‘We were being prepared for a career we are so passionate about’

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Q: Why did you choose to study at Kendall?
After working in India for a hotel and patisserie, I felt that even though I had learned a lot, I needed to accomplish more. Though there were colleges back in India, which did offer courses in bakery and pastry, none of them was intensive enough or offered specialized courses. I wanted a course where I would get personalized attention and experience both the practical and theoretical side to baking and pastry. I heard about Kendall College upon speaking to my professor back in India, Chef Vernon Coelho. I subsequently visited the college website, went through the faculty profile, the facilities being offered, the courses being offered, the course structure, and I knew that this was ‘the’ place for me. Going through student testimonials was another factor, which helped make my decision even easier. Each student spoke from the heart and what stood out most was how proud they were of their college. I knew then that I had to be a part of this, and I have not looked back on my decision.


Q: How has your experience here been so far?
Kendall College has really lived up to its expectations. Each day spent here is a learning experience, filled with its daily challenges, which gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. The facilities being offered in terms of industrial sized equipment, a personal work table, mixers, induction burners and specialty equipment is something that most commercial bakeries cannot boast of providing! The bakery and pastry faculty are amazing and each and every one of them is a passionate, dedicated, and has a vast pool of knowledge. You are taught to prepare yourself for this industry so that when you enter a professional environment you are not all at sea and sinking. Chef Instructors treat all students the same regardless of prior industrial experience, age or educational background. It was made clear from day one that it was our choice to be there, and we were being prepared for the career that we are so passionate about. I look forward to my advanced baking classes with some sort of impatience and eagerness, as I cannot wait to take advantage of all these resources being offered and learn more.


Q: If you have completed or are currently undergoing an internship, can you describe your experience and how you have benefitted from it?
I will be going on internship next quarter, however I worked for a day at Vanille Patisserie after which they offered me a summer internship. What drew me to Vanille was their specialized menu and the intricacy in which they prepare each dessert. A single day spent there was enough to convince me that I needed to be a part of a committed, professional, organized and detailed oriented Patisserie. I am very excited to start this July and I know I will take back a lot from this internship.


Q: Can you tell us about the international student community at Kendall?
The number of international students present on campus is staggering. There are students from over 50 countries enrolled in various programs at college. From day one, I was enlightened on what my life in a new country would be like and this made the transition much easier. The International Club also organizes a number of activities, events and also serves as the opportune place to discover new cultures and traditions. The world really seems so much smaller after having a conversation with a student from France, Russia and Indonesia all in one day!


Q: How would you describe student life in Chicago?
Chicago contains a large number of colleges and provides a lot for students. There are student discounts offered at almost all cinemas, theatres and museums. It is a city buzzing with activity and the food scene here is incredible. There are a large number of local, specialized and artisanal bakeries spread all over the city. The lake, which governs the weather and subsequently how your day will pan out, serves as a magnet for people all over the world, festivals and much, much more. I have not spent a single day bored or wondered what I should do next. I just hop on a train, pick a spot and there is always something affordable to entertain me!

First Published On : 03 Dec 2014 11:52 AM IST

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