MBA Essays: Tackling questions related to Diversity
Essays regarding diversity are asked to know about the candidate and their background. Essay questions on diversity as difficult to answer if you think diversity is related to race. Read on to know the basics of answering the diversity question.
MBA Application Essay: Tackling Goal Essay
Long term goals and short term goals are two essential parts of the Goals essay question. We bring you the tips to focus on while writing an essay on goals.
6 Tips to Write an MBA Application Essay
MBA essays can make or break your application and chances for securing an admit. Check here to read more about things to know before you send your application.
MBA Video Essay - 10 Tips to remember while recording
Video essays are becoming an essential part of the MBA application. Read to know about how to record your MBA video essays well.
Top 10 qualities of MBA aspirants: Elements to highlight in your application
MBA applications require a number of essays highlighting the various characteristics of an aspirant. Here is a list of top 10 qualities required to be highlighted in MBA applications.
MBA Essays: Tackling Ethics and Challenge Essay questions
Ethical dilemma questions aim to gauge the candidate’s maturity in handling issues. Read here to understand what qualifies as ethical dilemma.
MBA Essay on Failure - How to write about my biggest failure
Essay on failure is usually the toughest to write. Read to frame your answers to questions on failure
Common App Essay 2017 - Application essay tips
Common Application Essays are increasingly used by universities to facilitate admission to Undergraduate courses. Read on to more about the common application essays for 2016–2017
Crafting effective US university application essays
How important is an essay during your application to a US university? Dr. Zafeena Suresh of USEIF writes about crafting the perfect application essays for US universities.
What are the frequently asked questions in an essay?
Top universities don’t just focus on a candidate’s academic record, but also weigh them on his ability to align with the motto of the university and be a positive change agent in the world. And the tool to do that is application essays.


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