laboratory, it is INR 16.5 L (£15,750). The undergraduate estimated fee lies between INR INR 16 L to INR 17.6 L (£15,250 and £16,840). For further information, students can visit the DMU website regarding the tuition fees for specific subjects.

Estimated undergraduate tuition fees

Undergraduate Courses

Estimated Tuition fee/ Cost

Art, Design and Humanities

INR 16 L (£15,250) 

Computing, Engineering and Media

INR 16 L - INR 16.5 L (£15,250 - £15,750)

Business and Law

 INR 16 L (£15,250)

Health and Life Sciences

INR 16 L - INR 17.6 L (£15,250  - £16,840) 

De Montfort University provides three ways to fulfil the payment criteria of the subject of choice. Applicants need to pay a minimum of 50% of their tuition fees after they receive an unconditional offer from De Montfort University. The payment methods are mentioned below:

  • Pay online: De Montfort University accepts online payments through the university website. For making payments, applicants need their student reference number, which will be issued once the application is received at the university end.

  • Pay through Bank, Flywire: Bank transfers can be easy with Flywire bank transfers; it enables easy access to over 240 countries with 140 currencies, or the applicant can use any payment method accessible in their country, including bank transfers, credit or debit cards, and even e-transfers like PayPal.

  • Pay by Instalment Plan: The students are allowed to opt for the instalment plan for paying their tuition fees. In the plan, 50% of the tuition fee needs to be paid in advance for registration, and the rest of the tuition fees can be divided into two instalments.

If the applicant received the conditional offer or if the applicant's region falls under the credibility criteria requirement, students have to provide the required documents for the final registration. After completing all the criteria, the university will share the acknowledgement with the students to apply for a Student visa in UK

If the nationality of the applicant is India or Sri Lanka, the student needs to pay a minimum refundable amount of INR 2.1 L (£2,000) for the process and request to schedule the credibility interview after sending the payment receipt and offer letter to

Cost of Living

De Montfort University provides a variety of nine halls of residence: 3 DMU-owned halls and the rest 6 are privately owned halls, with prices ranging from approx. INR 10 K to INR 17 K (£95 to £156) per week. 

All the university halls are self-catered and furnished, with DMU providing a bedding pack including a duvet, pillow, and bedsheets. For full-time new applicants, the university offers on-campus living for the first year once they enrol in the programme. The estimated room expense for the international students in 2023–2024 as per the halls is mentioned below:

Estimated cost of living in De Montfort University


Cost of living

Bede Hall

INR 4.1 L  (£3,908.59)

Castle Court

INR 5.9 L - INR 6.6 L (£5,590- £6,235)

The Glassworks

INR 7.1 L (£6,708)

The Grange

INR 5.2 L - INR 5.5 L (£4,945- £5,160)

Liberty Park

INR 5.8 L (£5,504)

New Wharf Hall

INR 4.8 L (£4,525.73) 

Newarke Point

INR 6.2 L - INR 5.1 L (£5,891- £4,795)

Newarke Street

INR 6.1 L - INR 6.5 L (£5,805- £6,149)

Waterway Gardens

INR 4.4 L (£4,114.30)

The private halls require a guarantor for the international students. Other miscellaneous expenses vary according to the needs or requirements of an individual. Students can access the course text books from the Kimberlin library, and the journal articles are electronically available at their MyDMU login account. If any of the students require a hard copy of the textbook, then the cost is around INR 21 K (£200) per year. Students can further check the cost of Living in the UK for the reference of other miscellaneous expenses.

De Montfort University Admission and Application

The De Montfort University admissions process may vary according to the degree programme offering: undergraduate, graduate, and professional. To ease the application process for the students who want to study in UK, the university does not require any application fees. Students applying to De Montfort University can follow any of the methods mentioned below for the application process:

  • Apply directly through the DMU admission portal.

  • Apply through a DMU-contracted agent in the respective country the student is applying from.

  • Apply through UCAS. UCAS is the University and College Admission Service, an online application portal to apply at De Montfort University for undergraduate courses using the university code. DEM/D26.x

De Montfort University Admission Process

  • Visit the official website of the university at

  • Click on the International tab.

  • Select the degree programme.

  • Check all the requirements for the application.

  • Then select the Apply Now tab and fill out the application form.

  • Login credentials will be sent to the registered email address of the applicant.

  • Use the credentials to log into the portal, and fill out the application, and submit the form.

