Working part time during studies in the Netherlands
Though studying abroad in Netherlands is affordable. Along with the low course fee, there are opportunities for students who want to work while studying. A student requires a work permit for the same.
Work during study in Singapore
The reputation of Singapore as an academic hub continues to grow, as apart from NUS and NTU, ranked 12th and 13th respectively, it has SMU at 431-440 rank in QS top universities in the world list 2016-17.
Work during study in Malaysia
One way to study in Malaysia is to find part-time work. Here we bring you the application procedure and type of jobs you are allowed to undertake in Malaysia
Work and study in India: Can foreign students explore job opportunities?
International students who come to study in India also dream of working in the country. Know which categories of foreign students are allowed to work during study in India.
Work and study in Dubai: Explore job opportunities while studying
By allowing students to work during study, Dubai plays to its twin strengths: low cost of study and opportunity to earn during study. Find out more about work during study in Dubai.
Work and study in USA: Explore job opportunities while studying
While USA is a favorite among students, the average cost of £23,592 per year makes it very expensive forcing students to look for work opportunities during studies. Here we discuss everything related to work during study in USA.
Work during study in Germany: Explore job opportunities while studying
While Germany may not be the most expensive study abroad destination, it isn’t the cheapest either and there are considerable expenses involved. Getting a part-time job is financially helpful, and in addition it also helps you gain practical experience.
Work and study in UK: Are foreign students allowed to explore job opportunities in the country?
International students who are planning to study in UK should know the clauses under which they are allowed to study in UK. Read the article to know which visa allows you to work.
Part-time jobs for international students: Top countries which offer work during study opportunities
If you want to fund your education abroad with a Part-time job you should know about the countries which let international students to work during studies. Read to know the top countries which offer work during study opportunities.
Work opportunities in Australia for international students
High tuition fees and extensive cost of living are the two major factors that usually make offshore students in Australia to consider working while studying. Read here in detail about the work opportunities in Australia for international students.


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