Studying in UK changed perspective

Rohini Chopra swears that during her course in Management Psychology at University of Nottingham, UK, what she learnt outside class was something that makes her see things in a different light.The one-year master’s programme in UK as compared to the two-years’ Master’s in countries like the USA and Germany remains a big draw for Indian students .

In addition, it boasts of the legendary Oxford and Cambridge universities that have managed to catch the fancy of the Indian student population for decades.

Although the high tuition fees and cost of living have deterred students from applying to UK universities, many of them do offer college-level bursaries. It should be mentioned that next to the USA, maximum number of fellowships for India is in the UK. It is also easy to get part-time work to fund your expenses there, though one can only work within the university. With respect to food habits and social atmosphere, the country and streets are dotted with Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan restaurants.

The unpredictable weather (especially rains) might at times create havoc. So it is advisable to carry an umbrella or raincoat, wherever you go. With the change in visa application process based on points system, it might have become a tad difficult for aspirants to seek admission in UK universities.


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