GRE selection procedure 2017

GRE selection procedure
GRE Selection Procedure 2017:
GRE being an internationally accepted standardised test, there are many institutes which accept GRE scores. The conducting authority of GRE test,, Educational Trust Service (ETS), does not have any GRE selection procedure 2017 of its own. Various organisations use GRE scores while considering candidates for graduate courses.

There are also many specialised MBA master's and doctoral programmes in business schools that accept GRE scores. The GRE selection procedure 2017 depends on the particular institute the candidate applies to.

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GRE Selection Procedure 2017: How to find out whether your institute accepts GRE General Test Scores:

  1. Open the official GRE website.
  2. Select ‘About the Test’ under ‘GRE General Test’ category on home page
  3. Click ‘View this list (PDF)’ under the subhead ‘Who Accepts It?

Click here to view the list of institutes that accept GRE General Test scores

Additionally, candidates can also visit the department site of the university where they want to pursue a particular programme. The department’s admission page lists the requirements of the department and whether it accepts GRE score. Some departments might also have separate requirements for GRE general and subject scores in their GRE Selection Procedure 2017.
Since, GRE Selection Procedure of the participating institutes depends on their individual selection procedure, candidates are advised to go through the individual selection and GRE eligibility criteria of the institute he/she registers for. Some institutes require students to present GRE subject test scores to evaluate their strength in a particular domain. Also, the GRE dates vary for admission at different institutes. Hence, aspirants are advised to check the individual admission dates for their respective institution of choice and register for GRE accordingly at convenient test centres.
GRE is available in two formats. They are GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. The GRE syllabus is different for both the formats. The difference in both the formats are reflected in the GRE test pattern. You can have access to GRE sample papers and practice sets here to get insight on the GRE test.


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