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IELTS Listening Practice Test 2

IELTS Listening Practice Test 2

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The IELTS Listening preparation comes with the abundant practice of various IELTS preparation listening practice tests that can boost the IELTS listening band score of the candidates. To help the candidates excel in their IELTS listening preparation, Careers360 has designed this IELTS exam listening practice tests for the candidates to attempt and assess themselves. This article is designed per the standards set by Cambridge English, IDP Education and the British Council for the IELTS Listening test. This resource will prove to be valuable for the IELTS listening practice of the candidates.

IELTS listening test with audio and answers

In the IELTS Listening test, the candidates are presented with four audio recordings and are asked 40 questions based on it. The recordings are played only once and will not be repeated. Hence the candidate must be extremely cautious while answering the questions. This skill can be improved by indulging in various IELTS listening practice tests like this article.

IELTS listening audio- 1

Question 1-6

Complete the sentences below.


The theft at Alan's home occurred last (1) ______________ around (2) ______________ PM.

Unfortunately, the burglars took away their electronics, including laptops, cameras, and even their (3) ______________.

Alan reported the incident to the police, and they came by yesterday to gather information and (4) ______________.

In response to the incident, Alan and his family have taken additional security measures, such as installing a new (5) ______________ and upgrading their door locks.

Alan mentioned that surprisingly, none of his neighbours noticed anything unusual that evening, even though it's generally a quiet neighbourhood. It's unsettling how (6) ______________ they were.

Questions 7 and 8

Choose two letters, A-E.

Which two security measures did Alan and his family implement after the theft incident?

A new lighting

B alarm system

C neighbourhood watch

D reinforced door locks

E surveillance cameras

Questions 9 - 12

Choose the correct letter A, B or C

9. What were the thieves specifically targeting during the break-in at Alan's home?

A. Jewelry

B. Electronics

C. Artwork

10. What step is Alan currently taking to mitigate the financial impact of the theft?

A. Filing a claim with insurance

B. Upgrading home security

C. Seeking help from neighbours

11. How did Alan describe the neighbourhood's reaction to the incident?

A. Alarmed

B. Supportive

C. Indifferent

12. What was the occasion for Alan's family dinner on the night of the theft?

A. Anniversary

B. Birthday of their daughter

C. Graduation of their cousin

Normal conversations based on audio conversations are frequently asked in the IELTS Listening Tests and hence the candidates are advised to take up different listening IELTS listening practice tests on conversational audio to understand the IELTS listening exam pattern and attempt the questions with more clarity. The candidates must ensure that conversational audios are a part of their IELTS listening practice.

IELTS listening practice test 2 solutions

1. Last Tuesday

The burglary at Alan's home occurred on a (1) Tuesday evening.

2. 9 PM.

Specifically around (2) 9 PM.

3. TV

Regrettably, the thieves made off with their electronics, including laptops, cameras, and even their (3) TV.

4. Looking for leads.

Alan promptly reported the incident to the police, who came by the following day to collect information and (4) look for leads.

5. Alarm system.

In response, Alan and his family have fortified their security measures, introducing a (5) new alarm system and reinforcing their door locks.

6. Stealthy

Surprisingly, none of the neighbours noticed anything unusual, emphasizing how (6) stealthy the thieves were.

7 and 8. B alarm system and D reinforced door locks (in any order).

The security measures implemented by Alan and his family post-incident include (7) a new alarm system (B) and (8) reinforced door locks (D).

9. B Electronics

The burglars specifically targeted (9) electronics (B) during the break-in at Alan's home.

10. A. Filing a claim with insurance

To reduce the financial impact, Alan is currently in the process of (10) filing a claim with insurance (A).

11. B. Supportive

Alan described the neighbourhood's response to the incident as (11) supportive (B).

12. B. Birthday of their daughter

The family dinner on the night of the theft was in celebration of their (12) daughter's birthday (B).

IELTS listening audio- 2

Questions 13 - 24

Complete the summary below

Sarah is planning a trip from (13) ______ to (14)______ and seeks guidance on various transportation options. Michael, eager to help, outlines three primary modes: flights, trains, and buses. Flights are the quickest, with several daily options from (15)____ to (16)____. Generally, early morning flights are more economical, while evening flights offer convenience for travellers with varying schedules.

When it comes to trains, Amtrak is a recommended choice, providing multiple daily services from (17)____ to (18)____. The early morning and late evening trains are usually less crowded, ensuring a more relaxed journey. Buses, while taking a bit longer, are budget-friendly. (19)____ and Megabus have multiple departures throughout the day, offering flexibility based on schedules.

