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PTE Result 2024: Steps to Check, Download Scorecard, Chart, Validity

PTE Result 2024: Steps to Check, Download Scorecard, Chart, Validity

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PTE results 2024 for the Academic exam will be released within just 2 days from the exam date. Candidates can check the result of PTE 2024 exam by logging into their existing account at Candidates are first notified about the availability of my PTE result through an email on their registered account, following which, candidates can access the PTE academic result 2024 by logging into their registered account. Students can share their result with the colleges or universities of their choice, using their existing PTE account. Read the complete article on PTE academic result 2024 to know more details about PTE exam in terms of a score report, scoring criteria, validity, and more.

PTE Result 2024: Steps to Check, Download Scorecard, Chart, Validity
PTE Result 2024: Steps to Check, Download Scorecard, Chart, Validity

Latest Update - The format of the PTE score report 2024 has changed in accordance with the latest modifications in the test to make scoring more transparent for everyone. The Enabling Skills section is replaced by a new supporting skills profile that displays the candidate's performance in eight different languages.

How to check the PTE Academic Result 2024?

The result can be accessed only from the registered PTE account. Candidates will need to follow the steps mentioned below to know the PTE exam result.

Step 1 - Once after receiving the mail from PTE, visit the official website of My PTE result.

Step 2 - Log in to the PTE website using the username and password for PTE result check.

Step 3 - Click on the PTE Scores.

Step 4 - The PTE score will be displayed on the screen.


*sourced from the official PTE website

Step 5 - Check the overall online exam score and save the Pearson PTE test result for reference.

Step 6 - Finally, download the PTE scorecard.

What does the PTE Score Report contain?

Recently, the score report of the PTE Academic result was redesigned. The PTE score report contains the following details.

  • Candidate’s personal details and photo

  • Test registration ID and score Report Code

  • Overall score (from 10 to 90)

  • A detailed breakdown of the performance by Communicative Skills and skills profile.

Communicative skills: The individual scores of communication skills score for each speaking, listening, reading, and writing are provided.

Skills Profile

In the Skills profile area, the candidate's performance in the eight language skill categories is represented by bars that indicate progress. Along with them is a list of individualized recommendations for various ways to improve skills. This allows the candidate to easily discover the sections of the PTE Academic results with poor scores. If required, they can then work on enhancing them in the following attempt.

The eight language skill categories are -

  • Open Response Speaking and Writing

  • Reproducing Spoken and Written Language

  • Extended Writing

  • Short Writing

  • Extended Speaking

  • Short Speaking

  • Multiple-skills Comprehension

  • Single-skill Comprehension


*sourced from the official PTE website

Understanding PTE Score

PTE Academic 2024 has an automated scoring system. The scoring obtained in the PTE Academic result is performed by machines. The overall PTE score ranges between 10 and 90 marks. The questions are scored based on the correctness, formal aspects and quality of the response.

  • Here, correctness means the answer is either right or wrong.

  • To explain the formal aspect, let’s say if the answer has to be given in 100 words, then the answers should not be more or less than the prescribed words.

  • The quality of the response is also assessed. For example, in the item type re-tell lecture, the response is scored on skills such as oral fluency and pronunciation.

There are two types of PTE scores, correct or incorrect and partial credit.

Correct and incorrect - Some of the items are scored as correct or incorrect. If the answer is correct, 1 score point is given, but if the answer is incorrect, no score point is given.

Partial credit - Other items are scored under three(3) divisions, i.e., correct, partially correct or incorrect. If the responses are correct, the maximum score will be given. If the responses are partially correct, less than the maximum score will be given, but if the answers are incorrect, no score points will be given.

PTE Descriptive Score Scale

Candidates who receive the PTE Academic result 2024 can understand their performance with the help of PTE band score chart mentioned below.

PTE Score Chart 2024

PTE Score

PTE Score Description

Above 85

The candidate can understand very easily and is highly proficient in the language and extremely comfortable engaging in an academic environment.


Candidate is very comfortable for participating in PG course activities


Candidate will be able to follow academic level instructions and education along with social life


Good command over the language but often requires repetition to understand and makes many mistakes.


Insufficient score for full academic level participation in English language activities. Candidates can take additional English courses to improve their scores.


Low command of the English language. Candidates can take additional English courses to improve their scores.


Insufficient score for academic level participation in English language activities

How to send PTE scores to Universities?

The received PTE Academic result and the score report are in digital. The candidate can easily submit the scores to PTE-participating universities online. Candidates can submit the score to multiple universities free of cost. Once after receiving the Pearson PTE exam result, the candidate can submit the PTE 2024 scores to universities. To send the PTE score report, the following steps are mentioned below.

  • Login to your PTE account.

  • Click ‘View PTE Score Reports.’

  • Click on the ‘Send Scores’ option.

  • Now, type the name of your chosen institution and click on the Search tab.

  • Tick the box next to the institution’s name when it appears in the list.

  • Review the details, click on ‘Next’ and confirm the details to share the score.

  • Once sent, the candidate will receive a confirmation email.

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The universities can check the PTE Academic result of the candidate after 48 hours from the submission.

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How to ask for PTE re-score/recheck?

To recheck/rescore the PTE Academic online result, the candidate must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days of declaring the PTE Academic result. If the candidate decides to rescore their Pearson PTE test result, the fee is USD 100.

