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    University of Oxford, Oxford

    Oxford, Oxfordshire | Government University

    QS Ranking : 4 | THE Ranking : 1

    Updated onAug 25, 2023 09:52 AM IST
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    About University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford was established between 1249 and 1264 and is one of the oldest and largest higher education institutes in the UK. The public research Oxford University is recognised globally for its quality teaching and research. The University of Oxford top reason to study is the students' representation from over 150 countries, creating a global network student base that will help create a great and diverse community. The university has over 47 per cent of international students and offers around 350 courses like Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Mathematics and Philosophy for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Oxford University rankings have stood among the top 10 in the world.

    Oxford University London has around 100 academic departments governed by many faculties like Humanities, Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences. Oxford England also offers short courses, international foundation programs, and part-time courses. Students can also check Oxford University online courses. Additionally, many work opportunities after study in the UK are discussed on the university website- Oxford University ranking is at number 1 position on the Complete University Guide University League Table for 2022 and 2023. The University of Oxford believes in collaborating to utilize collective talents, expertise, and shared endeavors in research and education to address issues on a global scale. Oxford University ranking is #3 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

    The Oxford University campus has financially independent and self-governing 39 Oxford colleges. The university also has six permanent halls close to academic communities, from different cultures, countries, and disciplines, bringing researchers and students together. Oxford University fees is around £9,250 for first-year undergraduate students. The University of Oxford fees in rupees may vary depending on the current value of our currency. The University of Oxford facilities include a fantastic faculty and an amazing student union. The University of Oxford students life is upgraded with the following amenities accommodation, Bodleian Libraries Groups, 400 active clubs, and societies, counselling for Mental well-being fitness classes, eateries, around 79 sports clubs, and study spaces. Oxford University campus life is pleasant due to the amazing facilities offered by the university.

    University of Oxford Overview



    Oxford University Acceptance Rate


    Oxford University fees

    £28,950 and £44,240 per year

    Number of Colleges

    44 colleges

    University of Oxford official website

    Oxford University Ranking

    QS (2024) 3

    THE 1 (for seven years)

    Academic Portfolio

    350 Graduate courses

    70+ Departments

    44 colleges and halls


    • The Ashmolean Museum

    • Oxford’s Botanic Garden

    • History of Science Museum

    • Oxford Museum of Natural History

    • Pitt Rivers


    Oxford University Press (Oldest)

    Oxford University Location

    Campus Type 

    City University


    Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

    Min & Max Temperatures

    3℃ & 23℃

    Distance From London

    80 km

    University of Oxford Highlights

    Institute TypeUniversity
    Number Of Students27130
    Campus Size1238 acres
    Faculty Count14325
    Acceptance Rate13%
    Fee Range15.78 L - ₹48.61 L/yr
    Bachelors vs Masters
    Gender Ratio
    Male: 49%Female: 51%
    Male: 49%Female: 51%
    Student Demographic
    • Asian:   2905
    • European union:   2715
    • North American:   1810
    • Others:   1610
    • Indian:   305

    University of Oxford Ranking and Stats

    University of Oxford admission criteria is the toughest with an acceptance rate of only 17.5% for international students. This tells everything about the intake criteria which include exceptional academic standings, research aptitude and achievements in their area of study.

    Being the oldest English university, it has consistently ranked in top international universities by QS World University Rankings, the US News & World Report rankings, in the areas of academic excellence, research work, international student ratio, research infrastructure, student/faculty ratio, graduate employability, sustainability, etc.

    Oxford University rankings 2023

    • QS - World University Ranking – 4th

    • QS - World University Ranking for MBA – 8th (Said Business School)

    • THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking – 1st

    • THE (Times Higher Education) for MBA – 3rd (Said Business School)

    • The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK) – 1st

    • The Guardian - University Rankings – 2nd

    • US News & World Report - Global Universities – 5th

    • Financial Times Ranking for Said Business School – 28

    Ranking Body
    Overall Score96.4
    Overall Rank1
    Parameter Ranking
    Industry Outcome
    International Outlook

    Ranking by year


    University of Oxford Courses

    University of Oxford offers more than 53 undergraduate programs and 350 graduate programs. Oxford University fees for Indian students approximately vary from 26.7 lakh INR to 68.83 lakh INR. Some of the best Oxford University courses include Medicine, History, Biomedical Sciences, Natural Sciences, MBA, Archaelogy and Anthropology, and Computer science among others. Oxford business college is world number 2nd in business schools. An MBA from Said School of Business costs £65,520 or 68.9 lakh INR per year. Students can find details of some of the Oxford University courses and fees. Oxford University online courses are also available during weekdays, weekends, single day and more. For more information, students are encouraged to visit

    Oxford University Courses and Fees
    Course NameOxford University Fees & DetailsOxford University Fees in Indian Rupees


