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University-of-British-Columbia-Committed-to-excellenceWith over 10,000 international students, the University of British Columbia prides itself as being one of the best international universities in North America. One of the top 20 research universities in the world, the UBC has more than 8,000 research projects operated on a research funding of CAD 550 million dollars.

In this series of #Admissions Connect, we have Håkan Björn-Director of International Recruitment at UBC who decodes the university for you. Know all about the admissions criteria, popular courses and the admission cycle of University of British Columbia.


Below are the edited excerpts :

Hakan-BjornQ.What is the strength of the Indian student community in University of British Columbia- Canada ?
A. We have a large cohort of Indian students on campus. This includes our Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD students. Currently, they are the fourth largest nationality on campus.


Q.What is unique about University of British Columbia- Canada in terms of academic culture and overall student experience?
A. UBC’s motto is TuumEst – Make it yours. Once our students arrive they experience UBC in their own way. What is unique to UBC is our commitment to teaching excellence. With 7 Nobel laureates we ensure that our students learn from the best in the field.

We have recently been voted as one of the best international universities in North America, we have more than 10,000 international students. I would therefore advise students to take advantage of UBC’s great multiculturalism.

With more than 8,000 research projects taking place at any given time and a research funding of CAD 550 million dollars/annum, we are one of the top 20 research universities in the world.

The above along with Internships and Exchange programs make UBC unique.We help our students to connect with the wider world to see things beyond “me” and “myself”. Education here is not about personal success alone but about connecting with humanity.


Q.What are some of the popular programmes among Indian students?
A. Indian students apply to all our faculties including the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sauder Business School, School of Economics, Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts.


Q.What are the admission criteria for international graduate students?
A. At UBC, our undergraduate admission process seeks to identify well-rounded individuals. In addition to outstanding academic achievements, the university also considers a student’s leadership potential, his/her intellectual maturity and other personal qualities, as well as level of community involvement and extra-curricular accomplishments.


Q.When do applications open?
A. Our applications open in the first week of Sept every year (it is open now for 2015 intake) and our application deadline this year is January 31st, 2015.


Q.Does your school offer financial aid to international students, particularly Indians? Please elaborate.
A. The University of British Columbia is committed to supporting outstanding students who choose UBC. UBC contributes CAD$10 million each year to awards and assistance for international students. In addition, we continue the support by making several awards available after first year.

Needs-based awards:

UBC created two needs-based awards:  the International Leader of Tomorrow Award and the Donald Wehrung International Student Award. These awards are based on financial need, academic strength and demonstrated school and community involvement.

Merit-based awards:

Each year, meritorious international students entering undergraduate programs at UBC are offered entrance scholarships.


Q.Many foreign students are worried about leaving the country because they do not know whether they will be able to find work to pay off theirstudent debts. Do you guide your students in finding internships and jobs?
A. UBC has a comprehensive Careers Service office where graduating students prepare themselves for careers and where employers reach out to attract our sought-after graduates.  In addition, UBC also has a robust co-op program in which over 4,000 UBC students participate in paid co-op placements each year with such companies as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney and Time Warner.

Combined with three years of work-permission upon graduation, international students in Canada have unprecedented opportunities to build their CVs, enhancing their professional experiences and ultimately a rewarding career.


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First Published On : 07 Jan 2015 02:30 PM IST

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