  • After submission of the application, the applicants will be sent an acknowledgement email along with instructions for further processing.

De Montfort University Application Fees

For easy access to the empowering world with the innovative course, all students applying to De Montfort University do not need to pay any application fee.

De Montfort University Application Deadline

De Montfort University provides four application paths for all students: Semester 1, Semester 2 and Semester 3/X. The deadline for all the application paths is given below:

  • Semester 1: Registrations are open until August 21, 2023

  • Semester 2: December 8, 2023

  • Semester 3/X: April 26, 2024

Documents Required for Admission to De Montfort University

  • Transcripts and academic records from high school.

  • Letters of recommendation: the recommendation should include the date, the student’s details, and the details of the referee with their signature.

  • Submit the resume.

  • The application interview, along with other application details, must be submitted by the applicants.

  • Proof of English language proficiency

  • Copy of passport

  • A personal statement of 500 words provides information about the individual, and the applicant can add their aim to pursue the course with De Montfort University.

De Montfort University Scholarship

De Montfort University provides scholarships and bursaries to undergraduate and postgraduate students within the country as well as internationally, and provides financial support for tuition fees. International students at the university can apply for the scholarship listed below:

Estimated cost of the scholarship award

Year of course


50% of payment 

Full payment

Undergraduate course, 1st year

Before November 1, 2023.

INR 2.1 L

INR 2.7 L

After November 1, 2023, before the deadline.

INR 1.1 L

INR 2.1 L

Undergraduate course, 2nd year

Before November 1, 2023.

INR 2.1 L

INR 2.7 L

After November 1, 2023, before the deadline.


INR 2.1 L

Undergraduate course, 3rd year

Before November 1, 2023.

INR 1.1 L

INR 1.6 L

After November 1, 2023, before the deadline.


INR 2.1 L

Postgraduate course, 1st year

Before November 1, 2023.

INR 52.4 K

INR 1.1 L

After November 1, 2023, before the deadline.



The International Scholarship Award is available to new international students starting on a full-time or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate course.

  • An applicant must have received an offer to study on a full-time course or part-time course starting in September 2023 or January 2024 and accepted the offer. De Montfort University advertises the terms and conditions with the awards on the website itself.

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De Montfort University Eligibility

The eligibility of De Montfort University for the graduate and special programmes may vary as per the academic requirements of the subject choice. The university has set scores for the English proficiency test. Moreover, the students can check the eligibility criteria for the selected course on the website itself.

  • For all the non-native English speakers applicants, the university required the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) according to the course students wanted to apply to.

  • A minimum 65% average in the four best subjects in the 12th Standard. The university also checks the results of the 10th standard in English and math.

For graduate students, the eligibility criteria are:

  • De Montfort University requires a bachelor's degree with 50% to 60% scores, depending on the university the applicant studied at and the course they are applying for. Some of the courses have additional entry criteria, such as a portfolio, work experience, or a degree in a related field.

  • The IELTS score can differ from the undergraduate level.

The scores required in the English proficiency test for undergraduate admissions are listed below:

English proficiency test score requirement


Minimum Scores Required (IELTS)

Art and Design


Science courses


Humanities and Media courses


Law Courses




Computing and Engineering courses


De Montfort University Campus Facilities


Boys Hostel

The University is accessible to every student's accommodations. The De Montfort University facilities are available to students during the course of their studies. De Montfort University’s accommodation in the UK is an ideal residence to feel safe, secure, and content. The accommodation for students is divided into halls and has the option of either a basic, classic, or premium suite. The accommodation is provided by De Montfort university to all UK and international undergraduate students who request it. The university has 14 residence halls with more than 4,600 rooms, a varied contract length, self-catered halls, and prices ranging from £97- £191 per week.

Study Amenities


University life for students is upgraded and provides them with a holistic education. As Montfort University has both online and offline libraries that support and guide students in their academics and research. The students can access free online resources from an extension of the university website known as “library learning services.” 

De Montfort University facilities at the library include

  • study spaces, 

  • support teams, 

  • Resources like Library Guides, 

  • Good Academic Practice,

  • Writing & Study Skills (CLaSS) for the students to maneuver their work easily.

For the offline study, the students can visit any of the four buildings: Kimberly Library, Law Library, The Greenhouse, and Eric Wood Learning Zone.


The University has Working in an industrial laboratory has empowered a De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) student to learn something new every day.