    Fees: £36,800/ Year

    Duration: 6 Year

    Type: Full Time

    INR 38.68 lakh per Year


    Fees: £65,520/ Year

    Duration: 1 Year

    Type: Full Time

    INR 68.90 lakh per Year

    MSc Advanced Computer Science

    Fees: £30,330/ Year

    Duration: 1 Year

    Type: Full Time

    INR 31.87 lakh per Year

    MSc Social Data Science

    Fees: £28,560/ Year

    Duration: 10 Months

    Type: Full Time

    INR 30.00 lakh per Year

    MSc Psychological Research

    Fees: £26,940/ Year

    Duration: 10 Months

    Type: Full Time

    INR 28.31 lakh per Year

    MSc Statistical Science

    Fees: £30,330/ Year

    Duration: 1 Year

    Type: Full Time

    INR 31.87 lakh per Year
    Education Level
    Duration36 Months
    Fees40.75 L/yr
    Duration36 Months
    Fees35.97 L/yr
    Duration36 Months
    Fees45.36 L/yr
    Duration12 Months
    Fees40.28 L/yr
    Duration48 Months
    Fees35.97 L/yr
    Duration48 Months
    Fees35.97 L/yr

    University of Oxford Affiliated Colleges


    University of Oxford Fees

    International Student
    15.78 L - ₹48.61 L/yr
    Local Student
    9.19 L - ₹48.61 L/yr

    University of Oxford Cost Of Living

    Cost of living in Oxford university England varies each year and is more dependent on the lifestyle choice of individual students. Cost of living is different from course fees that must be paid for joining the course. Usually, living costs include Food, accommodation, study costs and miscellaneous costs that a student spends during the time of their study at any University. While the estimated living costs fall between £1,290 and £1,840 per month in 2023-24, the estimate is based on utilising the University facilities regarding food, and accommodation facilities in 44 University colleges. The monthly Oxford University cost are tabulated below:

    Oxford University Cost Of Living

    Living Costs Per Month

    Living Costs for 9 Months















    Personal Items





    Social Activities





    Study Costs















    The costs are provided on a per month basis so that students can multiply them with the duration of their stay to arrive at the budget requirements. Students must plan for an additional three month funds though a term lasts only for six-months to accommodate any unexpected expenses.

    University of Oxford Admission and Application

    How to Apply to the University of Oxford

    For the Oxford University admissions, applications can be submitted by following specific procedures. International students must check eligibility for Oxford University before proceeding to apply. The following guidelines and requirements must be followed by international students to ensure their application is processed properly for University of Oxford admissions. Students must check the availability of scholarships and visa requirements before applying.

    Oxford University Undergraduate Courses Application Process

    Undergraduate applicants must apply to the University of Oxford through UCAS.

    • Visit the university

    • Browse the courses and finalise the course

    • Visit the UCAS website and search the institution code, and course through degree finder.

    • Select "Apply" from the menu. Register on the UCAS website by entering the required information.

    • Click on "Register", then enter the email address and password to log in.

    • Enter all the needed information and attach the required documents.

    • Finally, pay the Oxford University fees for application, save the application form and print a copy.

    Oxford University Postgraduate Courses Application Process

    The students must directly apply on the course pages on the Oxford University London website.

    • Visit the University of Oxford official website-

    • Browse the courses and choose a preferred course.

    • Click on ‘Apply’ on the course page, and the applicant will be forwarded to create a new graduate applicant account.

    • Log in or register a new account by providing a primary email account.

    • Enter the required details and attach the necessary documents.

    • Verify the application before submitting it.

    University of Oxford Admission Dates

    UCAS application starts

    June 2023 

    Application Submission Starts

    Early September 2023

    UCAS Deadline

    October 16, 2023 - 6 PM (UK Time)

    Admission Test Registration Starts

    September 1, 2023

    Admission Test Registration Ends

    September 29, 2023


    December 2023

    Admission Offer

    9th January, 2024

    Oxford University Application Fees

    Candidates from across the world can gain admission into various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses through UCAS application process. While undergraduate applications start in June and have a deadline – October 16, application deadlines vary for postgraduate courses like MPhil, MS, MSc courses etc in various subjects.

    Oxford University Fees for Application



    Fees in Indian rupee

    Undergraduate Courses


    2,282 INR

    Graduate Courses


    7,604 INR

    MBA programmes


    15,208 INR

    Documents required for University of Oxford Admission

    The necessary documentation must accompany candidates applying for an application to the University of Oxford London admission, and international students must provide an additional set of documents. Submitting the documents will ensure the University of Oxford admission happens without issues.

