Work after study in Canada
Canada offers international students opportunity to work post completion of their course. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program offers candidates work permits from 8 months to 3 years duration depending upon the course completed by candidate.
Cost of Living in Canada
The various expenses which constitute the cost of living in France for students including various transportation, residential, entertainment and other monthly costs for students living in France
Top universities in Canada 2018
The top three Canadian universities rank among the top 50 in the world. Canada is also the preferred study destination of students from all over the world especially Asia.
Top Universities in the World 2018
Organisations like THE, QS and AWRU rank the top universities of the world on a number of parameters to help students suitably decide the higher education options they wish to pursue.
Study abroad destinations: Canada Vs Australia
Deciding where to study is a big challenge for a lot of students. Various factors come into play to decide the university. Canada and Australia both have the top class universities which offer top courses to study. Choosing the right course at the right university thus becomes a challenge.
Top Universities for Engineering in Canada
Canada is the ninth largest automobile manufacturer. As the manufacturing and oil producing and distributing hub, study and work opportunities in these fields are immense. Check here for top Engineering colleges and the courses in Canada.
Healthcare business process management is a promising field for graduates
Tony Mira, CEO of Ajuba solutions talks to Careers360 about the educational and career opportunities in Healthcare industry.
Scholarship and work opportunities in Canada
Most Canadian universities and colleges offer scholarships based on academic merit
Top reasons to study in Canada
Though not yet in the league of Canada, UK or USA, Dubai is slowly but surely carving out a niche for itself and going strong. Here we bring you enough reasons why you should consider Dubai for your study-abroad program.
Canada offers quality education
With its welcoming policies and safe environment, Canada is an ideal study destination.


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