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IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking

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IELTS Speaking - The IELTS speaking test format syllabus is the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General. The IELTS speaking sections measure the candidate's ability to speak in any academic or general life situation. It evaluates English fluency, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. The IELTS speaking is conducted separately after or before the date of the IELTS exam at the test center. In IELTS speaking test, the candidate has to directly speak and answer the questions to the interviewer who is a trained and certified professional. Here the score for the IELTS speaking test is marked by the Human interviewer itself. All the details related to the IELTS speaking test of the IELTS exam are discussed in the article.

IELTS Speaking Test Pattern -The IELTS speaking section is same for the both IELTS Academic and IELTS General. In the IELTS test pattern only the speaking section is conducted separately and the overall duration takes upto maximum 14 minutes.

IELTS speaking test pattern - IELTS Academic & IELTS General

Part No.



Score Range

Part 1

Introduction and interview

4-5 min


Part 2

Speaking on a given Random Card

1-2 min


Part 3

Two-way discussion

4-5 min


Total Duration - 11 to 14 minutes

Total Score - 0 to 9

IELTS Speaking Syllabus-Part wise

There are 3 parts in the IELTS syllabus for speaking section. Each part consists of various questions and the details of each part are discussed with related concepts and topics, example questions, and sample answers.

Part 1 - 12 questions are asked based on 3 topics regarding their personal self and familiar topics like are asked. Firstly, the examiner will ask you to say your name and show you ID proof. Questions about your personal self are asked first and later questions will be asked on familiar topics.

Part 2 - The candidate is given a random question with a topic name on a card. The candidate. can prepare for 1 min and answer the question in 1 or 2 minutes.

Part 3 - The question related to part 2 are asked in detail. Through these questions, the whole details of part 2 are covered. In this section, the examiner will speak more with the candidate and ask them to justify their opinions and check how well the candidate can communicate.

IELTS Speaking topics - The speaking section focuses on general topics that can be academic and non-academic like general day-to-day activities. The following consists of sample IELTS speaking topics and answers just for your information and understanding purposes.

IELTS Speaking Topics for Part 1- The part 1 focuses on personal self and general topics. The common IELTS speaking topics part 1 are listed below. Among those few important IELTS topics are home, study, work, and hometown, etc.. Where the candidate will be definitely asked 1 question from any one of these four topics. The list of few other speaking test topics for part 1 are -

  • Work

  • Study

  • Birthdays

  • Bicycles

  • Daily routine

  • Computers

  • Flowers

  • Happines

  • Music

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Sample speaking topics with answers for part 1

  • Are you working somewhere?

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Yes, I am working as a Business Development Associate in a Railway Consultancy. The name of the company is Transco Rail Consultancy Service. I joined the company 3 years ago.

  • What are your hobbies?

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My hobbies are journaling and music. I maintain a diary for my journaling. I list down all my important daily activities which include some good movements and some bad memories, etc. Also, I have a good ear for Pop music, every day I listen to music for a while during travel time to work.

  • What is popular about your hometown?

I come from Ravulapalli village in Andhra Pradesh. Our village is most famous for selling mango jelly in our state. At least one in 4 houses prepare mango jellies and forego their livelihood on this business.

IELTS Speaking Topics for Part 2 - The part 2 topics can be anything in general and mostly unpredictable to fit into a category. Some common IELTS topics are extracted and listed based on references from IELTS speaking topics 2022 with answers.

The list of a few other speaking test topics for part 2 are -

  • Movies

  • Favourite places

  • Tourist Destination

  • Songs

  • Hobby

  • Festivals

  • Memorable things

  • Essential things in Work life

  • Success in your life

  • Admiring Personality

  • Valuable Gifts received

Sample speaking topics with answers for part 2 -

  • Describe the teacher who influenced you?

I was influenced by my Physics teacher during my school days. She was the one, who clarified the objective of exams and ranks in the academic curriculum. So from her, I understood how to think of ranking in the most optimal manner. I have learned that ranking is just a number and a point of validation only for a certain period of time but not life-time.

  • Describe an important email received till now?

The most important email I received is about Meditation. I have heard about meditation as a good thing for mankind, but I never considered experiencing it. After that email, I started meditation as a part of my daily activities.

IELTS Speaking Topics for Part 3 - There is no special IELTS speaking test topics for Part 3. The part 3 questions are the extension or in-detail questions asked from part 2. Few sample IELTS speaking topics with answers are mentioned. Candidates can refer to these sample questions for understanding purposes.

  • How did the teacher's influence bring an impact on your life?

I was a student who used to care a lot about ranks and marks during schooling. I used to feel depressed by comparing my scores with my fellow students. Later when I listened to the speech of my teacher I stopped to run after my ranks and acknowledged my merit. Even today, I only consider my knowledge instead of comparing myself to my peers in my work location.