    • Proof of your previous degree and official transcripts

    • A description of the grading system at the home university

    • English language test score report/certificate for IELTS, TOEFL

    • English language waiver evidence

    • Scholarship supporting statement

    • Proof of financial support

    • GRE certificate

    • Photocopy of the passport

    • UK student visa

    • Statement of purpose - SOP (a research proposal relevant for masters in research)

    • References, mainly one academic reference (Letter of recommendation - LOR)

    • Portfolio

    • CV/resume

    • Official translations into English.

    University of Oxford Scholarship

    International students, especially Indian students, seeking to study in Oxford University must know about the plenty of scholarship opportunities available for courses on all levels. The University of Oxford facilitates financial aid to all deserving students to cover Oxford University UK fees for tuition, living costs, airfare costs etc. There are three types of financial aid available , Oxford University bursaries, Educational loans, and external funding options. 

    The scholarships for students do not need separate applications. Graduate and undergraduate students who apply within the December or January deadlines are automatically considered for eligible scholarships and will receive the confirmation usually between February and June. 

    Oxford University Scholarships - Important points

    • Must apply within the stipulated deadlines.

    • Must Look for funding from sources both inside and outside Oxford, instead of entirely depending on the selection of university funding.

    • Must not wait until taking admission to think about funding for future years.

    • Must not assume that they can earn through your studies with part-time work/otherwise. 

    Oxford University Scholarships

    Scholarship Name

    Eligibility Criteria


    Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship

    • Undergraduate courses of Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences

    • Academic merit

    • Financial need

    • Tuition fee

    • Cost of living

    Reach Oxford Scholarship

    • Academic merit

    • Financial need

    • Tuition fee

    • Cost of living

    • One return airfare every year

    Clarendon Scholarship

    • Academic merit

    • Tuition fee

    • Cost of living

    Oxford-Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarship

    • Indian citizens applying for PhD

    • Academic merit

    • Tuition fee

    • Cost of living

    Felix Scholarships

    • Indian citizens

    • Academic merit        

    • Tuition fee

    • Cost of living

    • One return airfare from India to UK every year

    Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

    • Applying for a Master’s or PhD degree

    • Resident of an eligible Commonwealth country

    • Financial need

    • 100% tuition fee waiver

    • Monthly stipend

    • Travel costs

    • Clothing allowance

    Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme

    • Master’s at Oxford

    • Tuition fee

    • Living Costs

    Helmore Graduate Scholarships    

    • Enrolled for Master’s at Oxford

    • Tuition fee

    • Living Costs

    Oxford University External Scholarships

    Scholarship Name

    Eligibility Criteria


    Chevening Scholarships

    • Master’s degree in UK universities

    • Minimum 2 years of work experience

    • Up to 100% tuition fee waiver

    • Monthly stipend

    • Travel costs

    GREAT Scholarships

    • Enrolled at UK universities

    • Tuition Fees

    National Overseas Scholarship

    • Indian students

    • Minimum 60% in bachelor program

    • £9,900

    QS Scholarships

    • Enrolled at UK universities

    • Academic Merit

    • Environmental awareness

    • Up to £8,000

    Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship

    • Indian citizens

    • Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs at University of Oxford and Cambridge

    • Academic merit

    • Up to £3,900 (4 lakhs INR)

    Rhodes Scholarship

    • Master’s at University of Oxford

    • Full tuition fees

    • Living Costs

    Rotary Foundation Scholarship

    • Enrolled at UK universities

    • Variable

    University of Oxford Eligibility

    For Students from India

    • UG- Grade XII qualification, studied with either the CBSE (All-India SSC) or CISCE (ISC) boards with grades A1 A1 A1 A1 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for. CISCE board requires at least a 90 percent grade.
    • PG- a professional bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution with an overall grade of 60 percent.

    University of Oxford Campus Life

    Students at the University of Oxford have access to great campus amenities. These are available throughout the duration of the academic year. To learn more about the Oxford University campus life, please visit the university's website The University of Oxford campus life is pleasant for students due to the amenities provided to them.

    • For fitness, multiple gyms are available, and the Iffley Roads sports center, swimming pool, running tracks, racket sports, University Parks - Sports Pitches, and Marston Road Sports Ground.

    • Oxford University London has 400 active clubs and societies like the Alternative Music Society, Christian Cole Society for Classicists of Colour, Disarm Oxford, Invariants Society, Natality: Innovating Politics in Dark, and, OUCA - Oxford University Conservative Association.

    • Students while studying at Oxford England can join fitness classes like Circuits, HIIT, Zumba, Pilates, TRX, Tabata, and Y-Bell.

    • Students can join sports clubs like Clay pigeon shooting, Croquet, Dinghy Sailing, Floorball, Ice Skating, K.O Krav, and Korfball.

    • Food outlets for students are available on the Oxford University campus grounds Basement café, Weston Library café, Rooftop Restaurant, and Vaults Cafe.

    University of Oxford Campus Facilities

    Study Amenities


    The University of Oxford has a huge crowd of students, academicians, and the international research community therefore has a wide range of library services provided by more than 100 libraries, making it the largest library system in the UK.