In terms of costs, flight fares can vary, with an average one-way ticket ranging from (20)$____ to (21)$______. Prices depend on the airline and how far in advance reservations are made. Amtrak fares typically range from (22)$______ to (23)$____, with booking online in advance yielding cost savings. Greyhound and Megabus are economical bus options, with fares ranging from $40 to $80. Planning ahead and booking online is advisable for securing the best rates.

Michael suggests considering the weather, especially in (24) ______, where cold temperatures are expected due to the winter season. He advises Sarah to pack accordingly and keep an eye on the weather forecast closer to her travel date for any unexpected changes. Overall, the detailed information provided by Michael helps Sarah make an informed decision about her upcoming trip.

Enquiry-based conversations are also frequently asked in the IELTS Listening tests. A lot of IELTS preparation listening practice tests also involve questions of this type. The candidates are advised to take different IELTS listening practice tests as a part of their listening test practice so that they will be well aware of the situations in which the questions are asked and the types of questions that they can expect in the actual test.

IELTS listening practice test 2 solutions

13. Los Angeles

Sarah is planning a trip from (13) Los Angeles to New York, seeking guidance on transportation options.

14. New York

Michael, eager to help, outlines three primary modes: flights, trains, and buses for Sarah's journey from (14) Los Angeles to New York.

15. LAX

Flights are the quickest option, with several daily options departing from (15) LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

16. JFK

The flights land at (16) JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) in New York. Generally, early morning flights are more economical, while evening flights offer convenience for travellers with varying schedules.

17. Los Angeles

Amtrak is a recommended choice for trains, providing multiple daily services from (17) Los Angeles.

18. New York

The trains arrive in (18) New York, offering flexibility with less crowded options in the early morning and late evening.

19. Greyhound

Buses, a budget-friendly choice, include options like (19) Greyhound and Megabus, with multiple departures throughout the day for flexibility based on schedules.

20 and 21. $150 and $300

On average, flight fares range from (20) $150 for more economical options to (21) $300 for higher-end choices. Prices depend on the airline and how far in advance reservations are made.

22 and 23. $80 and $150

Amtrak train fares typically range from (22) $80 to (23) $150, with cost savings possible through advance online bookings.

24. New York

Michael suggests considering the weather in (24) New York, where cold temperatures are expected due to the winter season. He advises Sarah to pack accordingly and keep an eye on the weather forecast closer to her travel date for any unexpected changes.

IELTS listening audio- 3


Questions 25-30

Complete the form below.


Hotel Booking

Example answer

Name of


(0) Grand Majestic International Hotel

Length of stay:

(25) ________

Type of room chosen:

(26) ______

Total price excluding taxes:

(27) $_____

Payment method:

(28) ________

Full Name of the customer

(29) __________

Number of rooms booked at the end

(30) ________

Questions 31- 33

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C. for each answer

31. How many balconies does the customer choose for the deluxe rooms?

A. One

B. Two

C. None

32. What are the check-in and check-out times at the Grand Majestic Hotel?

A. Check-in: 12:00 PM, Check-out: 11:00 AM

B. Check-in: 11:00 AM, Check-out: 10:00 AM

C. Check-in: 3:00 PM, Check-out: 11:00 AM

33. What additional features do the deluxe rooms at the Grand Majestic Hotel offer?

A. Ocean views

B. Private garden access

C. City views and balconies

Note completion questions accompanied by Multiple Choice Questions after a conversational audio is one of the most repeated question types in the IELTS Listening test and hence it demands a huge chunk of the candidate’s IELTS listening preparation. In almost all the IELTS Listening mock tests, similar questions and audio types can be found. Hence, if a candidate is well versed with this type of IELTS question, they can secure good IELTS listening band scores.

IELTS listening practice test 2 solutions

25. Two nights

Ms. Maya Sharma plans to stay at the Grand Majestic Hotel for a period of two nights, indicating the duration of her reservation.

26. Deluxe

Ms Sharma has selected the deluxe rooms for her accommodation. Deluxe rooms typically offer enhanced amenities and comfort.

27. $500

The cost for each night in the chosen deluxe rooms is $500. This price does not include taxes, which will be an additional expense.

28. Credit card

Ms Sharma has chosen to settle the payment for her reservation using a credit card, a common method for securing hotel bookings.

29. Maya Sharma

The full name of the customer making the reservation is Ms. Maya Sharma, providing clarity on the identity of the guest.

30. Two

Ms Sharma has booked a total of two deluxe rooms for her stay at the Grand Majestic Hotel, indicating the number of accommodations reserved.

