How to find a job after you finish your degree
Networking with seniors, alumni will give you a head start in your job search.
Work after Study in Germany
An increasing number of international students want to stay back after completing their graduation and work in Germany. While there are number of shortages across the industry, Germany policies are also geared towards helping students find work after study in Germany.
Work opportunities in India for foreign-degree holders
While foreign degree holders are viewed favorably by Indian recruiters, still there are certain challenges facing their recruitment, prominent among them mismatch in salary expectation and job content.
Work after study in Singapore
Post-study work opportunities for international students aren’t same in all countries. It varies from country to country. However, it helps if you are familiar with post-study work opportunities in Singapore, in case that is where you are headed.
Work after study in Malaysia
Even though Malaysia is not a very expensive study-abroad destination, post-study work opportunities can be a big incentive for international students. Here we discuss post-study work opportunities in Malaysia.
Work after study in India
India is increasingly attracting many foreign students to work in the country after the completion of their programmes. We bring you the work after study in India rules.
Work after study in UAE
Post-study work opportunities in UAE is a major query among international students, because students want to be a part of the country’s thriving labor market and earn the necessary skill sets besides decent money.
Work after study in Canada
Post-study work opportunities in a Canada is a major concern among international students, because they want to be part of the country’s thriving labor market and earn the necessary skill sets and also earn decent money.
Work opportunities after study in UK
Work after study is an important consideration when deciding on a country for a study abroad program. As for the UK, with the termination of Tier 1 visa and introduction of new visa norms, work rules have undergone a sea change. Learn all about work after study in UK.
Work after study in New Zealand
International students in New Zealand aren’t just happy to go back and find jobs in their native countries, but want to explore opportunities in the country’s thriving job market. Read here in detail about work after study in New Zealand.


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