  • How did you feel after reading the email?

I was so surprised to understand the primary purpose of meditation in attaining mental peace. The mail clearly mentioned with the steps to be followed for practicing meditation. I was totally determined to add to my daily to-do list. I somehow felt that my insecurities have a solution and understood that peace is the only important priority of my life.

IELTS Speaking Score assessment criteria - The scoring for IELTS speaking is given on the bands 0 to 9. The 9 bands are given four score assessment criteria like fluency; coherence; Grammatical Range and accuracy; Pronunciation. The details of each criteria are provided below.

  • Fluency and Coherence - This criteria checks the ability to talk with continuity, rate of delivering the speech, and their effort to link ideas and language while speaking.

  • Lexical Resource - The vocabulary used by the test taker, which influences the meaning and attitude conveyed is measured.

  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy - The accuracy in using the appropriate order of grammar elements like subject, object, and verbs are measured.

  • Pronunciation - The words spoken are evaluated according to the accuracy of phonic sounds pronunciation of English.

Also know more about IELTS -

IELTS Speaking Practice - One of the essential steps in preparing for IELTS speaking exam is the IELTS speaking practice. Especially for the IELTS speaking test which will be in direct communication with the interviewer requires hard practice. The official IELTS has provided the free IELTS speaking practice online at Here, the candidate, along with their peers can practice for the test together. In the IELTS speaking practice test includes sample questions and answers in the form of PDF and audio providing the test day experience for the candidates. The candidate can also practice the IELTS speaking mock test which are available online after going through a bit of preparation from the IELTS speaking practice test.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How to practice the IELTS speaking section?

The best way to practice the IELTS speaking section is by considering the topics and practicing speaking about them with friends. When friends are not available, the candidate can record the video. Knowing your feedback and improvement in performance are important factors which can be done by knowing from friends or by reviewing the recorded video.

2. Is IELTS speaking test hard or easy?

Candidates who are okay or familiar with the interview mode of testing find it easy. Some students might feel hard while giving their answers to the interviewer but with practice this can be overcome.

3. Is 6.5 score in IELTS speaking is good?

Yes, a 6.5  score is the competent borderline in IELTS scoring. Even though score of 7 bands is recommended, 6.5 is also a good score.

4. Can I retake the IELTS speaking test?

Yes, using the IELTS One skill retake facility, the candidate can choose any one skill for a retest and get a chance to improve their score in that particular section of the test.


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Questions related to IELTS

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It is very highly unlikely to obtain a legitimate IELTS certificate without taking the exam. Any claims suggesting otherwise are likely scams. It is essential to take the exam through authorized testing centers to ensure the validity and credibility of the certificate.

Hope this helps you ,

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The difficulty of the IELTS General Training and Academic modules depends on individual strengths and backgrounds. Generally, if you are more comfortable with everyday English and practical tasks, you might find the General Training module easier. Conversely, if you are accustomed to academic English and have experience with academic tasks, you might find the Academic module more manageable.

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Hello aspirant,

Opinions on the E-GMAT course vary. Some find it beneficial for improving GMAT skills, especially in verbal sections, while others may prefer different resources. It's essential to explore reviews, consider your learning style, and maybe try a trial or sample to see if it aligns with your preferences before making a decision.

So it all depends on your personal opinion.

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Hope this information helps you.

Many candidates ask whether their IELTS certificate is real or fake. To know if your IELTS test report is real or not, check the following points:

  • Check the certification stamp on the certificate if it matches the centre of registration and your selected IELTS test centre .

  • Visit the IDP IELTS official website after receiving the oft copy of your certificate via email to check whether it is available online and if it is valid.

  • Make sure that you receive the confirmation of your IELTS registration from the centre you registered. Also, check the login credentials to verify your IELTS results once the process is complete.

  • Collect the hard copy of the IELTS scorecard directly from the test centre once the results are announced.

  • Talk to the agent directly on the phone to verify his identity.

Verify all the above-mentioned points carefully to not get deceived by any fraud attempts.

Yes, if you are not happy with your scores, you can apply for a re-evaluation of your IELTS results . Also, if you think there is a need for improvement in your band score, you can reach out to your IELTS test centre . If you did not achieve the desired IELTS scores , you can also apply to retake the test whenever you feel prepared.

However, the rechecking fee for IDP IELTS in India is Rs. 17,000, and candidates can only apply for rechecking of one section, which is called IELTS OSR (One Skill Retake). Test takers need to submit the 'Enquiry on Results Form' (EOR Form) for sending the re-marking request for the IELTS Academic test.

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