31. B. Two

Ms Sharma has opted for two balconies in the deluxe rooms, indicating a preference for additional outdoor space and likely a desire for city views.

32. C. Check-in: 3:00 PM, Check-out: 11:00 AM

The check-in time at the Grand Majestic Hotel is 3:00 PM, and the check-out time is 11:00 AM. This information provides clarity on when Ms Sharma can arrive and when she needs to depart.

33. C. City views and balconies

The deluxe rooms Ms. Sharma has chosen offer not only spaciousness and comfort but also additional features like city views and balconies, enhancing the overall experience of her stay.

IELTS listening audio- 4

Questions 34-40

Choose the correct letter A, B or C

34. In which century did the oppressive rule of Edward I of England over Scotland take place?

A. 12th century

B. 13th century

C. 14th century

35. The Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 marked a turning point in the fight for Scottish freedom. Who emerged as a charismatic and strategic leader during this battle?

A. Robert the Bruce

B. Andrew de Moray

C. William Wallace

36. The Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 asserted Scotland's sovereignty and justified resistance against English oppression. Which Scottish figure supported this cause alongside William Wallace?

A. James Douglas

B. Robert the Bruce

C. Andrew de Moray

37. The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, a crucial milestone in the path to Scottish independence, was a triumph for which Scottish leader?

A. Andrew de Moray

B. William Wallace

C. Robert the Bruce

38. Who fought alongside William Wallace and played an integral role in the struggle for Scottish independence?

A. Robert the Bruce

B. James Douglas

C. Andrew de Moray

39. The 'Heart of Douglas' is a symbolic act associated with which Scottish freedom fighter, exemplifying unwavering commitment?

A. William Wallace

B. James Douglas

C. Robert the Bruce

40. The Scottish Independence Movement, led by William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Andrew de Moray, and James Douglas, is a testament to what enduring quality?

A. Unity

B. Spirit of Freedom

C. Tactical Brilliance

This type of audio falls under the category of monologues by professors in a university setting. This type of monologue can be seen as a recurring one while analyzing the previous year’s IELTS Listening question papers issued by the British Council and IDP Education. IELTS listening practice requires the attempts of such audio types. This can enhance the candidate’s IELTS exam listening practice and give them an edge over the other candidates in their IELTS Listening preparation journey

IELTS listening practice test 2 solutions

34. B. 13th century

The oppressive rule of Edward I of England over Scotland took place in the (34) 13th century. This period saw Scotland facing challenges and resistance against English dominance.

35. C. William Wallace

William Wallace emerged as a charismatic and strategic leader during the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. His tactical brilliance and leadership were crucial in achieving a stunning victory against the English, symbolizing the (35) Spirit of Freedom.

36. B. Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce supported the cause of Scottish sovereignty alongside William Wallace during the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. The document laid the foundation for justifying resistance against English oppression.

37. C. Robert the Bruce

The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 was a triumph for (37) Robert the Bruce. His leadership and victory in this battle played a pivotal role in securing Scotland's path to independence.

38. C. Andrew de Moray

Andrew de Moray fought alongside William Wallace, playing an integral role in the struggle for Scottish independence. Together, they resisted English rule and contributed to the cause of freedom.

39. B. James Douglas

The 'Heart of Douglas' is associated with (39) James Douglas, a Scottish freedom fighter. This symbolic act, where Douglas carried the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce into battle after his death, exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the cause of Scottish independence.

40. B. Spirit of Freedom

The Scottish Independence Movement is a testament to the enduring quality of the (40) "Spirit of Freedom." The sacrifices and resilience of these leaders inspire reflection on the value of liberty and the lengths individuals will go to secure it.

Tips and tricks to analyze the audio samples and ace the IELTS listening section


Tips and Tricks

1. Focus and Concentration

Clear Your Mind Before the Test: Take a few deep breaths to relax and clear any mental clutter.-

Practice Mindfulness Techniques: Develop techniques like focusing on your breath to enhance concentration

2. Familiarity with Accents

Expose Yourself to Various Accents: Listen to podcasts, movies, or TV shows with different English accents (British, American, Australian, etc.).-

Diversify Listening Material: Familiarize yourself with various regional accents to feel more comfortable during the test.

3. Predicting Answers

Read Questions Before Listening: Skim through the questions before the audio starts to get an idea of what to expect.

Underline Keywords: Identify and underline keywords in questions to help you focus on relevant information during the audio.

4. Active Listening

Engage Actively with the Audio: Train yourself to listen actively by focusing on the speaker's tone, emphasis, and overall communication style.

