MBA Video Essay - 10 Tips to remember while recording

video-essayWhat is common between the MBA applications of MIT Sloan School of Management, NYU Stern, Kellogg School of Management? They all ask for video essays as a part of their application.


MBA video essays have changed the application process in a big way. By bringing in the MBA video essays into the application process, MBA programmes hope to seek additional multi-dimensional information from every applicant. Compared with written essays, recommendations and scores, MBA video essays make a lasting effect on the admission committee.


Universities usually provide a prompt for a video response. Some universities give you adequate time to frame your answer and prepare for your video essay, and others have a portal where you practice on some questions and then opt for the official essay question, which would be recorded and submitted automatically.


MBA video essays showcase your quick thinking abilities as well as your verbal communication skills. These essays also get you to talk about yourself, your personal interests, the schools you are interested in a direct way.


List down the points you would want to cover in the video essays. A good way to get ready for your MBA video essays is to review the key aspects of your personality and think about how to use them to your benefit.


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The duration of the MBA video essay of each B-School is different. MIT asks it to be under 2:00 minutes. NYU Stern wants it to be under 5:00 minutes and Kelloggs video essay is a number of questions answered in 1:00 minute each. The patterns of the essays are also different. MIT and NYU want the essays to be uploaded in a hosting website while Kelloggs video essays are a set of randomly asked official questions in real-time. Though you get to practice some questions, you will not get an opportunity to re-do them.


Acing your Video Essay:

There is only one sure shot method of acing your video essay.

Practice, record, critically evaluate and do it all over again.


MBA Video Essays – Points to be remembered

Serial number

MBA video essay tips


Dress professionally


Focus on the questions


Know your vocabulary


Practice and practice a lot


Do your equipment check


Watch the birdie


Edit if possible


Avoid excess motions


Choose a noise free time


Body language

Listed below are 10 MBA Video Essay - Dos and don’t tips:


MBA Video Essay Tip 1


Dress professionally: This is a professional video, dress professionally. Consider it as a job interview and get your best shirt out. This applies to the ladies too!


MBA Video Essay Tip 2


Focus on the questions: Like any other MBA essay, a video essay will also have a prompt. Focus on the prompt and stick to the prompt. Do not get carried away. In the Kelloggs MBA video essay application, you will not get an opportunity to re-do the video. Therefore, practice as much as possible to stick to the prompt. Practice with the commonly asked interview question. Pay close attention to the question, perceive the context and answer ONLY the question being asked.


MBA Video Essay Tip 3


Know your vocabulary: Keep your vocabulary to a professional level. Choose your words well. Avoid using colloquial words in your MBA video essay.


MBA Video Essay Tip 4


Practice and practice a lot: You may also practice beforehand with the general MBA interview questions asked by B-schools. MBA video essay is a unique opportunity to cover those important aspects of your application which might be otherwise left unsaid. With a little effort, utilise the video essays to your benefit to set yourself apart and show the authenticity of your personal brand.


MBA Video Essay Tip 5


Do your equipment check: Familiarise yourself along with your computer’s video and audio applications in advance to make sure it is working well to avoid last minute hassles and stress. Check your video and audio recording functions and check internet connectivity with the applications as well.


MBA Video Essay Tip 6


Watch the birdie: While recording the video, look into the camera and not at the screen. Turn off the image from the screen during recording to avoid being distracted. Applicants wearing spectacles should opt to wear anti-glare glasses to avoid a glare.


MBA Video Essay Tip 7


Edit if possible: Though it is suggested not to get your video done professionally, if you can, then edit the long pauses and fumbles out. But if you cannot, then redo the whole video.


MBA Video Essay Tip 8


Avoid excess motions: The video should be conversational and not like a speech. That being said, avoid excessive gesturing. Do not parrot out your essay without any emotion. Take pauses in between for the admission committee to take you as a serious aspirant.


MBA Video Essay Tip 9


Choose a noise free time: Choose a well-lighted and noise free area or time to record the essay. You do not want to have a background chorus of moving traffic, friends partying or kids playing. Turn off/ silent your phone or other noisy devices while recording MBA video essay. Pay attention to your background. Dishes on the dinning table are not a great idea. Choose a plain wall as a background.


MBA Video Essay Tip 10


Body language: Remember your grandmother’s words, “Don’t slouch”. Sit straight and keep your facial expressions normal. Practice your body language and record essays to identify the issues. Practice to remove nervousness and nervous ticks!


This is a list of the basic dos and don’ts to help you understand how to ace your MBA video essay


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