Study in UAE: Know top universities, courses and admission cycle
There are many top universities for International students to study in UAE. This article provides information about the admission process, cycle and deadline along with the GRE, SAT or GMAT scores needed to study in UAE. Rankings of universities in UAE and the different courses, undergraduate and po..
UAE Student Visa - Know all about the application process
The UAE student visa is initiated by the university or institute which has offered admission to the student. UAE Student visa are issued for full-time programmes, A visa is issued for 12 month period. Students are expected to renew their visa at the end of the 12 months.
Hospitality and Hotel Management Courses in UAE
Aspirants from all over the world want to pursue Hospitality and hotel management courses in UAE. A number of institutes offer the programmes in UAE. The courses range from a certiicate course to a degree.
Media and Communication courses in UAE
International universities in the UAE, offer media and communication courses in the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. The courses in various specializations of communication help the student with their aspirations of making it big in the media and communication world.
UAE: The truly international study destination
UAE, the oil rich country has a variety of higher educational institutions catering to students from all over the world. Truly dedicated to enrich students, the country has branches and independent establishments of some of the top educational institutions from around the world.
Scholarships for higher Studies in UAE
UAE has Dubai International Academic Centre to facilitate universities to provide top education for international students interested in Study in UAE. The education in the oil rich country Education in UAE is made affordable by a number of scholarships for higher studies in UAE offered by various or..
Top universities in UAE 2018
UAE is steadily coming up in the world university rankings since 2015. The oil-rich country has public universities as well as campuses of some of the top universities of the world. United Arab Emirates University leads at 390.
Top Universities in the World 2018
Organisations like THE, QS and AWRU rank the top universities of the world on a number of parameters to help students suitably decide the higher education options they wish to pursue.
Healthcare business process management is a promising field for graduates
Tony Mira, CEO of Ajuba solutions talks to Careers360 about the educational and career opportunities in Healthcare industry.
How to find a job after you finish your degree
Networking with seniors, alumni will give you a head start in your job search.


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