Validity of the PTE Academic Result

The PTE score report 2024 is valid for up to 2 years from the PTE exam date. Candidates can submit their Pearson PTE exam result to universities within this period.

PTE score Accepting Countries

There are more than 70 countries that accept the PTE Academic Result 2024 for visas and university admission purposes. Here is a list of a few countries and their PTE score requirement for student visa

Minimum PTE score for visas


Minimum PTE score

UK student visa


Australian student visa


USA student visa

As per university requirement

Canada SDS


New Zealand Visa


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. When can I get my PTE results?

The PTE test results can be obtained within 2 days from the PTE exam date.

2. What is the minimum required PTE score for Australia?

The minimum required PTE Academic score required for an Australian student visa is 42. A PTE score of 36 is also accepted if the candidate undergoes the 10 weeks of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). Similarly, a PTE score of 30 is also accepted if the candidate undergoes 20 weeks of ELICOS.

3. What is the PTE score required for UK universities?

A minimum score of 43 is required for UK student visa, but to get into top universities in the UK, the candidate has to secure at least 65-78 score.

4. How to check myPTE result?

After 2 days of taking the exam, PTE scores are ready and sent to the candidate through mail. After receiving, candidates can access their personalized score report in myPTE account. Students can then send these scores to universities of their choice.  The steps to check my PTE result are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of my PTE result.
  • Log in and click on PTE scores.
  • Scores will be displayed on the screen.
  • Check the scores and download the PTE scorecard
5. What is PTE score validity?

After the test results are released on the official website of Pearson, PTE scores are valid for a span of 2 years from the test date. After this time, the scores are removed from the test taker's official account. 

6. When are PTE results declared?

PTE scores are declared within two working days after taking the PTE exam. Students can easily check their PTE results by logging into their official account at The PTE scorecards would have your personal details and photo, your PTE test registration ID and score report code, your overall PTE score (between 10–90) and a detailed breakdown of your performance. After the release of their scores, candidates can send their PTE scores to chosen universities and colleges.

7. How PTE scores are calculated?

PTE scores are calculated between the range of 10 and 90 points. For the overall PTE score, marks obtained under Enabling Skills are added, and the total is divided by 6. The average of this is added along with the four communicative skills scores. The average of these 5 parts together is taken as the overall PTE score.

8. What is a good PTE score?

A good PTE score could qualify the individual for admission to most universities that accept PTE scores. A score of 50-60 out of a total range of 10-90 is regarded as acceptable for any candidate. A score of 60 is regarded competent, but for better admission opportunities, candidates should aim for scores of 65 to 75 or above.

9. How long does it take to get PTE results in 2024?

PTE results in 2024 are usually available within 48 hours after taking the test. You will get an email notification when your scores are ready for viewing in your "my PTE" account.


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Questions related to PTE Academic

Have a question related to PTE Academic ?

Determining which Test is easier, can vary depending on individual strengths and preferences.

IELTS has a more traditional format with separate sections for listening, reading, writing, and speaking. IELTS use band score ranging from 0 to 9 for each section. Speaking Test is a face to face interview with an examiner. Since speaking Test is scheduled separately, it is more flexible in managing time.

Whereas, PTE is entirely computer based, you may have to listen, and then speak or read and then write. It uses a scale from 10 to 90, with 10 point increments as scoring. Here speaking section involves speaking into a microphone. As there is no human interaction Since it is entirely computer based it requires strict time management skills.

Coming to which Test is easier, some may find IELTS more comfortable because of its traditional structure, including separate sections for speaking, listening, reading, and writing. On the other hand some may prefer the PTE due to its computer based format.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preferences and strengths.

hello dear aspirant!

You must receive a PTE Academic score of at least 42 in order to be qualified for an Australian student visa.

The PTE score required for universities is typically 65, which is also regarded as the lowest PTE score requirement. Sometimes, a candidate's admittance can be guaranteed with a score of 55–60 or even 50.


A minimum score of 65 overall with a minimum score of 65 in each subtest

Proficiency Level








Very Good 79

Very Good 83


hope this information is helpful to you!


Hope you're doing well.

PTE with 6 overall band score is actually not bad. You can get admission from many reputed universities. Some like,

University of British Columbia

University of Toronto

University of Ottawa

McGill University

Since 50% of Canada visas are rejected when asked from students. That' a really a big amount of students. If you want to get accepted for visa, work on your SOP, put more effort on your essays, work on your portfolio and keep good grades until now. Get personalized from industry experts. Get your free profile evaluations. Talk to your seniors. Work on your communication skills.

To know more about it,

All the Best!!! You have got a long way to go.

Thank You.

Hello Aspirant

Canada's top provider of English language proficiency exams is PTE Academic. It is the finest option to assist you in obtaining your Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute because it is recognised by the majority of Canadian universities and colleges.

The applicant needs a minimum PTE score of 50 in each section and an aggregate PTE score of 65 to successfully complete a graduate diploma programme or a master's level degree.



Yes, you can apply for the Student Visa. PTE doesn't have any passing score. 65-75 is said to be a good PTE score. But students who got 50 - 63 got accepted in many reputed universities. If you want to pursue a quality education from around the world, nothing can stop you. With your PTE score you can apply for many Australian Universities like,

1. University of Sydney, Sydney.

2. University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

Check their websites for getting more knowledge about the courses and the eligibility criteria.

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