Study in Netherlands: Know top universities, courses and admission cycle
Netherlands has many top universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in science, arts and humanities. This article contains information pertaining to the admission process, deadlines, Visa process and eligibility criteria for Indian students aspiring to study in Netherlands. Top cou..
Top reasons to study in Australia
Australia is emerging as a top destination for studying abroad. With seven of its universities in the top 100 of the QS ranking, the country is also boosting its research potential. Find out more here.
Top reasons to study in New Zealand
If you are wondering whether the kiwi land is the perfect place to study abroad, we bring you some of the top reasons to study in New Zealand. Read this story to know the complete details.
Top reasons to study in India
India has some of the top universities that have earned their places in the QS World’s top universities ranking. The ranking list has the majority of the IIT’s and AIIMS.
Top reasons to study in Canada
Though not yet in the league of Canada, UK or USA, Dubai is slowly but surely carving out a niche for itself and going strong. Here we bring you enough reasons why you should consider Dubai for your study-abroad program.
Canada offers quality education
With its welcoming policies and safe environment, Canada is an ideal study destination.
Preferred for Hospitality Services
Switzerland has 12 doctoral degree-granting research universities. Know Cost of education, Trends, Scholarships, living expenses
Why study in France
Learn all about Why study in France before you explore the hub of luxury management in Europe.
Why New Zealand?
Easy immigration and lowers tuition attract international students to the land of Kiwis.
Singapore- A hub for Ivy League universities
Singapore has become a hotspot for undergraduate programmes.


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