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Institutional scholarships are the first stop for any student looking to ease financial burden. But the recent financial meltdown has dented that source to a large extent. So an alternative funding becomes crucial. These sites will help navigate your path:

This international scholarships and financial aid website helps search aid for Undergraduate, Master’s, PhD and Post-doctoral Scholarship positions. The site has a decent search option which helps you find university-wise scholarships and also subscribe to a newsletter. The site also attempts to solve some of the queries of students. The country-wise and discipline-wise scholarships categorisation makes it easier for the students to search. It also gives tips on foreign education, how to avail scholarships etc. The site is, however, not that user friendly as one finds it difficult to get on to the home page and search all possible options on it, so one has to dig deep into the website and search more and more.

The site comes in with customised search solution requirement for list of grant and scholarship opportunities. The articles in library provide advice and information on myriad topics related to applying, attending and paying fee for college, such as student loan options, budgeting tips, and balancing work and college. Online tools help students stay organised with email reminders. The site also comes in with a feature of college matchmaker, but provides information only for the US.

The site content consists of listings with regular updates and scholarship opportunities worldwide in the four categories of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Post-doctoral, and Non-degree. The section on more resources for students provides tips. The site, however, doesn’t offer a country-wise listing which makes it a little difficult to search. Some old notifications also exist. It offers info on a handful of UG scholarships and has more choices in postgraduate scholarships.

Study abroad funding is for those seeking scholarships for foreign education only. Descriptions of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, grants, and paid internships for the US are available. The search function runs just ok with some useful results. The overall presentation of the site makes it hard to search country-specific scholarships.

This deals with both UG and PG and has exhaustive content with respect to social science and summer courses. But in some cases, the annual update is not done. So some of the info found on the site might be outdated. Summer courses are very good here. Listings are better-organised country-wise.

This website gives an access to quite a few links to other related sites through its articles. Some articles are informative but not well presented, making it less interesting to read. Sections like glossary of financial terms work well for the students. Overall, the site gives you tips on various issues but doesn’t make available the latest offerings with financial aid in academia.


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