Italian Universities offering courses in English

Though known as fashion’s mecca, Italian universities traditionally have been intellectually diverse. In fact, the world’s oldest extant university still stands tall at Bologna. Thanks to globalisation, Italian universities are now offering new courses in English in fields such as design, fashion technology, architecture and urban planning, bioinformatics and biotechnology, business administration and economics. Polytechnic of Turin and Milan, Universities of Bologna, Perugia and Venice have the maximum number of Indian students. Life in Italy is animated and eventful. “The country innately is stylish and it kind of rubs on to you,” says Surender Chauhan, who studied in Polytechnic of of Milan

Scholarship Opportunities

Italy is still not in the horizon of Indian students and only a few hundreds of students are taking admission in the colleges/universities of Italy. Students are increasingly going on scholarships for subjects such as biotechnology and bioinformatics, besides specialised master’s courses in economics, engineering and science and technology. Most of them were in the Faculties of Architecture, Urban Planning and Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Systems Engineering). Only a few of them have received Italian government scholarships.


To make the country more attractive to students, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered scholarships under the Cultural Exchange Programme to aspiring young Indian students in the fields of biotechnology, economics and management, fashion technology, environment and Italian language and culture (1 each of 700 euros/month for a year). The cost of living depends on the town. In Milan, for instance, the costs are very high, but with a scholarship of 700 euros a student can afford it.


Popular among Indian students

Polytechnic of Turin
Polytechnic of Milan
University of Bologna
University of Perugia
University of Venice
Subject Area
Design, Fashion Technology
Business Administration
Architecture & Urban Planning
Bioinformatics, Biotechnology

Source: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre in India

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