Amenities and Clubs

Alumni Associations

The University wants to help you to stay connected with fellow alumni and everything happening at DMU, and we have made that easier than ever with the Alumni Hub, our digital networking platform. The Alumni Hub is a thriving social space for our alumni which brings together all the services on offer from DMU for Life, including:



The University has an eight-court sports hall that enables a varied program of activities to be on offer to our members and paying guests throughout the day with the following sports available to users of the center:

  • 5-a-side football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Short tennis


The University has One of the highlights of the leisure center is our purpose-built state-of-the-art gym containing high-quality Technogym equipment. To use the Fitness Suite, you must have watched our online induction or completed an induction with one of our gym instructors. During the current facility guidelines, users of the gym must now book their sessions in order to use the gym. This can be done via the app or by using our Online booking system. Please note that non-members can only book 24 hours in advance and spaces are limited. Members can book up to 6 days in advance. If you can no longer make your session, you need to cancel your slot to avoid being charged non-attendance fees.


Transport Facility

The University team operates the DMU Travel Plan and the promotion of Green Transport initiatives, to reduce the number of single-person car journeys to the campus and, at the same time, offer more sustainable alternatives. 

This includes the management of cycle storage facilities to encourage cycle use and overseeing the provision and operation of the Hospital Hopper, Park and Ride permits, and other initiatives related to staff and student travel.  

Parking Facility

The University has Parking enforcement is managed by the university's approved BPA Operator. All appeals against parking charges must be made in the first instance in writing to the BPA Approved Operator responsible for collecting parking charges. Details can be found in the Vehicle Parking and Cycle Policy.



The University takes care to serve the best food for its students. There are numerous options for students and they can order food through ‘UniFoodHub’ run by the university’s official catering department known as the Chartwells.

The other outlets with timings for students to check are

  • Food Village is open from Mon -Fri: 8 am-4 pm

  • Riverside Cafe is open from Mon-Fri: 8.30 am-4 pm

  • Simply Fresh from Mon-Fri: 7.30 am-7 pm

  • Coffee House open from Mon-Fri: 7.30 am-5.30 pm

  • Subway open from Mon-Fri: 9.30 am-4 pm

  • Kimberlin Library Cafe is open from Mon-Fri: 10 am-5 pm

De Montfort University International Office Details

De Montfort University London is dedicated to its international students. Nearly 23,125 students enrol at De Montfort University for full-time courses, out of which 37% are international students. The university accepts applications from approximately 130 countries. The university stands to provide the best academic support to international students, offering various courses for distance learning or even online courses to international students.

Address: The Gateway Leicester
LE1 9BH, United Kingdom

Is it hard to get into De Montfort University as an international student?

The acceptance rate at De Montfort University is between 42 and 45% for international students; the acceptance rate may vary as per the course of choice. Approximately 2700 international students represent 130 countries at DMU.

De Montfort University Gallery

View All Photos And Videos


View All Photos And Videos


De Montfort University's ranking is high based on teaching quality and it also offers a wide variety of courses. It also provides an excellent global academic experience for students round the world. De Montfort University is home to a number of world-renowned research centers, and students have access to cutting-edge facilities and resources. This will enhance their chances of getting employed.

De Montfort University London requires an IELTS score of 5.5 or an equivalent, with a minimum score of 5.5 in each component. But if the student does not meet the English language criteria, then De Montfort University London will provide a pre-sessional English course before the course starts.

The fee structure at De Montfort University for full-time international students varies depending on the course of choice,from undergraduate to graduate levels. On average, the tuition fees for undergraduate courses typically range from INR 16 L to INR 17.6 L (£15,250 to £16,840).

There are more than 300 courses which are available at De Montfort University London. The subjects are business, law, humanities, media, engineering, energy, computing, sciences, and social sciences. Students can check out the course and fee details on the university website.

De Montfort University acceptance rate is between 42 and 45%. The De Montfort University London is moderately selective with its admissions. It has relaxed admission criteria. Even though De Montfort University admission criteria are good, students must apply with caution and pay attention to the essential details.

De Montfort University has a significant QS ranking of 801–850, and its global ranking, according to the Times Higher Education, ranges between 601 and 800. The university ranking according to U.S. News & World Report 2024 is 1261 in the Best Global Universities, 470 in the Best Global Universities in Europe, and 81 in the Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom.

De Montfort University is recognised for its outstanding academic achievements and research initiatives, consistently ranking among the top universities in both the UK and the global Universities. According to the QS world ranking report, the university is placed between 801 and 850.

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