    Bodleian Libraries the principal library at Oxford university. It has been a library of legal deposit for 400 years, in the Bodleian Library group there are 26 other libraries including major research libraries and faculty, department, and other institute libraries. The University of Oxford facilities include college libraries, Oxford University Libraries A-Z, and SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) the main search engine for library collections across Oxford. 

    Amenities Club


    The University of Oxford has many places around the university for students to eat, have fun and socialize. There are a number of cafes at the University of Oxford such as Ashmolean Museum- Basement café, Weston Library café, and Vaults Cafe, among others. These cafes serve Light lunches, snacks, drinks, Lunch, dinner, and cocktails. 



    The University of Oxford is invested in the mental health and welfare of its students. For fitness, Oxford university has many gyms like the Main Gym, Outdoor Gym, and Performance Gym with top-notch equipment. The facilities at Oxford University are the Iffley Roads sports center, swimming pool, running tracks, racket sports, University Parks - Sports Pitches, and Marston Road Sports Ground.

    There are around 79 sports that the students can join at the University of Oxford like Clay pigeon shooting, Croquet, Dinghy Sailing, Floorball, Ice Skating, K.O Krav, Korfball, Modern Pentathlon, Tai Chi Chuan, Ultimate Frisbee, and Windsurfing.  The university has fitness classes for students to join like Circuits, HIIT, Zumba, Pilates, stages cycling, Bodycon, TRX, Tabata, and Y-Bell.


    Parking Facility

    The Oxford university has a parking facility, but the parking spaces are very limited. The parking facility is available for staff and students. Visitors are advised to not drive to the department. They can request a visitor parking place (subject to limited availability) via this reception request form.

    Transport Facility

    There is accessible transportation available at the University of Oxford like cycling. Students can hire bicycles, electric bikes, and e-scooters and can check out additional information at Bainton Bikes, Cycle Land, and Voi Scooters.

    For bus transport, students can check Mobile Oxford for travel information and the two main bus companies are Stagecoach and the Oxford Bus Company. The University has a 10 per cent (off the standard price) discounted bus pass scheme covering 13 or 52-week season tickets from the Oxford Bus Company (including Thames Travel) and also for Stagecoach Oxford Tube. For train transport, students can purchase railcards that give 1/3 off the ticket prices to 16-25-year-olds, and full-time students over the age of 25.

    University of Oxford Accommodation

    Students taking admission to the University of Oxford can avail of the University accommodation facilities that are heavily subsidised. The University accommodation facilities and the costs are the same for international students as well those from the UK and EU. However, UK and EU students might get a number of scholarships that cover many costs including accommodation costs. 

    Oxford University London offers on-campus accommodation for a minimum of 1 year for undergraduate students. After one year, students can either choose to stay in the university accommodation for the whole duration of their course or can live out in private accommodation– for the reasons of living with their spouse or friends. In the case of choosing private accommodation, the university provides a large selection of privately-rented houses and flats for student benefit.

    The same goes for graduate students also. The minimum accommodation cost per month at Oxford Uni will range from  £715 to £860 depending on the type of university accommodation students choose. However, the costs for living out will be high as students have to pay rents for the whole duration of their courses.

    University of Oxford Gallery

    View All Photos And Videos


    View All Photos And Videos


    Oxford University world ranking is 3 according to QS World University Ranking, 2024. Also, as per Times Higher Education, 2023, the Oxford University ranking is 1.

    International students from India should have passed standard 12 from CBSE or CISCE. Students from CISCE board should have obtained 90% or more with grades of at least 95% or above in two subjects and 85% or above in other subjects.

    One of the factors to consider when applying for Oxford university admission is the total cost of studying in the UK that includes living expenses and tuition fees. On an average international students need from £15,480 to £22,080 per year to cover living costs and up to  £65,520 per year as tuition fees.

    Oxford university fees for Indian students vary from INR 27.5 Lakh to INR 70.8 lakh per year depending on the course level. Fortunately, international students are covered with various scholarships such as Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship or Reach Oxford Scholarship to fund their education at Oxford University. 

    Oxford University is located in Oxford, England, United Kingdom spread across 1327 acres in area.  The university has 39 colleges to deliver courses in various academic disciplines. International students can study more than 50 undergraduate and 350 graduate programs at the university ranging from medicine, engineering, MBA to archaeology and anthropology. 

    The University of Oxford is reputed for its fantastic libraries and has vast collections of books, manuscripts, and other materials, many of which are housed in beautiful, historic structures. These resources attract scholars from all over the world to the University.

    The University of Oxford is one of the best universities in the world, therefore has an extremely competitive acceptance rate of 13.75%. The university generally has around 3,300 undergraduate places and about 5,500 graduate places each year, so the acceptance rate is low so the students must really try hard.

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