TOEFL 2018: “Work to fill in the gaps between where you are now, and where you want to be”, says Executive Director, TOEFL Program
TOEFL® test, a well known English proficiency test is used for admission to higher education abroad as well as immigration visa. The test has four sections and three of which are scored on a 0 – 30 point scale. Jennifer Brown, Executive Director TOEFL Program shares more insights.
BREXIT impact: ‘Though studying in London is expensive, now is a good time to come’
The British academic degrees are recognized around the world making a most sought-after place to pursue higher education. The international student orientation offered a Middlesex university helps the aspirants with learning all the practical things they need to know.
Making US Undergraduate Education Affordable: Exploring Different Sources of Funding
Cost of education in USA is mostly not clear to the students aspiring to study there. We have explained the various costs involved in getting an undergraduate education in USA.
Edinburgh Business School: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders For Tomorrow’s Markets
Dr Barbara Jamieson speaks about the launch of MBA programme with a focus on entrepreneurship by the Edinburgh Business School.
Providing high-quality education to Indian students in Australia
Prof Ian Jacobs Jacobs President and Vice-Chancellor of UNSW, Australia speaks to Careers360 regarding education and job options in Australia.
Healthcare business process management is a promising field for graduates
Tony Mira, CEO of Ajuba solutions talks to Careers360 about the educational and career opportunities in Healthcare industry.
Scholarship and work opportunities in Canada
Most Canadian universities and colleges offer scholarships based on academic merit
Where and how to apply for a PhD in USA?
The first stage of the PhD application process is shortlisting universities of your choice
Visa interview: A know how
The United States issues different types of visas to non-immigrants.
Why Study in Germany
Germany has emerged as the third most attractive destination.


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