Avoid Preconceived Notions: Be open to the information presented without letting preconceived notions influence your understanding.

5. Multitasking

Listen While Reading and Writing: Develop the ability to listen actively while simultaneously reading and writing.

Quickly Move On: If a question is too challenging, move on quickly and return to it later if time permits.

6. Understanding Context

Pay Attention to Context: Focus not only on individual words but also on the overall context of the conversation or passage.

Make Educated Guesses: Use surrounding information to make educated guesses about missing or unclear details.

7. Time Management

Be Aware of Time: Keep track of the time allocated for each section and pace yourself accordingly.

Prioritize Questions: Focus on answering easier questions first and allocate time strategically for more challenging ones.

8. Multiple Choice

Eliminate Incorrect Options: Quickly eliminate obviously incorrect options to narrow down your choices.

Analyze Keywords: Pay attention to keywords and phrases in the options that may match or contradict information in the audio.

9. Spelling and Grammar

Focus on Accurate Spelling: Carefully listen to and transcribe words with correct spelling.

Consider Grammar Rules: Be mindful of plurals, verb tenses, and other grammatical details when transcribing answers.

10. Stay Calm under Stress

Deep Breaths: If you feel anxious, take deep breaths to calm your nerves

Weight of Questions: Remind yourself that not all questions carry the same weight; don't let a challenging question affect your overall performance.

IELTS listening score chart

The IELTS listening score chart is very essential for a candidate. They can refer to this table and gain an understanding on the range of scores that they must target in order to secure their dream IELTS listening band scores. The official IELTS listening score chart released by IDP is given below:

Number of correct answers
(Raw Score)
IELTS Listening
Band Score
TOEFL ® Registrations 2024

Accepted by more than 11,000 universities in over 150 countries worldwide

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Extracted from - IELTS Listening band score. Copyright © 2023 by IDP Education

IELTS Preparation Material: eBooks

IELTS preparation materials such as an eBook can be greatly beneficial to an IELTS aspirant. IELTS preparation books provide comprehensive information about the test format, including the types of questions asked in each section (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). Understanding the format helps candidates manage their time effectively during the exam.


Download Links

IELTS Reading Practice Books

IELTS Writing Practice Books

IELTS Speaking Practice Books

IELTS Listening Practice Books

IELTS Preparation Tips 2024 Book

IELTS and TOEFL Vocabulary Guide Book

IELTS practice sets

As more and more students come forward to take the IELTS examination, the importance of practice cannot be ignored. Without thorough IELTS practice and preparation, gaining admission to one's desired college can seem nearly impossible. To help the candidates overcome this challenge, Careers360 has curated a series of IELTS practice sets covering the Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing sections of the IELTS examination.

IELTS listening practice sets

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many questions are asked in the IELTS Listening section?

A total of 40 questions are asked in the IELTS Listening section divided into four audio recordings.

2. What type of accents are generally seen in the IELTS Listening section?

A variety of accents are played across the IELTS listening section  audios. It is not limited to American, British or Australian.

3. How often are the audios played in the IELTS Listening section?

The audio for the IELTS Listening section is played only once and it will not be repeated. The candidates are advised to be vigilant while listening to the audio and note down the answers as the audio progresses. 

4. Is it possible to make notes while attempting the IELTS listening audios?

Yes, the candidates are permitted to make notes while answering the question. This can help them to answer the questions effectively.

5. What is considered to be a good band score in the IELTS Listening section?

A band score of 33 or above is considered to be a good band score in the IELTS listening section. This can greatly improve the candidate’s overall band score.

6. How can I practice IELTS listening?

Practice IELTS listening by regularly listening to English audio materials such as podcasts, news broadcasts, or audiobooks. Use official IELTS practice tests to simulate exam conditions and improve your timing. Focus on identifying main ideas, key details, and understanding the context of conversations or monologues. Try to vary the types of audio you listen to, including different accents and speeds, to prepare for the diversity of content in the test. Also, consider joining study groups or finding a study partner to practice listening and discuss strategies together.

7. What is the trick for listening in IELTS?

The tricks for listening in IELTS are as follows:
1) To stay focused and calm during the test.
2) Practice active listening by paying attention to keywords and understanding the context of conversations or monologues.
3) Use the time provided before each section to read through the questions and predict what you might hear.
4) While listening, avoid getting stuck on questions you find difficult; instead, move on and come back to them later if you have time.
5) Remember to review your answers at the end of each section to catch any mistakes.
6) Consistent practice and familiarity with the test format are essential for success.


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