New Zealand Student VISA
Different types of student visas available for students seeking education in universities in New Zealand. Eligibility criteria, documents required and the duration of various student visas for New Zealand and the application process duration as well as required fees.
UAE Student Visa - Know all about the application process
The UAE student visa is initiated by the university or institute which has offered admission to the student. UAE Student visa are issued for full-time programmes, A visa is issued for 12 month period. Students are expected to renew their visa at the end of the 12 months.
UK : Visa and admission basics
There are separate visa guidelines for students in different categories. know all about visa and admission basics to study in UK.
France: Admission and Visa Guidelines
France has identical admission requirements for French and international students
Don't miss! Checklist of Visa documents
It is always better to plan for your visa much earlier. Don't wait till the last minute to get your admission confirmed. Lack of planning can lead to much panic.
Basics of US Visa
A US visa is a relatively painless document to achieve provided you have your documents in order and are truthful and honest with your details.
Must see: Changes in VISA regulations
Those planning to study in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA should adhere to new VISA rules.
Your passport to Australia
A blend of both excitement and anxiety about the unknown is quite natural as you prepare to leave.
US Visa Basics
US Visa Basics - You need to be aware that the visa alone does not guarantee entry to the United States.
Can Tri-Valley University students retain student status?
The California-based Tri-Valley University (TVU) is in the news for duping Indian students.


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