Free TOEFL resources to help you succeed

Free TOEFL resources to help you succeed

TOEFL practice resources
: As part of the undergraduate and graduate admissions process, you will most likely be required to demonstrate your English language skills if English is not your native language. You can take the TOEFL test in half-a-day, not requiring a second day of testing and incurring additional travel and lodging expenses. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a test conducted to evaluate a candidate’s English language proficiency. TOEFL can be taken by people whose native language is not English. TOEFL test is recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and organizations and other TOEFL participating institutes across 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U K and the United States. TOEFL test is conducted more than 50 times a year at 4,500 test centres in 165 countries worldwide.

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ETS, the creator of the TOEFL test, has developed a TOEFL Toolkit to help you succeed! The resources are user-friendly, easy to access from your computer or mobile devices – and the best part is that they are all FREE!

TOEFL Pathfinder
Score converter for IELTS


TOEFL iBT® Quick Prep: Students are always requesting more sample test questions from ETS! The TOEFL iBT® Quick Prep offers test questions that have appeared in past TOEFL tests to aid students with study preparation.

“Inside the TOEFL® Test” Video Series: The format of the Writing and Speaking sections of TOEFL don’t have to be a mystery. A new five-part video series provides an in depth look at the Writing and Speaking sections of the TOEFL test to familiarise students with it.

TOEFL® Test Prep Planner: You’ve studied hard to learn English and now you will want to make sure you are comfortable with the format of TOEFL and available resources. The TOEFL® Test Prep Planner provides an eight-week calendar so you will be prepared in order to do your best on test day


TOEFL® Go Anywhere website: This interactive website is constantly updated with new resources designed specifically for TOEFL test-takers. Through the site’s multimedia platforms, students can benefit from various study resources, such as the Study Group video series, which provide specific strategies for the reading, writing, speaking and listening sections of the TOEFL test.


TOEFL® TV Channel hosted on YouTube®: Have a few minutes on your daily commute? Watch a new video each day that shares best practices and study tips regarding the TOEFL test from English-language teachers, students who have taken the TOEFL test, as well as institutions around the world who accept the TOEFL test.


TOEFL® Go Anywhere India page on Facebook®: Join the conversation with more than 130,000 students from India and learn the latest information pertaining to the TOEFL test and educational events taking place throughout India.

TOEFL Journey® Program: Thinking about studying abroad? The TOEFL Journey® program creates a personalised web page for students based on expressed study abroad interests and identified stage within the testing process. The programme also provides access to a wide spectrum of resources ranging from helpful hints for living in a foreign country, to a comprehensive listing of student visa requirements and available scholarship opportunities, as well as timely and helpful email and text messages customised for your journey.

Lexile® Measures from MetaMetrics®: Having difficulty finding interesting reading material at your skill level? Based on your TOEFL Reading score, a Lexile score can help you to select materials of interest that will provide an appropriate level of challenge to promote your reading development.

“Welcome to the TOEFL iBT® Testing Site” Video: Curious to learn more about what to expect on testing day?  View this six-minute video to become familiar with the registration, check-in and testing process. Knowing what to expect on test day can put you at ease.

The most widely accepted English-language assessment worldwide, TOEFL is accepted by over 8,500 institutions in over 130 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the United States.


The TOEFL Toolkit makes preparing for the TOEFL test easier than ever! And remember, Indian students now have the option to pay for the TOEFL test in rupees when they register online for the TOEFL iBT® test. World over, twenty seven million students have taken the TOEFL test. So don’t be left behind. Good luck!


The author Teresa Sanchez-Lazer is Executive Director, TOEFL Program, ETS.


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Ameen 19 days ago

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AmeenLast Seen: 2 weeks 5 days agoJoined on: 03-Jul-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

Who and all else can write toefl?

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Dharsni kannan 16 days ago

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Dharsni KannanLast Seen: 2 weeks 2 days agoJoined on: 06-Jul-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

Can we find a good job after TOEFL xam

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Sakshipatel 22 days ago

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SakshipatelLast Seen: 3 weeks 1 day agoJoined on: 30-Jun-2018Education Interest: MedicineEducation Level: Class 12

Can you help me with my result I am not able to see my result of toefl test which was on 10 June???

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bhavya banthia 22 days ago

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Bhavya BanthiaLast Seen: 2 weeks 2 days agoJoined on: 17-May-2018Education Interest: LawEducation Level: In Graduation
You will receive an email letting you know when your scores are available — approximately 10 days after your test date. You can log in to your TOEFL iBT account on the TOEFL...Read More
Dinesh prajapats picture
Dinesh PrajapatLast Seen: 1 week 2 days agoJoined on: 25-Jun-2018Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: Class 11

I want to study abroad after 12th now I am in class 11th so how I improve my English for TOEFL or IELTS exam?

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Shraya Singh 23 days ago

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Shraya SinghLast Seen: 7 hours 10 min agoJoined on: 29-Jun-2018Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: Graduate & Above
TOEFL: For all four sections of TOEFL (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) the official ETS channel 'TOEFL TV' on YouTube will provide sufficient practice for preparation if y...Read More

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Dinesh prajapats picture
Dinesh PrajapatLast Seen: 1 week 2 days agoJoined on: 25-Jun-2018Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: Class 11

How I improve my English for TOEFL exam now I am in class 11th

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Omisha sharma 23 days ago

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Omisha SharmaLast Seen: 2 days 19 hours agoJoined on: 08-Apr-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation
      You can easily prepare for english by reading usually english newspaper. And going for english grammar books. Like wren and martin etc. All the best!

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Sujata Jha 27 days ago

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Sujata JhaLast Seen: 3 weeks 1 day agoJoined on: 25-Jun-2018Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: In Graduation

Which materials should I follow in order to score good marks in IELTS or TOEFL?

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Shahin Isha 25 days ago

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Shahin IshaLast Seen: 2 weeks 2 days agoJoined on: 21-Apr-2014Education Interest: MedicineEducation Level: In Graduation
Hello Sujata, Notefull is a highly tested resource for TOEFL. You can subscribe to their TOEFL mastery course for about $50. At the same time practice TOEFL mock test for free on Finall...Read More

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