Work after Study in Germany
Work after study in Germany residence permit step 1 and step 2 details and checklist of documents required. EU Blue card details for work after study in Germany as well as visa for looking for jobs in Germany. Top job opportunities and how to find a job in Germany.
Cost of Living in Germany
The different expenses incurred in the cost of living in Germany for students who want to study in Germany. Various transportation, residential, entertainment and other monthly costs for students living in Germany.
Study in Germany: Know top universities, courses and admission cycle
Information pertaining to the admission process, deadlines, visa process and eligibility criteria for Indian students aspiring to study in Germany. Tuition fees and different scholarships available to Indian students along with a details on GRE, IELTS and TOEFL scores needed to be eligible for admis..
Top Scholarships to Study in Germany
Germany is a very affordable destination for studying abroad. Along with the low course fees, there are a number of scholarships available for deserving candidates. Read on to find out about the various scholarships available for study in Germany.
Top universities in Germany 2018
Germany, is a top study destination in the world along with the technology hub. Higher education institutions in Germany not only provide top education they are highly affordable. TU Munich, LMU Munchen are the top study destinations of Germany.
Study in Germany: the hub for innovative technology
Just as German automaker Volkswagen’s former tagline, Das Auto (The Car), symbolized premium on quality, so does the country in automotive engineering.
Why Study in Germany
Germany has emerged as the third most attractive destination.
Germany: Admission and visa guidelines
About 300 international degree programmes are taught in the federal nation.
Best MS Specialisations in Germany
Germany is known for offering quality MS courses at an affordable cost. The first step in pursuing an MS in Germany is to find the best MS specialization course. Careers360 brings you the top MS specializations in Germany.
How to apply for MS in Germany?
Germany is one of the prominent emerging destinations to pursue MS progarmmes. Every year thousands of students apply for MS courses in the country. Know the full process of applying for MS in Germany here.


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